Emotional Injury.. just like Physical!

One thing I never understood in our Society,, just how remarkably unperceptive too many people are to what’s taking place right in front of their faces. The term I’ve been hearing a lot about lately,, HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, can’t be any more True. I’ve been practicing and studying all my life about such things as Yoga/Meditation, slowing down and being More IN the present moment where Life is actually occurring!
 This relentless theme that I continue to come across of people Robbing Energy from “Family” and “Friends” to give and sacrifice at the Alter of the Powers that Be,, is relentless and those doing it are completely BLIND to it! I experience it ALL the time, the Slight of Hand,, Energy “Balance Transfer” that people unconsciously make in order to keep Feeding the System. The amount of Comfort that people feel in speaking to and treating those closest to them like Crap like it’s NORMAL, has become ALL too Normal in our Society instead of it being recognized for the BALANCE TRANSFER of energy and Life force that it is! Forget $$! It’s the robbing and the transfer of our energy and our Spirit that people engage in ever so subtly over time that leads to a complete and total depletion of our health on Every level!
 At this stage of the game with our Society being in the “hanging in the balance”, teetering state that it is,, we CANNOT afford to not examine Everything that we do, ALL of our behaviors and habits and see where we are and are not adding to or taking from the Problem.
 What I find completely mind boggling is the fact that many people have absolutely NO problem speaking to someone close to them like shit, putting NO filter on their words or behavior, Robbing the life force from Family when those people should be the VERY people that we uplift, support and should be Making “Deposits” toward! WTF! I get so Sick and disgusted at the level of illness that we’ve come to accept that’s right in front of our faces and no one sees it!! The amount of Domestic Violence in our society is growing everyday due to more and more people becoming stressed from the ongoing debt increases and due to the fact that there are TOO few people actually willing to stand up to the REAL Bully and go out and Fight and resist the system, so they do what’s Easy and take it out on those around them and suck the resources out of them.
 I notice most people around have NO problem speaking like crap, with NO short supply of derogatory, underhanded, cutting language that trickles down from their cowardice in going out to resist the system. Like Andy Dufresne toting his wall out in the courtyard,, little by little people dump their garbage and their Toxic fumes in your direction when they should be the ones standing up for you and protecting you the most!!  How much more obvious does it have to get? How much more evidence do we need? When are people going to recognize that it’s the way they treat those around them that’s contributing to the horrible world being created?? There is not one thing being done, Not ONE move being made, NOT one Word uttered that is NOT being recorded and acquired by nature and being put towards the destruction OR the Construction of the future.
 I find myself feeling that the ONLY place I can feel absolutely FREE to be myself, free to feel what I feel and feel the weight of putting down the Program is in my apartment or car. I find myself over and over feeling that the way I am when I’m alone is so much Freer than the way I’m able to be around other people,, even when those people are supposed to be “Friends” or “Family”. From day one, I can see how I, being the youngest and the most vulnerable, was treated like I didn’t matter and I end up getting dismissed and eliminated from the equation,, like a Slipped Disk! With no one teaching me or seeing to it that I was protected, I ended up walking around being injured. The Family system is NO different than the Body, or the Country or the world. It’s all just smaller subsystems within the other. The way the family interacts with one another, the way they speak to and treat each other, Especially the way they treat the youngest and most vulnerable, shows the level of sickness/health of that system, unlike Any other system. 
 Too often people like to ignore Emotional health. it’s NOT even a blip on the radar screen in most people’s minds. It’s not something most people discuss or pay a seconds worth of attention to, while the denial of it, over time,  leads to the same “Economic Debt” and Sickness we’re experiencing now. 
 There is NOTHING in this Society that is MORE important than HEALTH/NATURE. PERIOD! There is NOTHING in this world that doesn’t have a level of HEALTH,, Not $$, not Banks, not the Family, Not anything! No matter what it is,, EVERYTHING in this world is either healthy or not healthy! Having a lot of $$, power, materialism, high status, what ever, does NOT relieve the person of either being healthy or not. The amount of $$ or power you have will NOT in any way shape or form insulate you from being Mentally/Emotionally or Spiritually Ill! To the Contrary, one can actually be even MORE mentally ill, the more $ they have when they use the $$ to manipulate the feedback they get from society, which is the norm. Those without enough have have the Mirror Opposite of that disease.
 MY QUESTION IS,, how are people supposed to get anywhere in life when they don’t have a healthy family to love them, raise them, and help lift their self worth? To get to a place where they’re respected, heard, credited when the family system is so deteriorated emotionally? The fact that those who come out of those families that are unhealthy emotionally but, yet have $$, can then show up in life LOOKING like they’re deserving of respect yet, Still be emotionally ill inside then continue to get “ahead” because, the way it goes in this sick world is, the more you have the “Look” the more you get ?? When those who actually are unable to get anywhere due to Not having the emotional health of the family AND the lack of $$ might come out LOOKING like they’re No where but, actually are more honest and decent people!
 Why does it seem in life that there are SO few Givers? And I’m Not talking about $$ or materialism, I’m talking about Emotionally. People who Care and want to Give to those who NEED it! Instead of funding the very system that ROBS from those who can afford it the least just to Keep Feeding the Sociopaths! Who are OD ing on $$ and Power!! WTF!!?? I Can’t take it!! 
 I’m sick of people Not getting it when it’s glaring them in the face!! When putting oneself into a Physical Health debt permanently doesn’t wake you up to re prioritize and make you start doing things differently in your life then there’s NO Evidence that humanity has the ability to wake up and transform.  For someone to be the same person and act the same way they did before they were injured, treat those around them with the same “take it for granted” attitude that got them into the situation they’re in, then those being take for granted have NO choice but to say Good bye! 
 This Co Dependent, Enabling, Denial Society Must end! All we’re doing is creating a Larger, Dysfunctional, Abusive System than the one we came from.


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