Bond to the Abuser

While watching a Corbert Report on Lee Harvey Oswald, toward the end of the segment, James Corbert said “we had to dig under layers and layers of Manure to find the Real Oswald”. Well Said! I thought, that’s exactly what we All need to be doing to ourselves. Most of us have layers of crap to dig our from under to find our Real selves. The self that’s buried under the mounds and mounds of brainwashing, programming, mental rewiring we’ve endured for years. To get to the Us underneath Us will take a Lot of diligence and courage that many people simple do not have or just don’t have the mental capability. The layers are to thick and the work is too long and difficult, but the reality is, All we can do is begin. None of us is ever going to “get there”, none of us is ever going to be “done” growing and learning. The whole point IS the journey, NOT the destination. There are many, many bad habits we need to break ourselves out of to be Free.

 I was on the phone last night with someone I’ve run into many times at protests and events. I saw them at the Bradley Manning hearing at Ft Meade a couple of times. I saw something they posted on FB and thought I’d reply via phone. We ended up getting into am in depth conversation about growing up and waking up to the mistreatment many thought was normal at the time. The person I called was saying how they were just waking up to things about their upbringing that they see effected their life and relationships. Being told “you’re never gonna amount to anything”, “you’re an idiot”, “stupid” by your own family!? This is the reason the country/world is the way it is! We have all contributed to the creation that is now our Society. The person on the other end of the phone said what I hear all too often, that “we can’t blame our Parents”. To me, this is just another part of the Brainwashing! Just more Crap we’ve choked down to screw ourselves, ingest the garbage they pass along then get us to go in on it!

 When we’re kids, our Parents ARE the Fed, the Gov, the World Bank, the President, etc. We are learning about the world through them! Our Family is just a Mini version of the Country and the World. What we live and experience there shapes our experiences and lives forever! Why do we think Society is the way it is? When we’re kids our Parents are the To Big To Fails! We need to understand that we have been brainwashed against ourselves and FOR them, to make excuses for them, to Bail them out at our expense Energetically since we took our first breath! This is why it’s SO difficult to wake people up! We can’t blame those who were responsible? Oh Gee, Who made up that rule?? Gee, let me guess?? Those who committed the transgression? Then they threatened and intimidated us into going along with it. No different than a child Molester does when he befriends a child, gains their trust, seduces them with toys or candy and kindness to suck them in, then takes total advantage of that trust by using that child for their own selfishness and tells the child that if they tell anyone they Molester will hurt a family member or, if another family member finds out it will harm them.

 FACT; There Has to be something to hold onto in life! There has to be Some Good, some decency, some justice or the mind simply will not be able to handle it.  The mind will go into Trauma mode, like Peter Levine says in the Waking the Tiger book on healing Trauma,, it will be “overwhelmed by it’s own helplessness”. When we grow up in abusive, dysfunctional families, our very own instincts are being used against us because we NEED parents, we MUST have good, Caring people around us to depend on and if we don’t, the body, in order to protect itself, will make it up! The mind will go into “hypovolemic shock” mode, go into debt itself to give to those it feels it needs. Bond to the Abuser. The situation will continue to perpetuate itself, like the laws of motion, unless acted upon by an outside force.
 We’re SO out of touch with Nature/Physics, what is our True Nature and Home and allow ourselves to be taken further and further away.


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