REHABILITATION,,, Living backwards

It’s So Ironic that this SC injury is happening to my brother because I’ve felt all my life that I needed to live in “rehab” in order to reprogram myself from the Traumatic Brain “injury” that is this Society! There is NO question that most, if not all, people to some degree, are totally brainwashed as children to keep the system going by parents, school, TV, etc.  I felt it in a very blatantly obvious, painful way as a kid and any time I tried to bring it up, I was dismissed and the situation minimized. The fact that ALL of us have had our minds programmed against our bodies to an extent and now, with my brother’s injury, it became Literal! While I’ve been trying to acknowledge that we can’t rest and need to keep making an effort to combat the deficiency we grew up with, most everyone else opted for building their house/life on unstable ground! While I tried pointing out that the foundation we were raised on wasn’t sturdy, they dismissed me like I didn’t know anything. While I was going in one direction, my brother and many people stopped growing and set up camp.  Now it’s showing up that the choice wasn’t the best one and the denial still persists.
  We spend so much time and energy all our lives denying what our bodies and nature are trying to tell us, we’re trained from birth to ignore and manipulate nature and what we feel in order to satisfy the SYSTEM and give the system the answer that it WANTS rather than the answer that just IS. I catch myself doing it ALL The time! Responding in the People-Pleasing, begging for a crumb, slave way I was raised to instead of a strong, free, healthy way that we all have a right to. I’ve been aware of it in myself all my life and have been working on paying more and more attention to it. Unlike most people, I’ve been working on myself and my Emotional health ALL my life. It was So obvious something was going on and that the VERY things we needed to be addressing and dealing with were the very things getting overlooked and skipped right over because everyone is too busy being a slave and sacrificing themselves at the alter of the System!

 It was SO obvious all my life that something was wrong somewhere, that the MATH wasn’t being acknowledged, that people were ignoring something very important and most people were in on it! I knew it because I could Feel it and because feelings don’t Lie and are never wrong. We’re not taught to listen to and to trust our feelings growing up, especially when they challenge those who are in charge of us. We’re taught we have to get rid of our healthy, valid feelings, our sharpness, our smarts and our Wealth if they bump up against those in “charge”. We’re not allowed to be smarter than or challenge those in “charge” when, in reality, according to the way nature and health work, that’s EXACTLY what we’re supposed to do and if those who are in “charge” were healthy enough, they would be able to “afford” it. But because all Most parents do is just pass down the Emotional Deficit to their kids, they end up fighting with and resisting the truth and the opportunity to grow rather than simply doing what’s in our nature to do, which is to shed the Lies, the BS and the fake act.
 We do those around us a favor by holding a mirror up to them and calling them on their shit. Plain and simple. That’s the ANSWER,, period. The answer you get is the answer you get. It’s not about Liking it. The whole point is that we’re NOT supposed to like it. We’re not supposed to get the answer we WANT ALL the time! Being in the position of “authority” doesn’t mean you get to force people to suck up to you. Even if you do it, nature will never allow it. It will never be real, it will never be Authentic, the juice will be Sour and Toxic. It’s not supposed to feel “good” or it wouldn’t be challenging!  We get trained OUT of the way our bodies and our minds Naturally work and programmed into the way the System is Rigged! So we learn to Rig our bodies to respond NOT in the natural, healthy way they’re supposed to but, rather in a manipulated, fake and BS way that isn’t even to our advantage. Maybe some people who were born into better situations had/have it better and didn’t/don’t experience what I’m talking about but, I’m talking about those of us that did experience an unhealthy situation growing up and had those in charge of us using their positions to take advantage. We have NO choice now but to live BACKWARDS and try to turn the programming around so that we actually live in our own favor. Live on our own side.

 I’m only writing this because I feel and fear this situation with family as having the potential to devour and deplete me if I’m not careful and if I don’t learn to recognize the signs and signals and have the strength and courage to withstand the onslaught if I take care of myself and pull away. It’s amazing to me how the VERY people who are “call” themselves “family”, “Friends”, are the very people who jump all over you the minute you attempt to take care of yourself! What’s happening now with my brother has the same exact feeling as what happened to me when I was growing up. It’s all about everybody else, it’s ALL about feeling sorry for everybody else. I’M the Criminal for not allowing others to use my resources when ever they want. Their debt situations that THEY created means they get to ROB from you! Just like the fed and Powers that Be,, they’re Incompetence means they get to take from you! Whether or not they learned and are doing things differently never gets discussed! They use and abuse their own bodies until they’re broken then they get mad at you if you don’t let them do the same thing to yours!
 The TRULY scary part about this world, the absolute REAL Debt that a lot of people feel and face is the fact that there is NO one there for them! There’s No cushion. I equate it to not having any joints in the body, no ligaments, tendons, bursar, no GIVE in the body, just walking around stiff and rigid, unable to move. Everyone for themselves! No one on one another’s side. All too often, “Families” aren’t families at all, are NOT there for one another and are NOT emotionally giving, they don’t have any “extra” to spare and all that ends up happening is that members simply end up triggering each other over and over perpetuating the debt and pain. Like someone who continues to re-injure themselves over and over again. What is it about people that makes them So BLIND to what’s right in front of them? No different than a tight, pulled muscle that never gets massaged, soothed or the chance to disengage. Another emotional injury comes along and adds to the original one before we’ve even had the chance to recover from the first one!
 It ALL depends on the Emotional health of the Parents involved. Like it or not, want to face it or not, the facts are the facts. Health is health and nature and the Body do NOT lie! Reality is NOT wrong!
  Due to the fact that most of us are “Decapitated” to some extent growing up, meaning, that we’ve been severed from our bodies, our minds having been turned against our bodies and the body/nature being made into the enemy, we learn that our natural feelings are wrong. We learn to mistrust our body’s natural, Healthy responses to Society’s and the Family’s illness in favor of the Illness in order to have a place to live, clothes and food. We simply can’t afford to feel what we feel because if we did we’d run the risk of losing our “security”, our “belonging” somewhere. The “family” system is our last resort, if that’s dysfunctional or those in our charge are sick, what’s going to happen to us? We would be out in the cold, totally alone with No where to go and No one to turn to. We can’t afford to acknowledge the Truth so, what the body does when it’s threatened is go into DEBT to “bail out” those we need and can’t live without at the time.  The scary part is the fact that we never get out of this debt. It’s not like it’s temporary  and those we gave it up for make it up to us at some later date. It stays permanent and we end up taking that “debt” mindset into our jobs later in life which is the reason why most people will forfeit speaking up at work, standing up for what’s right in favor of the paycheck. The “family” system trained them well for that. Most people didn’t notice the “slight of hand” that happened to them at a very early age when those who were supposed to be Adding to their leverage were robbing it instead.

