It’s not easy living as someone who has made it my life’s mission to Be as present as possible and to practice getting and being as close to nature as I possibly can. I feel and pick up on things a lot and have insights all that time that can end up keeping me awake at night. I’ve been feeling and saying things about debt and slavery since I was a kid and was stepped on and squashed by most everyone around me, which is what creates the debt and perpetuates it. Then, at the same time, those same people are the ones telling you what a great country it is and how great you have it.
 I just can’t believe how obvious it’s all been to me all my life that some people are treated like crap and will have no chance at a decent life and those who treat you like that are the very ones who should be supporting you emotionally. Without supportive people around you being giving and supportive, there’s NO way you’re going to get anywhere in this life!
 I’m sick of it not being taken seriously enough that the way many people were treated growing up was, Straight up, Abuse! How can young people, depending on those who are treating them like shit, not going to end up a slave? I’ve been hearing more and more about people who rights were abused and/or violated. I just recently attended 2 really good events in the city about the rights of people being taken from them. The first event was about the friends and family of mostly Muslim people, who were picked up by FBI and are being held in prison for years with out charge. Here is a link to part of the talk I filmed, http://youtu.be/sfxzcdSXhOY. Families spoke about the FBI trying to get their family member to spy on their community and if they didn’t do it, they were arrested.
 The next event I attended was the first part of Close Gitmo Now Tour! Which began in NYC with speakers such as Todd. E Pierce, a Military Lawyer and Andy Worthington, who’s been working on shedding light on the prisoners at Gitmo for approximately a decade. http://youtu.be/CTkQQpwTM6w . They also, showed the documentary, Doctors of the Dark Side which examines the use of MD’s and Psychologists in the participation of Torture. The movie tells the story of four detainees, and how healthcare professionals working for the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency implemented enhanced interrogation techniques, and covered up signs of torture at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp and Abu Ghraib Prison.[1][2] Interviews with medical, legal and intelligence experts and evidence from declassified government memos document how the torture of detainees could not continue without the assistance of doctors.- Wikipedia

 So, they’re using MD’s and Psychologists, people supposedly train to heal people, are instead acting as some kind of “referee” in a One-way boxing match of Torture. There are many doctors already who are more concerned with the $$ than in healing people. We can see that happening with Big Pharma. Many Doctors selling out for $$, providing services and procedures that actually cause more harm to the patient in order to make more $$ but, to assist and over see Torture on prisoners who were actually scheduled for release and are still being held??

 Then, recently, with the charges being dropped for the cops who beat to death Kelley Thomas, even with video proof! it doesn’t get any more corrupt than that! Where is the Revolution??
  I am feeling more and more of my own frustrations coming to the surface of being ripped off of what the body/mind needs to be a healthy, thriving adult. Basic needs are NOT negotiable. People need to understand ONE thing. We CANNOT FUCK AROUND WITH NATURE! Nature is running the show, NOT MAN! We will either respect it, heed it’s warnings, respond to it’s feedback or pay the Price! Simple. We cannot bring children into this world, raise them any way we feel like, treat them any way we feel like and not think there are consequences. People have a perfect RIGHT to respond with anger and retaliation to being mistreated and robbed of what their basic needs are. It isn’t stealing if someone needs food who’s starving or someone who needs love who is angry and acting out. This is called a Normal Response! When people are in any form of debt,, be it physical, by not having shelter, clothes or food, OR emotional, by not having their basic emotional needs for approval, validation, the need to separate,, met, it’s a healthy and Normal response from nature to do what ever you have to do get what you need. It isn’t Criminal! It’s CRIMINAL to have all of your material needs met and to keep taking more from those who need it more! The REAL debt of the “Elite” is Emotional/ Spiritual. Just because they might have had and grew up with $$ doesn’t mean they had their Emotional needs for Love met. Which would explain a lot about why they have an Addiction and cannot get enough.

 I feel I have to speak out about it or things will never change. We have to tell the truth and admit things or we will continue to repeat them forever. I have to deal with the opposition and conflict that comes with speaking your truth. So many people talk about “speak out”, “express yourself”, “have a voice” then the minute you do, they’re the very ones there stomping you down.

