The Problem is,, You’re not willing to Lower the Bar enough!

 I’m speaking to those who continue to point out the discrepancies, those of you who are smart and keep catching the mistakes, the lies, the blatant cover-ups of those “in charge” and just won’t let it go! Those of you who were brought up right or who, despite not being brought up right, want to take a stand in life. Those of you who the Fluoride has not taken total effect of yet. Those who still have their integrity in place and their forthrightness. Those who are not willing to lower their standards and go down into the Sludge and be bought off.

  I cannot help but see how the bad habits of some of the 99% have led us to where we are, and even though it’s become quite Obvious that we need to change our habits, I still see and hear too many people being unconscious, doing and perpetuating the same bad habits and Not being connected to what’s Real, enough.
 We need to divide the 99% up, the way they divide the 1% up into the .001% of the richest at the top. The 995 needs t be divided up into the varying levels of Sheople ness. Say 20% awake and 79% asleep with different degrees in between?
 I’ve been working on making it a Practice for decades to be aware of my words and actions so as to not continue repeating the same behaviors, thereby creating the same outcomes. Exercising the muscle the PTB don’t want you to exercise, the one that will give you a handle on what’s going on that’s why they must keep you sliding on slippery, mind screwing distractions, so you will NEVER be able to get a hold of the Truth and you will never make enough contact with your own Gut.
  As much as I am able to, I make it a practice to be aware, to slow down and pay attention to my responses so that I can make some shift, how ever small. As long as I’m moving in a different direction, doing something different. On my own it’s very difficult. To have other people around who are actually after the truth also, people who stand for honesty and health would have made it and would make it a whole lot easier. But, like those who worked for the Warren Commission and the FBI who were going against the truth and the public and some witnesses didn’t understand that at the time, that LBJ and Hoover, with others, were deliberately manipulating the entire investigation and undermining any attempts at anyone finding the Real story. We have to realize the same thing is happening today and WORSE! What have the People done differently? Why should things NOT be worse? What has been done to remedy it?? NOTHING! So, of Course we should bot be surprised that its worse.
 It has to be understood now, as common knowledge, that the attempts of some people to get ahead in life, to live free and grow Organically, as is our right as human beings to do so, to be what and who we wish to be in life, to do what we love and earn an honest living and family by cultivating our gifts and talents, are ALL being undermined and manipulated by a small handful of men! But, there are some people who cannot expect to get ahead because they’re Not doing what it takes. Working for minimum wage for years, Obviously, will not get anyone anywhere. It’s NOT just about working for the $$, it’s our self worth, our standing up. How can anyone expect to get anywhere kowtowing? How can behaving invaluably for $$ get one anywhere?
  As in the Kennedy assassination, it’s been found out that LBJ and Hoover were the two men at the top, with others in the Oil Business who were manipulating events and outcomes behind the scenes to cover up the killing of JFK. If it weren’t for some rare, smart, dedicated people who wanted more than to live like followers and just accept the WC conclusions that Oswald was the Lone killer and, instead, have a healthy enough relationship with themselves to trust their instincts that something, was in fact, suspicious and took action, we would never be challenged to think differently.

 WE NEED TO HAVE A FIRM GRIP in the NOW,, We Must have Traction in the Present Moment, the Rubber must meet the road, or we will continue to SPIN,, out of control!
 I have to Ask, “WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO? If we keep making excuse that “we don’t have time”, or “We’re too busy”,, If we’re too Busy to make the time to do what’s right and what ultimately WORKS, then isn’t that worth looking at? I mean, isn’t that the whole point? That’ we’re Losing ourselves and need to find the grip again?? We will keep allowing the layers of lies and Emotional injuries to divert us if we Don’t acknowledge that we’re adding to them instead of lessening them!
  We need to acknowledge the Emotional wounds, the Lies that are layered in each of us and work Through them! Truth is Truth! We have to Admit our vulnerabilities and “weaknesses” and EMBRACE THEM in ourselves AND each other!  It’s an INSIDE JOB! We Must look at ourselves,, in how we perpetuate,, either the Assault on others, the Co-dependency, the Addiction, etc. AND Hold the Mirror to others if they’re Over stepping their boundaries. NOT if they’re behaving WITHIN their rights.
 Most people are NOT Present,, and that’s Exactly where we need to be. Too much Spinning, not enough Traction.

