I really hate to admit it but I have very little faith in society and people waking up and turning things around. Maybe it has to do with what I’m experiencing at the time that I feel this way but, the Status Quo just has WAY too much momentum in it’s favor. Just looking purely at the MATH, there are just too many people living in a mentally deficient state,, then Multiplying that state, Spreading that state on instead of turning it around. The Dam Broke on ignorance and mental deficiency and God Forbid we point it out! God forbid we admit we’re mentally deficient and ignorant, which is actually a sign of LIFE and Consciousness but, in our Sick Society is seen as an outrage to acknowledge, so they Dysfunction just continues. The Sickness is So far gone that any attempt at waking up to it is seen as the Sickness instead of the Waking up being able to See the Sickness! It’s all a Matter of Leverage. Being able to get enough leverage on the issue and lift ourselves up to a clearer perspective.

 While speaking with a friend earlier today about how those who are supposed to be our “friends” who come out to protests and actions and seem to want to change things yet, when we have plans with them and they decide not to go, they don’t have the skills to “simply” say so, instead they just don’t contact you and leave you hanging and wondering whether or not they’re going to pick you up like they said. You have scheduled plans with “friends” then they just don’t get back to you and you’re left hanging waiting and wondering what happened. Today, with the convenience of the cell phone, people can just say something like, “I lost my phone”, or “my battery died” as an excuse rather than just letting you know they aren’t coming.
 These are the difficult habits about ourselves that we need to address and where the practice of Meditation comes into play. It takes an Extremely dedicated and Courageous individual to Stay Centered and Grounded while being tempted to make the excuse that we lost our phone. But, to rather, breathe into ourselves and do something different. How many people are going to do that?? How many people are THAT aware?? How many people are THAT brave?
 The thing is,, it’s NOT about perfection, it’s NOT about chastising ourselves, it’s about Being ORIENTED. It’s about ADMITTING where we are and in what direction we are moving in. As long as we stay in Denial about where we’re at, we stay LOST. Even admitting that we’re unskilled, cowardly, fearful, ignorant, etc. is better than denial because at LEAST we know where we are! But, by denying that we’re ignorant, denying that we’re unskilled, we create the conditions to get ourselves even MORE lost and More Disoriented.

 During our phone conversation my friend started telling me about when she lived in another state she knew this woman who was not very educated who had around 8 kids with different men. She said she felt bad for the kids because they were beautiful, biracial children. She told me that once the children grew, the mother would grow tired of them, and have another baby in order to feel loved and fulfilled. Talk about DEBT!! Who needs to look as the FED and Wall St to know that we live in a DEBT Based Society?? Here it is as CLEAR as day how “families” are the Opposite of a Family and bring children into the world to ROB from rather than GIVE like they’re supposed to! No one talks about THIS kind of Debt,, This IS the REAL Debt because it’s on the level of Nature, not fake man made $$! How much More Obvious does it have to get that this is Criminal to children? The VERY people who should be on the side of these children are the Exact OPPOSITE!!!!! Of course, this is an extreme example, we can get fooled by “families” with fathers present or parents with $$ and jobs but, they can still be emotionally unhealthy and Still be passing Emotional Debt onto their children, which many do.

 What kind of a Society allows this?? What kind of a Society then goes on to Blame the children for not being able to make something of themselves, for acting out or having drug or teen pregnancy problems later on?? That’s exactly what happens in many cases. Yes, Smart, aware people know that it’s normal for kids who grow up in poverty, lack of education and abuse to act out later and we hear a lot of people making excuses for why people are the way they are and why they continue passing the abuse on to their children but, WHO is doing anything to Stop it??
 The FACT it,, this is Child Abuse, plain and simple and there is NO one there to protect and stand up for these kids!! The fact that Society does NOTHING to stop it but, actually does the opposite by profiting from it, so there are more ignorant, dumbed down people for the PTB to screw endlessly and keep in the never ending Tornado of enslavement and prison!

 90% of the population are already in a state of Mental deficiency. I think of the signs and symptoms of Shock from when I worked for FDNY/EMS. Or the story I heard a couple of years ago about a couple who drove in wintertime in northern California with their young child in the back seat, looking for a lodge they knew of. The husband who was driving made a wrong turn and the car ended up getting stuck in the snow and they couldn’t get out. There was supposed to be a gate closed keeping traffic from entering this road but, it was opened. It began snowing again and they did everything they could to stay warm through the night. I think they were stuck for a couple of days and tried starting fires and things to get someones attention. After so many days, the husband decided he was going to try to walk back to the road they turned off of to wave down a passing car. They knew it was a dangerous thing to do but, they had to try something, so he bundled up as best he could and left the wife and child in the car. The husband ended up getting disoriented and did a complete 180 in the woods, getting frostbite and hypothermia and getting more and more altered mental status until he died.
 The wife and baby were rescued and they found the husbands body not too far from where he was trying to go.
 This story is EXACTLY what’s happening to us while living IN Society!! We’re Lost and disoriented and going in Circles! Where are we going?? What are we doing?? What is the point??
 The only thing that matters is HEALTH, Nature. That’s it! The fact that we do not even have a reference point for when Society is showing signs of being completely Lost and SICK, should be enough to scare the living SHIT out of us! To see kids being born and blatantly abused and having the Emotional Debt dumped right on them and it’s NOT even called what it is, addressed and turned around!! Shows that we are in SERIOUS trouble. The fact that those trying to do the waking up and put the Brakes on the system are condemned by even those they’re trying to wake up and help is a, NO uncertain, sign that we have strayed off course way too far and will not be able to recover until Nature steps in and takes over.
 The Emotional Starvation of too many kids being born then growing up STILL in a Normal state of Emotional Starvation, only to be ridiculed, have even MORE debt put on them from those they turn to for help is just sick beyond comprehension. There is NO “SAVINGS”, No “funds”, No one to turn to to help!! Thee are NOT enough people t care, to help, to stand up! THAT IS THE TRUE DEBT!!
 The fact that too many people are in that mind set of DEFICIENCY and just ADD to the Debt instead of helping to turn it around with even a little bit of understanding and caring, just keeps the enslavement going. We think we’re getting out by adding to the debt. We’re too disoriented and disconnected from Nature that we don’t even know which direction we’re going in or where we are! We ARE that scenario IN “civilization”.  We HAVE Altered Mental Status due to Mental energy depletion!
 Our “civilization” is NOT Civilized, it’s actually Worse than being lost in the woods because, at least the Woods isn’t rigged and manipulated.  
 Cultivating TODAY,, the PRESENT Moment, is what’s going to turn things around! What we need to change things DOES NOT EXIST! It MUST BE CULTIVATED.  Not MORE perpetuating of our Disorientation and Debt.


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