We need REHAB!!

There’s a reason why it’s extremely important to pay attention to the breath. That it might have been considered over simplistic and insignificant in the past, I feel is now become an Emergency. The Breath is the Rhythm of life, taking in , releasing, holding on, letting go, over and over. Focusing on the breath is one of the ways we can reconnect to Nature and the way it works. The world is going more and more into Mental Deficiency, further disconnected from the way Nature works, for $$ that it is continuing to perpetuate that path into further Mental confusion. The Assault on Nature in the Environment and within our mind/body has reached Epic Proportions that if we do not make a serious effort to hold onto ourselves and what we know we will surely have it taken from us. It’s Not a Luxury anymore to practice things like Meditation or mindfulness, it’s a Necessity! Our Fitness will be put to the test by the ever increasing level of power and Sociopathology. Like the 3 Little Pigs,, the Wolf will Huff & Puff & blow your house down if it’s not made of Brick,, so like your health, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Family, Spiritual, the Powers that Be are Huffing and Puffing to Blow you away,, and if you’re not fit, if you have not made “deposits” into your Health account in quite a while, you will feel the impact. The PTB will take advantage of any weakness they can find and exploit it, no matter what it is.
 The “system” will take advantage of the fact that we have not made the effort to strengthen the relationship with ourselves, what we know to be true, our instincts, our self -worth. If we do not have a Fit relationship to those around us, our spouse, kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, dogs, cats, iguanas,, we will lose it, Period! The problem is,, if we never had a really close, healthy relationship to anyone, we won’t know it, we won’t know we’re missing it. Like being blind since birth, we don’t know what we’re missing.

 The level of Fitness has shifted. It’s not enough now to Assume we won’t get an injury or illness, like Alzheimers, until we’re well into old age, people are getting it earlier now due to the war against the population. Obesity is occurring earlier, diabetes, “mental disorders” whether imagined by the system to drum up profits, or taking normal behaviors and making them “sicknesses”, depression has risen, the family system has broken down more and more over the years. If married people don’t make and effort to add to their relationships, make an effort to spend time with, pay attention to, practice mirroring and listening techniques with, sit in quiet reflection with themselves, strengthen their relationship to themselves, with out even knowing it,, we will be led down a path we will never recover from.
 I felt like I was forced to live in “rehab” from an early age because I felt the harm being done. Reading James T Tagues book on LBJ and Killing JFK,, he describes the smear campaign he was subjected to because he was simply trying to tell the truth and spoke up about the missed shot that hit the curb near him and kicked debris up in his face. It’s one thing for an adult to be confronted with this level of conspiracy, to be discredited, to be made out to be seeking profit and notoriety instead of simply telling the truth bt, imagine it happening to a child by their own parent(s)? What if it’s those in charge of you when you’re very young that are abusing their positions of power? Then when you speak out about it like is natural to do so, to have a healthy response to an obviously dysfunctional situation, YOU’re the one who’s smeared and blamed for not knowing what your talking about and being made out to be a “Nut”.
 I feel such a strong need to bring this up because I don’t feel that enough people give things the attention and due diligence they deserve. People play things down too much because they don’t want to be bothered having to DO something, so they don’t react with the intensity and level of fitness the situation demands they tweak YOU, they scorn YOU, they CHEAT and lower the bar instead of Rising to the Occasion!!
 Most people CHEAT, and get the child or the “subordinate”  to “recant their Testimony” rather than rising to the truth! People have always said to me,, “Oh, Don’t talk about your mother”, like now,, we’re not allowed to say anything bad about the President or the Government,, If they’re the ones who are making errors, behaving inadequately, or plain out & out being Criminal then Denying it,, what else are we suppose to do?? Not say anything??
 I felt very early on that I was bad if I felt what I felt, knew what I knew, said what I said. Those around me were always trying to get me to, and intimidate me into “recanting my testimony” at a young age like the Warren Commission tried and did with so many reliable and honest eye witnesses of the Kennedy assassination. On page 384 in LBJ and the Kennedy Killing,,
 “There is now a 50 year history of our Government and press trying to, at the very least, make sport of anyone who disagrees with the Warren Commission.”
  “I know as I write this book,, he writes,, that those same people will try to vilify me once again. I can almost hear the first word about my being a car salesman at the time Kennedy was killed. Those first words will be “what does a car salesman know about the Kennedy assassination?”


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