In a DEBT based Society, Truth and Physics are the Enemy!

I hope more and more people are beginning to understand what our Society is. Those in “charge” over rule the Laws of Nature, aka God, Physics and Common Sense! Now you have it folks! Out in the Open! Blatant Corruption and Criminality, that 4 “cops” KILL a Homeless, Schizophrenic 37 year old man and get away with it !! I mean, you can’t get any Lower! Maybe if the guy was a quadriplegic  or something, would it be MORE horrifying. Obviously NOT horrifying enough for the jurors. Unless the jurors were paid, off, threatened, or like in many cases, the Judge “Tells them” what the law is, Tells the jury what’s real, as in the case of Whitney Harrell,
 The juror Marcy Brooks discusses her experience as a juror on the case of Whitney Harrell who was being charged with NOT paying his income taxes. Mr Harrell was “in the know” of some information that, apparently most are not aware of, BIG SURPRISE THERE! And because too many are ignorant to this facts, even judges take advantage and will try to prosecute Innocent people. Marcy Brooks said of Judge “Coogan”, “I will instruct the juror as to the law”, but, Never gave the jurors the Law that shows Americans are Required to pay an income tax, yet expected them to find Mr. Harrell guilty of not paying his taxes. Judge Coogan’s insinuation that HE makes the law, without showing the law on paper, ended up back firing when the jurors found Mr. Harrell innocent while at the same time, he Not having paid his taxes!
 If you don’t have an educated and strong jury, who are able to think and not be intimidate by a corrupt judge, we’ll get cases and outcomes like the one with Kelley Thomas, Blatant Corruption! Even with a Video!! In the case of Whitney Harrell, the judge did not even show the evidence of the piece of paper, the Supposed “Law” that requires Americans to pay income taxes, No proof, and expected the jury to find Mr Harrell Guilty! IN the case of the killing of Kelley Thomas and the cops,

Former officer Manuel Ramos was charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. A second former Fullerton officer, Jay Cicinelli, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force. They were found NOT GUILTY of the charges! 
 So, again, Sorry to bring it up again, but, because this is EXACTLY the kind of Abuse of Power I lived with growing up. This is how so many PARENTS treat their kids, and have NOW grown up and think this is normal! the Law is what Parents “SAY” it is. How many of us heard that as kids? Because “I” said so! How many parents really went to lengths to treat their children fairly and demonstrated respect for their children in their house? I’d bet, NOT many! I know there are quality

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