DENIAL,, a Global Epidemic

Lately, I’ve been hearing more about Fukushima and  amount of radiation that has escaped and has moved across the United States, which, of course, we do not hear and I did not hear on regular lame stream media. I hear it from alternative sources like Micheal Ruppert of the Collapse documentary and Dr. Michio Kaku interviews on Democracy Now.
Another theme that has become a clear pattern is how rampant Denial is in our culture and cultures around the world. Whether it’s in Fukushima, Japan or in Wall St. USA, Denial seems to be a pretty Universal language that anyone can get inflicted with . I was listening to a show that came through but originated elsewhere and the guest on the show, I will do my best to find out his name, was talking about the Cover ups, the Denial and the down playing of the extent of the damage and the amount of radiation that has been leaking since the accident.
 What is this Epidemic of Denial that has infected everyone but, especially those in “charge” and with the most power positions? Is there ANY “authority”, “expert”. “leader” who does not suffer from this crippling disease? And WHY is Emotional Health not something that is looked at and addressed in our Society/world? This perpetuating idea that it’s actually possible to Cover up a radiation leak of that magnitude is, itself, extremely disturbing. I will ask again, Why is Mental Health not addressed in the world? Why is $$ at the expense of everything else, when the health of those behind it is not even a blip on the radar?
 The only real thing that is apparent is the fact that there are so many lies piled on top of lies, denial piled on top of denial over the decades, that the Real Debt isn’t Radiation, it isn’t Federal Reserve Notes, what’s underneath the superficial illusion of Debt is the Deficiency in the Emotional/Mental health of those in charge. As expected, Nature is where the deficiency lies because nothing else is real. Everything else, $$, Corporations, the Fed, Wall St, Fukushima, Chem trails, the BP Oil spill all have at their foundation, the Emotional impairment of who ever is calling those shots which continue to go unchecked and unchallenged.
 All these ills of our Society can all be traced back to our Excruciating deviation from the way Nature and Health work, in it’s most Optimum functioning. We are conditioned more and more with each passing generation to be diverted further and further away from the very source that will save us and that we can’t live without. As more and more people are being born, not enough are being brought back to Nature and healing, to function in the world and Within the way we were meant to and the way our survival ultimately depends.

 This idea that “authority” is something we just follow instead of challenge is a man made idea that is not based on any Natural fact. Most of the ideas and beliefs we were brought up with, I won’t say “raised” with because they do Not raise us up at all, are designed to cripple our health, to cripple our growth in being our best and most optimum self. Those to whom our care is entrusted are simply not healthy enough themselves to be able to handle the next generation being smart, sharp, strong or witty. They are giving their Power away to the “leaders” themselves. Imagine a Coach who has less than adequate skill attempting to train an athlete? They would not be able to bring the athlete that far because they, themselves don’t have the skills to bring them to that level. We can think of it like an Orgasm. I’m sure that’s getting some attention now but, no different really, than an Orgasm, we are all capable of reaching these Emotional, Physical and Spiritual heights. With the proper teaching and guidance we can do it but, there’s been such a level of complacency and slacking at the level of the family system, by design, that too many people are walking around, “Sexually Frustrated”. We have so much more energy and skill that could be brought forth that just goes wasted and untapped while those “claiming” to be our “leaders” are the ones keeping us frustrated. If our leaders truly were that, they would be raising us to fruition.

 I had Adam Kokesh on my radio show on Http:// last week and I was telling him how I felt that our Society has become very dysfunctional and Co Dependent similar a larger “family”. Many people have kids to take from and use for their own emotional gratification at the expense of the child. That child never gets to grow up and “fly from the nest” because they were not given the proper teachings or example set for them on how to live and be successful in life. The Powers that Be, the Bankers, Corporations are those Codependent Parents who do not want to allow their kids to grow up and leave and NOT need them anymore! When the Very Sign of quality parenting IS the fact that the child can stand on their own feet and earn their way doing what they love. Not someone who just has a job working for $$ just getting by. A child still living at home into their 30’s, 40’s or more is a sign that they family is dysfunctional and the parents didn’t do a good job raising them. So with Society, if the citizens of that Society are unemployed, underemployed, imprisoned, homeless, mentally ill, high teen pregnancy, high school drop out or whatever,, it’s a Poor reflection on that Society as a Whole and ESPECIALLY those in CHARGE!

