The REAL DEBT is our Mental Health!

I can’t take anymore people focusing So much on the $$ Economy, people talking So much about $$ and using it to measure what Debt is, when it’s known, by many people, that $$ is Fake and has no inherent value and is just entries made into a computer. Yet, the REAL Debt, the REAL harm being created by everyone blindly following this Fake $$, is ignored. There are people talking about the impact to the environment, to animals, to people in prisons, the abortion issue, etc. And, thanks to the NY Times article, For the Love of Money, Sam Polk brought attention to what I’ve been trying to bring attention to all my life; Emotional health! What many people dismiss and ignore as a “taboo” subject due to the stigma attached. But, the Reality is,, this is where the Actual Debt is!
 What many people fail to realize, is that when we have the Ability to see it, to step outside of ourselves and SEE our unhealthy emotional attachments, at that point, we become healthier! That is how Nature works! That is the step in the direction of healing and recovery. By defending and protecting the System inside of ourselves,, we are working for IT at the expense of ourselves! We are acting as a HOST for the “alien” to grow. 
 Because the monetary system has become the main focus in the world, in Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist Addendum film he talks about how $$ has taken on nearly “Religious Proportions”, we have been led so far astray from what is right in front of us and what is Real and has Real value! The health of the family system and the respect and value for each other that parents are supposed to have, and when they don’t, that low self worth/debt gets passed down to the children, who then grow up and enter the world seeking anything that will fill the void they didn’t receive from the parents/nature. I use the word nature here interchangeably with parents because, like it or not, the family system is part of the Natural world, WE as human beings are a part of Nature and when we get together and reproduce we’re either consciously or unconsciously passing down health or dysfunction, awareness and self responsibility or emotional deprivation. Because too many people have been so conditioned to “salivate” to the Bell and NOT the real food,, we’ve allowed Fake $$ that man makes by entering decimals into a computer, to overtake the Only thing that will ever have True value which comes from Nature.
 We have literally allowed ourselves to become Zombies! Sam Polk nearly caught himself from turning into a Full on Zombie. What woke him up? His therapy sessions? His dealing with is drug and alcohol abuse which many others in the Financial world do everyday and see as perfectly normal? What was it about him and the environment there that snapped him out of his trance? Of course, Sam Polk’s story is not typical of the average person struggling for $$ and trying to get by every day yet, both types of people are being controlled by $$. Depending on the way we’re brought up, we either have a healthy amount of self worth or we don’t. We either had our emotional/physical needs met or we didn’t, we’re either in a Emotional/Spiritual deficit or we’re not and to what degree? It’s our level of Emotional health that determines what our relationship to $$ will be. The more self worth we have the less likely we will sell out. The more ability we will have to recognize when our values are being compromised for fake $$.

 No one really looks at and takes seriously enough the role of parenting. I’ve actually considered the fact that the human population is a Direct Reflection of the Fake, diluted down $$ System. The whole,, “I can have what ever I want even if I can’t afford it emotionally or $$”, The Fact that there’s no sacredness and respect for the people in our Gov offices these days and the fact that the Fed creates $$ out of nothing, backed by nothing,, it’s the exact equivalent to the deterioration of the Family and creating children not backed by value and sacredness. The way people use the sexual encounter, marriage and reproduction without much thought or consideration creating many unwanted and devalued people in the world to be enslaved. There needs to be more quality and value brought to the system of Family and reproduction. If people don’t put conscious effort and worth into what they create, why should the FED? When you really look at it,, WE the people have created the Fed and the devaluation of the $$ and they created us. It’s just a world of everyone doing everything completely disconnected from Nature and what’s real. Irregardless of weather or not people can Spiritually and Emotionally “afford” children, whether or not they can raise that child to their healthiest fruition. Most “parents” teach their kids that $$ is the answer to life, like Sam Polk’s father did. Many parents do teach their children that the System and $$ ARE the Family, the “parent” and the True master. People have unconsciously adopted the belief that the Gov/Fed/ Corps want people to have, that They have NO value! That they, as parents and teachers, have NO value unless they have $$. As people reproduce more and more, the value and respect get more and more diluted along with the dilution of the $$. One goes hand in hand with the other. They are Both FUELING each other!
 The Family system,, IS a “Farm” of sorts. The quality of what’s put into the raising of children and the cultivating of the respect between the couple determine the “Fruits” they will bare and how healthy the children will grow up to be. Because too many parents have given up their Role as being a valuable part of the process of raising children and have turned over their children to the system and tell them “just go make $$” ,, it’s the PEOPLE who have created the dilution of the $$ system the same way We the people have created GMO foods. The more the Family system surrenders their kids to the system,, the more the system will gladly accept the offering and use it against us. The “titanic” of the $$ system has sunk from the overload, from too many people looking to it to be their Savior. Guess what? YOU and those around you now have to dust yourselves off and pick ourselves up to BE the value we seek in the world. We must help each other cultivate that value in each of us. It won’t be easy and maybe some people are too far gone. I feel a lot of people around me look to put others down and claim to be about change. It’s Not easy to develop healthier relationship habits, to see that the way we are and the way we act are less than “organic” and more GMO than we’d like.  
  In Bill Still’s presentation at the Save LI Forum this past weekend, he stresses,, “the Borrower is Always Servant to the Lender”, this is true in Emotionally Debt based systems. When we’re talking about the Monetary system, which is being used as a weapon against the people, we’re talking about Emotionally deficient people using the weapon of $$ to enslave the masses. We’re calling it “borrowing” and “lending” implying that the lender is actually Helping the borrower when, if fact, he’s doing nothing but seeking to help him/herself. This is called Co dependency! Slavery! For anyone who TRULY wishes to help another will GIVE. There MUST be Give anywhere in Society, the body, a bridge, a tree bending in a breeze,, if there is SO much rigidity in the world, in the construction of a bridge or the human body, it would All Snap from the pressure! ANYTHING in Society Has to have Some Give!
 That is what I tried bringing light to all my life growing up, Parents need to GIVE! The relationship between parent and child is the time in our lives when the flow needs to be ONE WAY direction, an extension of the womb. The child “gives” back and feeds the emotions of the parent by acting as a mirror and reflecting back to the parent smiles, and feedback to what it is the child needs. The more the parent meets the needs of the child appropriately enough, the more that parent “receives”. The parent MUST be Emotionally healthy in order to do that. If the parent(s) did not get their emotional needs met adequately growing up, that debt gets passed down. “Parents” end up having children to GET, rather than Give, which creates a never ending perpetuation of a Vicious Cycle.
 All this does is create a Society of TIGHTNESS, constriction and strangulation of the future. Lack of circulation, the ability to breathe and constriction of blood supply which creates the diminishment of people to be able to find their way out. People become in a permanent state of Altered Mental Status as if in Shock or Hypothermia,, gradually increasing their own deficit by making more poor choices from their already diminished state. 
 Although the Elite on Wall st might not be aware of it, when you’re addicted you’re not thinking about anything else but, the fact is, they are destroying themselves too. They are seeking from a fake, man made data entry, what only Nature and relationships can provide. We can ONLY get what we need to be happy and healthy ,, from Nature. So, we the people MUST raise our self worth and be the intervention for ourselves. Like anyone would do, hopefully, in any relationship with an addict. Leave! Break up, stand up but, the problem comes from the fact that, even in personal relationships, people stay and live dysfunctionally for the $$. If we act from Nature and “simply” learn to respond to others from an instinctual place and hold a mirror to them, rather than allowing the man made fake $$ dictate a fake, man made response, we can bring nature back to “organic” instead of GMO.


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