Last night I woke up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep, which happens quite frequently, unfortunately. It was a particularly foggy night and the boats right outside my window were blowing their fog horns in overlapping succession, sounding very haunting, like whale calls.
 It happens quite often where my body is processing the day’s, weeks, months, years undigested events while in this “relaxed” state. My body feels, at times, things that those around me deny and don’t want to feel. I remember watching a Barbara De Angelis VHS video in the 90’s ,, she would describe the effect people  have on each other in a when they were in close relationship to each other. She would describe how, energy can never be destroyed, only transferred. She encouraged people to always Tell the TRUTH about what they felt because what one person in a relationship feels but, denies gets transferred to another who will then, feel and express it, without even knowing why. They will simply pick up on it and express the other person’s unexpressed and unacknowledged feelings.
 The problem these days is that people get bashed for telling the truth! Even people in families, in marriages don’t want to hear the truth, they want to live in some fake, not dealing with things, denial, cover up. That’s how the Debt gets perpetuated and Never resolved. That’s what we’re taught, to keep ourselves in Emotional Debt by continuously piling lies on top of lies. The REAL debt is what we feel, what the Body/Emotions are trying to tell us that we’ve been conditioned to Not listen to or trust.
 I cannot help but go back to the way I was raised because it’s very hurtful and frustrating to be in a situation where you’re at the most innocent in your life and yet, being made to take in the shame and guilt of the Very people who are supposed to be loving and protecting you! If that isn’t a CLEAR violation and a passing down of the Debt,, then WTF is?? People have gotten annoyed with me all my life when bring up the “family” and say, “oh get over it”, when by bringing it up, that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing!! HELLO! It’s called,, Dealing with,, Not sweeping things under the carpet which is what people call,, “Getting over it”. Is there ANY surprise the world is in the level of Debt it’s in with this kind of approach to life?? Until nature’s, the bodies needs are satisfied will I or anyone else,, get over it. It’s all to easy for people to add to the debt and blame the victim for not “getting over it” when Nothing has been done to end the debt. How are you supposed to get over something when it was never dealt with and resolved and you were never exonerated and compensated??
 The reason the Kennedy assassination goes on 50 years later is the same. It was Never resolved! Nature won’t be satisfied until it’s satisfied! 911, the crash of 08, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars,, whatever,, will never be Done with until the Truth is out, the criminals are brought to justice and the Victims have been Compensated! Not ridiculed!
  To me, there is NO greater Conspiracy in the World! There is NO time in your life when you’re at your most Innocent, Most vulnerable, more dependent and needy than when you’re a child. For parents to Not take that role seriously, for the breakdown that is the “Family”, what some people to consider Parents, is nothing short of Criminal and Lowering the bar. Completely taking advantage of the vulnerable position of the child to slack off and get over, doing a less-than quality job!! Nothing is LOWER!! PARENTS are teaching kids to tolerate what should be Intolerable!! Kids have NO choice but to cling to and uphold a less than adequate “adult” if there’s no one else around to show them otherwise. That’s how people learn to accept less than, to “bail out” the Criminals,, it starts in the home! We’ve created a country/world in that image.

 In reading James T. Tagues book on the Kennedy killing I am constantly being brought back to what I felt and things I’ve said when I was a child. I’m literally reading My words and feelings on the page. James is describing how obvious it is that there’s something wrong. Those words are repeated over and over again. It should be easy when people are supposed to be in the Same side, working together to find the truth of who killed Kennedy. But, when dozens of witnesses’ testimonies are ignored, when clear evidence of two or three men being seen in the 6th floor window gets ignored, that Oswald was seen on the 2nd floor just minutes after calm, cool and not out of breath getting a can of coke in a machine, acting perfectly normal,, but J.Edgar hoover SAYS that Oswald did it !! Oh gee, that’s like a Parent saying,, “Because I said so!” I mean, gimme a break! We’re still in this same,, BS way many people were brought up! That’s it! Because Hoover said so?? Case Closed! This is Sickening!! Who the F is Hoover?? To be deciding just like that in less than 48 hrs after the assassination that it’s Oswald?? This is what I mean,, when you really look closely, like people doing an investigation are supposed to be doing, those who you’d expect to be looking for the truth and being on the same side as the witnesses were doing the EXACT Opposite! The SAME EXACT thing I said at 6 & 7 years old!! SO, it’s the so-called “authority”, the FBI who took the investigation away from the Dallas country Sheriffs Dept. not to find the truth, like their institution is paid to do but, instead, to cover up for their Mob friends, for J. Edgar Hoover to cover up for LBJ, to make the eye witnesses out to be not credible, unreliable, that they didn’t see what they know they saw. Which is exactly how I felt growing up as a small child. Imagine having the very people you have to rely on, who are supposed to be in “charge” are the very ones looking out more for themselves than the truth?? Being MORE on their own side and protecting and defending themselves than they are in listening to you.
 James T Tague also wrote in his book on page 377 about the eye witnesses,, “there was No one to tell”. The paragraph reads,, What we did not know then, was that the Kennedy killing was a well-planned coup by LBJ and his cronies with FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in charge of the cover-up. It was too simple, two of the most powerful men in the world were now in charge and if you were a poor civilian or government employee that discovered the Truth, THERE WAS NO ONE TO TELL!”
 Imagine feeling that at a very young age, walking around like that for decades. No one wants to hear the truth, the people don’t care. Only those to whom it’s happening care and if they don’t have Family or connections to turn to,, you’re at the end of the line! In complete DEBT. No where to go and no one to turn to! So , now that the people have ignored these blatant lies and cover ups, they easily accept Junk info that it was Oswald that Hoover “Cooked up” in less than 48 hrs! Who wants Fast Food !! When it comes to the Truth?? Pressure to “wrap it up”,, do everything Fast! This is what happens when we don’t do things like Nature,, with quality and time, being thorough.
 It’s not just the Kennedy killing that was Pre-determined or Pre-planned, most of our lives are! Just like many lawyers quit in disgust,, thank GOD for that!, realizing how obvious it was that there was a major manipulation going on somewhere, that they were not allowed to think critically and with common sense, that they were getting intercepted at every turn, so that the outcome was already figured out for them, they were simply being used a pawns to go through the motions,, Again, Most people have accepted that every day they do to work!! What do most people work for?? Truth?? Justice?? No! $$ and the illusion of security while overlooking the slights and robberies that have become a “normal” part of going to work. Kicking the Debt can down the road onto some unsuspecting Patsy/Lee Harvey Oswald like person that we’ve all become.
 In “families” our lives are already planned out for us. Few are free to be who they choose, few get to think and feel for themselves, parents have already picked their lives for them. This has become Normal! Living a Pre- Determined life! Being completely unconscious, just going through motions and having been conditioned to salivate to the bell, backed by no meat! If we try to break free, to break away to be the independent contemplator or investigator that we’re all meant to, we get treated like Criminals, like we’re doing something wrong by trying to live the way we’re meant to! NATURE’S INtelligence is WRONG!
We’ve strayed SO far off and are So used to SICKNESS and Dysfunction,, we Protect it and Love it!! Children are NEW,, kids are FRESH, that’s the way Nature designed it! For people to be born and created something Different,, yet Most parents force their kids to keep the same ol Garbage system going!
 How can that not be a sign that there’s something is SEVERELY wrong?? That’s like Never taking a breath!! A Fresh new breath is bad!! Well guess what,, when the Pollution gets so bad,, when the lies have so piled up, when parents have not done a good enough job and there’s no place left to go,, Taking a breath WILL be what kills us! When Fresh is bad,, that’s a Clear sign!


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