"Authority" = Abuse of Power

Happy NEW Year,, not,, 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,, going over the same ol ground, what have we found, the same ol fears,, Pink Floyd.
 I’m more than half way through reading,, LBJ and the Kennedy Assassination by James T. Tague. The only reason why I read this book even though there have been many books written on the assassination of President Kennedy over the years, was because I heard him on an alternative radio show and he sounded like a decent, nice man. I don’t know, why for some reason, when I heard he was an eye witness to the Kennedy assassination I immediately thought he was pat of the motorcade, part of the Gov, Secret Service, etc. When I learned reading his book that he was a car salesman in Dallas,, I thought,, “Oh Wow”. I was catching myself making assumptions that because James T Tague was “only” a “regular” person,, he was not as credible or this unconscious belief that only Gov personnel had the “right” to write a book about the Kennedy assassination.
 It gives me more hope and inspiration now to know that James T Tague was “only” a regular person because  that’s Exactly who needs to step up and speak out and who’s accounts of what they saw are the most clean. My unconscious assumption that he must have been someone working for the Gov is the part of me that is still programmed to keep they system going, like most of us. It’s this unconscious program that we must wake up to. This is the Exact mentality we need to turn around in our minds. We must catch ourselves doing it.
 As I read more and more of the book I learned that James T Tague was a upstanding, successful car salesman and a family man. What I Love most about reading the book is to find out that people end up running into things I’ve felt early on. In one way or another, people run into the fact that Corrupt people are in charge and undermining our attempts to speak the truth. What I read was No different than how I felt growing up, just on a different scale. Corrupt “authority” comes in all shapes and sizes, from parents to Presidents. The fact that we assume we’re on the same side and that Everyone wants to find out the truth then we find that to Not be the case. That instead of those at the top Cooperating and coming fro the same place we’re coming from, we find they’re blocking our attempts at every turn. This is not complicated. It’s not difficult to figure out, even for a 6 & 7 year old.
 I LOVED reading James Tague saying over and over again in the book, It was Obvious “something was very wrong”. I was like “Yeah! Ya think?” the very thing I knew about the “family” system growing up. Even though it happened to me on not such a large scale, huge cover-up, doesn’t mean, to ME, it wasn’t! This was MY life! That I felt I was discredited, smear campaign against you, accusations made against you,, and you’re Only 7!! How can you be guilty at 7!? You can’t BE anymore innocent! If you can be made to be guilty when you can’t be at your most innocent,, There’s Something Truly wrong with this society! It doesn’t take the assassination of a President. This is the kind of Corruption and cover-up people run into when they’re older,, Well,, Corrupt families are the kinds of things young kids have to deal with. It’s no different.
 It drives my nuts how irrelevant people make things that are really signs of such deterioration of Society! The over looking of seemingly minor or trivial things coming from the Top, down the road, wind up being the complete breakdown of Society. Like what happened to my brother’s injury,, He didn’t think it was”that bad” at the beginning, and it probably wasn’t, but, keep ignoring the minor, over time,, and it becomes exacerbated.
 The obvious Bad Habit that “regular” citizens have to dismiss obvious signs coming from “above” that they’re either making mistakes, are completely incompetent or are just plain Criminal. Because those people are in charge there’s an ASSumption from people below to let things slide, they must know what they’re doing, They’re the “authority” after all, when the reality is, that it’s the so-called “authority” that’s MORE likely to be the Criminal than anyone else!
 When you’re trying to walk up an down escalator and you’re not getting anywhere,, something’s wrong! When the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ were clearly undermining the investigation of the assassination of JFK, it’s not difficult to figure out why. When people are on the same side, things should be much easier. When evidence goes missing and witness testimony gets changed, wounds on the Presidents body get moved around, evidence of  the missed shot gets ignored,, One has to wonder!
 For me to be ignored and discredited when I was a kid for saying the very same things people trying to investigate the Kennedy assassination ran into,, that there’s something wrong somewhere, it’s only logical and Natural for those people to take an even closer look. James Tague said that many times in his book,, when taking a “closer look”. Something not many people are willing to do in this Society. Because, just like my experience . It’s one thing when it happens to you when you’re older and have some experience and clout under your belt but, when you’re being discredited and dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” when you’re very young you have no ability and resources to cope and do anything about the situation.
 That’s what people don’t get in this world,, there’s more and more of a loss of TRACTION,, when Parents are the ones passing down the dumbing down and treating their kids like their criminals for being smart! Who and where is a person to turn when it’s those in “Charge” who are supposed to be the ones we turn to??
 Over time, this becomes a ridiculously SERIOUS problem! WHO is supposed to do the right thing?? Who and where do you turn? Who is “Raising” and cultivating Decent and Just people who will go the distance in taking down “authority”. So, clearly, then “authority” is NOT the one to turn to, they’re the ones most likely DOING the Crime! So if many people are simply ASSuming that “authority” knows what they’re doing and is taking care of everything when the fact is they’re doing the opposite, then what?? It’s an endless ,, Passing the Buck! There will be NO one left to help expose the Corruption because NO one is “growing” them.
 People like Hoover and LBJ are in it for Ego and self interest, Not for the good of all. James Tague kept saying repeatedly in his book about how Hoover was more concerned with the “image” of the FBI and spending more effort covering things up to make the FBI look good. James spoke a lot about how the greatest LIE was being perpetrated on the Public. Hoover was recorded as saying, we have to make the public “Buy the Oswald, lone “Nut” shooter” story. Hoover, LBJ and others had Oswald tried, sentenced and executed with out a trial and the public bought it without question.  Not for nothing but, Professional assassins could’ve probably done a more thorough job a lot cleaner than Hoover and LBJ did. But, because they’re in “charge” , they’re sloppier because they know they can get away with it. They don’t have to be clean.
 The truly scary thing is,, we, the Public,, are in an “Arranged Marriage”. We are a Captive audience, like being born,, we don’t have a say about it or who we end up being born into. There is No guarantee that those to whom you’re born into are going to do a good job by you, like there’s is NO guarantee that those with the power will either. In fact, WHY should they?? They’re in the position already, they don’t have to earn it, they just take it. They don’t have to do right by you or me. Once people get in,, they’re in. The Real them can come out. If I didn’t even feel my own “family” cared about doing right by me growing up, the exact opposite,, and they’re blood, then why should a bunch of strangers??

 How many more LIES have been perpetrated on the Public since the assassination of JFK?? I shutter to think. How many times do people only care about getting and keeping their jobs even though they’re working for Murderers?? How many times have the people taken for granted that those with the “power” know what they’re doing and are protecting our “freedoms?” How much longer are people going to continue giving their power away instead of keeping it for themselves? THIS is at the HEART of what Ben Franklyn meant when he said,, “If you trade security for Liberty you get neither”.
 How can we possibly be getting anywhere when we’re unconsciously giving more and more of the very thing we should be preserving, away??
 Like I was made to feel myself,, What makes me think I have the Right to write this blog, write a book or have anything to say?? What makes ME have any value?? Who am I? This is EXACTLY the LIE that needs to be turned around! As long as we have and raise our children to believe they don’t matter, they don’t have a right to speak up, to be smart, to point corruption out, even if it IS directed at “authority”, all we’re doing is undermining ourselves and getting over on No one!


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