  Today, it’s not even that people are attempting to point to Criminal behavior and Corruption initially, it’s that people come by it by simply behaving in their Matter-of-fact manner, then finding they’re being forced to live smaller and smaller. Not even able to have their Normal, Healthy “range of motion” and express what is within their healthy right to express, that they end up finding the reason for it is due to the fact that there’s Criminal behavior occurring somewhere. Something is wrong somewhere! There’s a SNAG somewhere! That someone is Robbing and using Their Rightful Share! Not just of $$ but, of the right of expression and NO-Brainer common sense! That, the reason for our diminishment is caused by others over reaching. Then, if you say,, as did some “Conspiracy Theorists” about the JFK killing, that something seems not quite right, the entire public, with some exceptions, gangs up on you and calls you all kinds of names for being smart and asking questions and not going along with the Official story of the WC. The very behavior we should be encouraging in people we’re condemning.
   The real issue is the fact that it’s All EGO based. People fighting like children over nonsense; “What does a car salesman know about the Kennedy Killing”, as if it takes a Rocket Scientist to know you got hit in the face from debris from the sidewalk exactly when the shots rang out! That’s exactly what the “system” wants people to believe, that’s Exactly how the “system” keeps us down. How dare you think you know anything! How dare you have common sense! You’re only a car salesman or a nurse, secretary, mechanic, etc. That’s how we keep each other in our places so the PTB can do and get away with what ever they want!
 We, the little guy, have to keep Lowering the Bar, lower our standards,, the Problem is that some smart, healthy people expect to be able speak out if they see something, they expect the FBI, the Gov, the Police to actually serve them! What nut jobs! How dare you not allow the system to run all over you! How dare you not allow those in “charge” to get away with murder, corruption and criminal behavior! It’s Your being healthy that’s the problem! It’s the alertness and sharpness of some clever people in Society that’s the problem, people who actually look close and take the time and give due diligence and quality to get to the bottom of what the WC, the FBI and the Gov want to skim right over! Right, the people are expected to keep shrinking and shrinking, lowering their standards so things don’t look that bad or corrupt.
  So essentially, it’s Nature’s standards that’s the problem! It’s physics that’s the problem! If LBJ could rig the ski slopes or the tennis racket and ball to make him look more adequate he would.

 So, you see,, it’s NOT that the Powers that Be are doing anything Wrong or Criminal, it’s those People who are NOT willing to give up their rights! Those people who still have normal and healthy minds and bodies that want to be smart and be expressed! They’re the Problem! They’re Not lowering the BAR enough for themselves and those in charge! Holding “Authority” to a standard only forces us to see the truth. We would have to DO something then! Screw that! If we see “authority” as fallible , we would have to grow the way Nature designed it to be,  and take over. That’s what’s wrong in the world,, Nature’s demands and standards are Way to high!! We can’t allow Nature to control us!! We can’t have Nature’s Intelligence guiding us! Telling us to challenge “Authority”, those who have the Label minus the actual ingredients. We can’t allow instincts, gravity, physics, the environment, sickness, pollution or chemical reactions to dictate to us what health and Reality is! Come on! WTF! We’re in charge, Not Nature! Who’s running the show? Our Psychosis or Nature?? PEOPLE say what’s what, case closed!

  Even though we’re participating in behaviors that ultimately don’t serve us, that keep us and increase our enslavement, due to Nature’s Feedback,, we continue to fight what’s right in front of us instead of accepting the Feedback coming from physics, working WITH it, utilizing it, and making the necessary changes?? HELLO!! Earth to people!! We can’t continue to spit in Nature’s face forever! We don’t know how to stop because we don’t know how to NOT follow the “Leader” who’s clearly out of control, we don’t know how to listen and trust our own inner wisdom because it was never encouraged or cultivated. It’s not JUST the Interest on the debt owed that doesn’t exist in Circulation outright,, that Peter Joesph described in Zeitgeist Addendum,, it’s Nature! It’s our leverage, our Freedoms and health, our connection to our gut, our speaking truth to “power!” We MUST Re connect with Nature! It’s an EMERGENCY!! There’s a deficiency in Courage, Critical Thinking, those willing to stand up! No one has been PLANTING these kinds of seeds/people! That’s how we end up with the following;

 Nature is the Enemy! That calling inside, that Yearning to live fully has to go! We Must silence it and use our minds to talk ourselves out of what our Gut is telling us,, because, after all, we’re Only secretaries, teachers, doctors, cops, engineers, writers, etc. What do We know? Those at the “top” with the labels and titles and $$ know. I can’t trust my gut that tells me, “Something doesn’t feel right”, even though that’s Nature’s Wisdom calling to us to step up! What does Nature know? That calling is the Problem! How dare those birds get covered in BP’s oil down there in the Gulf! What’s wrong with them!? All the sea life that’s non existent in the Pacific due to Fukushima and has left the Pacific Ocean Dead,, Nature didn’t make them Strong enough! The Rhinos that were recently made extinct,, Nature doesn’t make things grow fast enough after we kill them!

 So don’t worry about anything! It’s NOT your fault that Nature didn’t make the Earth the way WE need to fulfill our Sociopathology, Co-Dependency and Addictions.Psychosis is running things now!


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