What we think Divides,, actually Unites!

I feel I have to say the same things over and over. There are only so many things to blog about which end up bringing me back to the same thing, Health, Nature, the Mind/body connection.
FACT,, if we want to make the world a better place,, we have to work on ourselves, Period. There Is NO changing out there. We can hold up a mirror to others to show them to themselves,, yes, I do feel that’s absolutely necessary because,, We are not always the problem. Those in Power ARE much of the Problem and the people putting a fire underneath them is required. Knowing what we are and are not responsible for is the first step because what they PTB Love to do is put on us what is not our responsibility. To make us pay for what we should Not be paying for. Knowing where the boundaries are is the most important thing to establish, and since the boundaries have been so eroded, so shifted, so pushed back in our direction, it’ IS up to us to Push back on them.
 The first priority in any healthy relationship is establishing healthy boundaries, even with husbands and wives, children and parents, co-workers, etc. We can begin setting healthy boundaries with the Bankers and the Gov/Military, & Corps by establishing healthy boundaries with those right around us.
 We really need to get busy getting fit in the way we interact and relate and learn and practice healthy communication skills if we are to survive and have our children thrive.
 We have no idea how far from Optimum healthy we have strayed because it happens so slowly that we do not feel it. It is Imperative that we change course! It’s to our own Basic survival that we learn the signs and symptoms of our illnesses on an Emotional level. The things that people fight about,, Religion, Race, are things that,, if we scaled down to the most basic things in life, we could eliminate. ALL of us need Shelter, ALL of us need clean water, air, safety, Love, protection, adoration, healthy food. It’s really ironic because,, those are the very weapons people use against one another when they want to fight and terrorize the other.
 Take Torture for instance; We turn to Nature and those VERY things that could be use to unite us and instead they use to torture!! FACT!! By the Use of Torture, they’re actually Proving that we’re MORE United than divided!! They don’t use Religion to Torture!! They don’t sit and read the bible or the Kuran to torture someone, NO,, they use, NATURE. Basic needs or Deprivations that we all need and would be harmed if deprived of. What kind of sense does that make?? Solitary confinement, No windows in cells, small, enclosed spaces, no sunlight, water boarding, sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, cold. ALL the things that PROVE we’re MORE alike than different and yet they administer these practices to prove how divided we are when all they do is prove we’re connected!! DUH!! Talk about what’s Right under your Nose!! It’s the very thing that’s right in front of us, that if we turned it around, we could create such a world of harmony and peace. It’s the same energy that gets used to do harm, that can be used to do good. It’s all a matter of directing it.
 $$ is what’s behind it all. Terrorist Leaders paying other terrorist leaders lots of Fake Federal Reserve Notes to keep the violence going. Something that does not come from Nature, something that IS a Disease used to perpetuate disease, and people can’t see it. They can’t see that what they’re doing will never bring them true satisfaction. I guess some people are just too far gone.
 People get such a build up,, such and accumulation of hatred and falsities that constantly perpetuate themselves. If people could only SEE underneath the Lies they’ve been told. Instead, people are totally blocked,, like Atherosclerosis built up in their minds that keeps hardening and hardening until it’s completely blocked.
  Like GMO foods, chemicals & toxins, the body cannot process these ingredients so they end up Stuck in the body. Once that happens they cannot help but perpetuate. So like division and lies, they are Bad for the Body, the body cannot process them so they get stuck and perpetuate until they eventually CONSUME the person so they are Totally blocked from seeing outside of it. No blood, light or O2 can get in.
 So Waking up, is like digging oneself out from under “atherosclerosis” build up in ones mind/body! The more the build up the harder it will be. If I lived and grew up in some of the conditions of the people where these atrocities are taking place, I would likely get caught up in the brutality too, either as a victim or aggressor. It’s all a matter of leverage, Physics.
 I actually grew up contemplating,, Do I want to be the Abusee or the Abuser?? That seemed to be the choice. I tried to Not be either, be in the middle but, the Reality is that we must learn and acquire the skills to not be either and that takes time and resources, which many do not have. We end up getting taken over by the “current” before we’ve learned how to “swim”.
 Then all the system/PTB/Military/Corporations/Banks, does is come along and Drool at the prospect of Profiting off of the ignorance rather than helping it. There will be NOTHING we can do as long as those cashing in continue to Profit off the miseries of others. $$ they make out of thin air!
 Only those with Genuine concerns for others can change things.The victims don’t need to wake up. They’re WIDE awake to what’s going on! It’s the aggressors that need an awakening. And That will never happen until people start Rising. Again,, things have to happen according to Nature, Reality, Truth.


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