One of the lessons I learned and KNOW and Love about Yoga Practice is to live in REALITY, to STOP thinking and just allow what IS to lead. The reason the world is SOooo Screwed up is because we’ve all been Evicted from our bodies. This is a SERIOUS illness that many people do not realize. It doesn’t take much to see how society has become way too “masculinized”, favoring the intellect OVER Nature, the Emotions, the “feminine”. It doesn’t take a lot to admit that we’ve adopted the over valuing of the Masculine at the expense of the Feminine which ends up making the Intellect Rule OVER the Body, Nature & the Earth. Now that we can see after living this way for many decades what living in this imbalance has created in the world, it should not be too difficult, well, maybe for some, to understand that we need to listen to and heed the signs and symptoms of Nature, that without the sycronization of the intellect WITH Nature, WITH the Body/Earth, we’re doomed.
 We need to STOP thinking, to get OUT of our heads and allow what’s happening in front of our faces to dictate how to respond. We are Not present enough and we allow our heads, that are full of much crap that we need to actually Throw out!, to get in the way and keep us tripping over the same shit over and over again. Like cleaning out our houses, going through junk and stuff we’ve been holding onto for years the we need to give away or donate because we just don’t need it anymore, it’s not working for us anymore. That is also due to the fact that we’re disconnected from the way that nature works because if we lived more closely With Nature, we would automatically Shed outdated, old, worn out beliefs that need to be let go of. That very fact that we hold onto these beliefs and defend them SHOWS how out of touch with nature we really are!
 The way Nature works is about shedding, it’s about renewal, it’s about rebirth! We do to ourselves EXACTLY what was done to us as kids! As New, FRESH people coming into the world, we’re meant to make the world NEW, make the world Fresh, bring new ideas and imagination to the world, thereby, creating a totally New World every so many generations. But, in our Corrupt, Greedy, Rigged, Unhealthy, Opposite of the way Nature works,, world, we’re brainwashed to simply go along with the, already in place, Pre determined Society without question and be expected to give up our lives and our expressions and what we can add to the world and just allow ourselves to be part of the crowd. This is NOT the way NATURE works!
 Keeping New people being born enslaved rather than them having opportunities to grow to be all they can be, to challenge the way things are currently done and invent new ways of doing things, better more improved, healthier ways of living. Having the SAME ol people being in charge, the SAME ol Elites controlling everything, the SAME Ol Families Monopolizing the entire world, while it’s CLEAR these people are in it for their own interests, while our own Parents teach us to get used to it rather than challenge it! Goes against the way NATURE works!
 This SICK way that goes against Nature and is Truly a CANCER has taken on the role of Normal! Parents get lazy and simply submit to the slavery rather than teach their children to grow up to be all they can be and to resist the Status Quo! It ends up being trickle down slavery! And PARENTS end up being the ones who are the enemy of their own children by robbing their lives and teaching them to go along with the CANCER instead of saying “NO” and encouraging them to live the life they’re here to live! I get very angry at “Parents” because the whole idea of being a Parent is to teach, to set and example, to BE a ROLE model, To BE a quality person yourself FIRST, but the entire system is so broken down, the entire “Family” system is So broken down that “parents”, are Bought and Sold and working for the Gov, Corps, the Fed and the Bankers!! EVERYONE has been bought! PERIOD!! It’s So SAD!! What this society has come to! There’s NO ONE to stand up for what’s right!, No one to stand up for justice and their own children! Without families, without Parents showing their kids the way, teaching them NOT to submit, but, of course, Parents have to do that themselves FIRST! And therein lies the problem, people end up passing down their LACK of Courage on to their children.
  I grew up with this “Be grateful you weren’t aborted” attitude. Because my “parents” just made babies they didn’t really want, don’t really love each other, are not married, they do everything backwards. They don’t want to abort you because it’s against the Catholic Church and they don’t want to go to Hell, so they have you and think they’re going to get away with just “not Aborting you” and think that makes them a parent! If that isn’t some DEBT Based way of living life, I don’t know what is?!!? So they “think” because they’re the “authority” that they can do all this stuff and Nature/Physics is NOT going to give the Honest feedback right to their faces!
 This is where the Problem starts!! They’re IN the “Position” of “authority” but aren’t really capable of it but, try to hide their incompetence by covering up more and more and the more they try to cover it up the more their inadequacies are exposed! We can’t hide from Physics and Nature! It’s just NOT possible!
 Then, As a person in the subordinate position, you’re being used and threatened to go along with the cover up. When you naturally express the truth to their faces that they’re suppressing you and not raising you properly, their MIND gets in the way of the reality, their Fake role as “authority” and the vicious cycle continues. This is exactly the same thing the “leaders” of the country/World” do! They think their Position of “power” can Override Physics! Can override TRUE power that is Nature! Our entire System is completely out of Sync with Natural Law and it’s COMPLETELY Obvious! Instead of them admitting it and coming clean that their covers been blown, they, instead, keep up the LUNACY which make their SOCIOPATHOLOGY show even more! We get more and more Sued to the Disease instead of staying on top of it and calling it what it is, and now, that we’ve let it go on for so long,, we don’t want to admit it so we keep it up! We are Truly SCREWED!
 I’ve been recently reading LBJ & the Kennedy Killing and read parts that were So ludacris!! I was shaking my head. The author of the book, James T. Tague kept saying over and over how the Warren Commission kept omitting clear FACTS. They concluded that the Fatal shot to JFK came front the REAR! and NOT the Front like All the evidence and Witnesses testified to. I was like,,,, WTF?? It also said that despite the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was not linked to the killing by any evidence and actually showed he behaved opposite from someone who just assassinated the President by waiting on the bus from the driver to write him our a transfer, in those days. The book also talked about,, how President Ford changed the autopsy report to say that JFK’s shot to the back was a few inched Higher than it really was!!??
 So THIS is what our “Leaders”, “Parents”, “authority” are today!! PEOPLE WHO OVERRIDE PHYSICS for their own convenience or sheer Laziness and get away with it! The only “authority” they have is the Label and the power we give away to them!! Minus the Ingredients! But, we’re SO caught up in the Label, that we don’t pay Any attention to what’s behind it! An wonder WTF is wrong with this world!!


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