  This is how we’ve all been taught to accept and take on the debt! The way to deal with the Debt is to Lower your standards. Don’t change the system, don’t hold those in charge accountable, lower your expectations. One thing that I’m finding over and over is that it’s those people who grew up “better” than me are in the most denial. The fact that they didn’t grow up with the level of abuse that I did, even though they didn’t grow up that great either, keeps people in a perpetual state of ,,,, stagnation. Not able to see how they were screwed because maybe it wasn’t blatant abuse, yet they were also, not raised to know their rights, live more fully, live to their fullest potential either. They weren’t raised to be their best self either. I end up feeling that I was “lucky” in some weird way, that the way I had, it was a No Brainer! There was No question, no confusion, it was clear that it was abuse and neglect. Trying to get others to listen and believe me is another story, however.
 So, this is what I mean, you have it right in front of your face, people not believing you, the very people who should be protecting and supporting you are “asleep on the job”, while, at the same time, telling you what a great country we live in! People DO right in front of your face the VERY thing they deny is happening!
 I was speaking with a cousin of mine today on the phone about the state of the country. He’s the usual type of person that has a house on Long Island, has a job driving a truck, a wife, goes hunting on the weekends and thinks this system is the best system there is. This typical, giving the Country an A+ when it clearly deserves a big Fat F! The tolerance of Society being so low and corrupt and doing nothing except making excuse for it, rather than admitting it’s sick and taking some steps to DO something about it. Is it really That difficult? Rather than living in circles and making excuses for the illness, which only adds to it, we can admit where we are, call it like it is and begin taking steps towards better health. I don’t see what’s so difficult. I really do believe, I KNOW, this society is over when I hear people say certain things. Most people simply do not have Good Healthy Habits in this country. They do not keep up in things, events, news. They do Not make an effort to get real information, they get info mostly from the TV news which is pure junk. I mean, if people make NO effort to be Fit, then how can one expect to be? How can we be surprised that our Society is deteriorating when we’re allowing it to? And the weird thing is, It’s the people I know who have kids who are the ones who do NOTHING but make excuses, “there’s nothing you can do”. If we make no effort to know what’s going on, to be informed, we think the Gov cares about our safety and is going after the ‘Terrorists”, instead of taking a closer look, getting a more critical view to find that our Gov has been taken over by Criminals who care about nothing more than keeping the fake “terror” scam going so some people continue making millions of $$ that is fake but, who cares as long as people think it’s real!
 The whole thing is completely FAKE! My cousin said to me, “money has value because you can buy things with it, because people believe it has value” which is true but, our belief that its real doesn’t make it real, it only keeps the Scam going! Because we believe the PTB are fighting “terrorists” doesn’t mean they are! Our belief doesn’t make things REAL. Only Physics and Nature are Real, which will become more and more apparent than it is already. We can deny what’s real all we want,, it doesn’t make it so.
 Which brings me to my next point, again I have to bring up what happened to my brother. It’s the perfect example of denying reality, pushing the Debt back more and more, like QE3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 by simply not accepting the reality. So, my brother can be thought of like the Economy and trying to prop it up with more and more fake $$ injection by denying the reality. By denying or minimizing and not addressing his injuries in a timely way, kicking the Debt can down the road, only adding to the Debt, which resulted in is body/reality/nature/physics showing who’s in charge. By the body stepping in and Collapsing, people can look at that and say,, that’s bad, when the Reality is, my brother’s body had to save his life because he wasn’t taking steps to do it. I fear this is the way it will be for most of us. Things will have to get really ugly for most people to get it.
 I feel that what we need to do, which I try to practice, before we’re FORCED to do it, like my brother is now,, in Traction. Wearing the HALO brace around his body attached to the head for a couple of months. Meditation can be that “Traction”. I feel that we need to put ourselves into a retreat type place mentally and physically so our head can reconnect to the body, like my brothers body is forced to do literally now.
The Fact is, our level of Fitness is SO LOW in this country, we are doing nothing short of committing Suicide! Prepare yourself for a disaster you can’t even comprehend. Hope you don’t live to see it, but your kids will.


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