 The reason “Authority” is in the Position of Authority, is that when things go wrong, THEY are Responsible!! That’s what being Authority Means! Parent, Politician, Doctor, teacher, President, Boss of a Company, Authority isn’t about PROFIT,, it’s about leadership! If Authority is about Robbery, then let’s STOP calling it Authority and all the other BS Roles and just call it what is and all the people TAKE control of their lives! No more Privatizing the Gains while Socializing the losses, then when Shit gets fucked,, it’s the opposite, the people are to blame. These MFr’s are the biggest Psychopaths !! That’s Bullshit!! The people need to start being o their OWN Side!! Time to start learning what that’s like. We have to take the training wheels off eventually.

 The “leaders” are Just like those”parents!!” They don’t want to give up that role, they want to turn the Intelligence of Nature’s design around to suit their Sickness at the expense of Society. They want to keep everyone Sucking up to them because they fear their normal, healthy obsolescence in their role of being on “top”. Talk about the Seniors worrying about having their jobs taken by someone younger, or the wife worrying about her husband leaving her for someone younger so she goes out and gets a boob job and all kinds of work done but, in the long run, like the Corprotocracy, it’s nothing but Plastic, artificial Cosmetic “Surgery”.
 Trying to control the natural flow of life, that parents are supposed to teach and elevate their kids, want them to be better then them, NOT be threatened by it, then they go out into the world and take over where those who went before left off. The completely unnatural clog our system has is going to boil over. There is NO way to get over on Nature! It’s THAT Simple, try as they might. The “leaders” who think they are in control, who think they can oppress the young Spirits up and coming who want their rightful place in the world will come to a point where there will be an explosion like We’ve never seen!
 Instead of aligning ourselves to the way that Nature works by challenging “authority” while at work, proving them wrong and being sharp, while the Elders welcome their slowing down, welcome their retirement and relaxation, the .1% of the 1% cling to power like Celebrities cling to Cosmetic Surgery. It’s So Fake and obviously an addiction that they can’t seem to help themselves. That’s where WE the people come in.
 We Must save the Power Junkies from themselves and create an Intervention as we would if our loved one was an alcoholic or a Drug addict. The Corprotocracy has an Addiction problem and Need an Intervention! Let’s Give it to em!!
 In the way Nature works there’s more of a flow in life,, our feelings rise, we feel them completely, express them, get out needs met and they get satisfied and cleared out. Our mind/Body lives in the NOW. In this SICK Society our healthy feelings are seen as abnormal, as somehow, skewed and excess. We end up getting our Emotions into a Huge DEBT because we’re taught to ignore them or those who should be addressing them and meeting our needs can’t. We learn we’re Not valuable and worthy and learn that the world is not a safe place and we will not be able to get our needs met. So we use our mind to ignore and stifle what we healthily feel.
 When you have the .1% of the 1% taking up and using up everything INCLUDING  the enormous GALL and entitlement, then WE get made out to be excessive when we’re expressing our Healthy needs and are made to feel WE are the Greedy ones!!??!  We should be taught the Opposite as kids! That we should be feeling and expressing our healthy feelings and living Fully in the world, not shrunken down and “Emotionally Dismembered!” Why should we get rid of our Healthy, normal parts while allowing the PTB to accumulate more and more of us while they turn into Evil Tyrannical,  Hitler-like dictators? The Emotional imbalance has made the world the way it is. It’ snot about $$, that’s the Lure on the Hook, it’s about our Emotional Energy and our healthy Self Power. DON’T SELL THAT FOR ANYTHING!

 All these ideas we were brought up on are NOTHING more than Unnatural programs designed to keep us disconnected from our Source, our instincts, to keep us weak and unable to accumulate inner wealth.
 To turn it around, Practice cultivating, “farming” your inner Nature. Get quiet, slow down, take time to strengthen the relationship with yourself as if you are your own Parent spending time with your child. Make yourself your child and spend time with you! Listen, practice not thinking but, allowing the Body to have the say it never had the chance to before getting silenced.
 Take time everyday to integrate ALL the Emotions we weren’t allowed to feel years ago and let yourself feel them. The truth is within. Even those who seem strong and competent in the world can be the biggest liars. Those walking around less than are also lying in the opposite way. It’s all about being balanced.   


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