 It had to have been this way otherwise people would not be holding onto their paycheck at the expense of justice and what’s right. Why else would they be doing it? Where else did they learn it? If people were REAL parents who were healthy and taught their kids right, more people would be standing up for and protecting justice OVER some fake paper with No value that man created out of nothing!
 I’ve told my brother all my life how the way we grew up effected me and did something to me and his response was always the same, saying “It wasn’t that bad”, exactly what my mother used to say. What else can someone say, I guess, when they grew up in a less than optimum environment and have a debt mentality? But that’s exactly what I was trying to get him to see, that he was, in fact, saying that it “wasn’t that bad” because he was IN a state of mental debt in the first place and is disoriented. What family would want to teach their children to live and accept things as “not that bad?” What parent doesn’t want their child to not accept anything less than the best in life? What person wants to set the bar for their life at, “Not that bad?” This is what I mean, if we’re accepting “not that bad” from our own “families” rather than parents teaching their kids to go out into the world and be their best, parents helping their kids to have an edge, then what else are we willing to accept as “not that bad?” Why would we want to adjust ourselves to “not that bad” and get ourselves used to lowering the bar rather than raising it?  I mean, WHICH DIRECTION ARE WE GOING IN HERE?
 We don’t do anybody and favors by making excuses and lowering the bar for their less than fit behavior! This is how we’re taught to trade nature and health in for a roof over us and clothes on our backs!
 FACT; If Fake Man Made paper is THAT expensive,, How about we get rid of IT! and keep our health and the environment! If having a “family” and relationships has to cost us OURSELVES, then are the relationships really worth it? Wouldn’t we be better off keeping who we are and getting rid of them?! There’s Way Too much Enabling and Co Dependency going on in the world and most people don’t even acknowledge it or recognize it. Again, we’re not trained to be healthy Physically or Emotionally. The system doesn’t want us to be. The sad part about it is that most people don’t know what they’re missing. Because they don’t know what it’s like to live in their full expression of themselves, they never had the chance to feel it,, like being born blind or disabled, they never knew anything else. That’s basically what’s happening to each generation, more and more of their health is being taken away, like children being born in Chernobyl, what do they know? They were Born disabled and unable to even comprehend it so what difference does it make that we’ve passed mental and Physical illness onto them? They won’t know any better. American’s are living just a few notches above that.
 I find it a bit scary that people can be the ones who end up harming themselves, who ultimately are the ones who cripple themselves and put their bodies and lives into a Debt they will never recover from. Who needs the Fed or the Bankers to put us in debt when we have our own “Families” to teach it to us? It was the fact the my brother learned to adopt the attitude of “not that bad” at an early age and adjust himself to live with a low bar that he learned to minimize and dismiss his bodies blatant cries for help and attention. We’re trained to be “tough”, to see how much abuse and Debt we can take on before we break. We push nature and our bodies to their limits. When weeks and then over a month goes by and his symptoms are not getter better but worse and he continues to deny and minimize it, what else can it be if not the fact that we train ourselves to think everything isn’t “that bad”.  
 If that’s the kind of debt we can take on ourselves without recognizing the signs and symptoms when it’s our own body, then what will it take for more of Society to wake up to the increase Loss of Mobility of their Freedoms? When we end up making choices in our lives that increase our debt and decrease our quality of life rather than moving in direction which ADDS to our life, something is Truly WRONG! By not acknowledging it and taking steps to change it, we continue to Screw ourselves. How unfortunate.
 Now I have to decide what’s right and healthy for Me to do. How much interacting with people who are not making the best choices for themselves and do not recognize it can I afford to do? How much responsibility am I going to allow myself to feel programmed to assume like I was trained to growing up? What it comes down to is attempts being made to make me feel like the bad guy just for trying NOT to drown by those around me and if I cannot afford the debt that they created, that I’m not the Criminal. It’s all about recognizing the signs and symptoms of emotional Debt!


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