We Live, From the neck up!

  I have come to the absolute conclusion that human beings are very unhealthy. Most people think of ill as Physical only. We don’t think or consider at ALL emotional/mental health or the way we relate to our own bodies and emotions.  We been trained to live in a mostly, in-our-head society. We been trained to value the intellect OVER the body and emotions, to value the Masculine over emotions, aka,, more feminine qualities. We’ve been trained to live in our heads and do to our own bodies what we do to natural resources and the earth, manipulate and take. We live in a, From the Neck Up society,  Decapitated. Our mind/intellect, has been trained to control, manipulate, force, suffocate, lie about our bodies and true feelings. To be Fake, Man-Made people to match the Fake, Man-Made system being created and we’re helping. We’ve been so conditioned to lie, hide, put on fake images and fronts and not tell the truth about what we really feel or admit to any feelings of shame, fear, vulnerability, awkwardness or inadequacies that are perfectly normal.
 To say that people don’t or didn’t know is a lame excuse. One just has to stop and feel. 

 Our bodies and senses are interacting with our environment continuously and giving the mind constant feedback as to how to respond to it. The feedback from our bodies is accurate. Most people don’t get that we have been programmed to keep this, make the Rich Richer World. We think and talk all about Crony Capitalism and how it’s destroying the environment because it’s unsustainable and nature can’t keep up and handle the using of it’s resources and the pollution from the waste but, no one talks about, that’s exactly what we do to our bodies! That’s Exactly the way we treat ourselves AND each other. We don’t listen to what we or others feel, we judge what the body legitimately feels and knows and has an, in the moment, accurate response to. We’re trained to suppress what the body feels and knows and to manipulate it to give us the feedback we want, rather than the answer that IS!

 This does Nothing but create DEBT. The system first, our health and satisfaction, last. It makes absolutely NO sense at all to think Fake man made $$ can ever satisfy our needs better than nature can. We must come to realize. NATURE IS IN CHARGE. There is NO way around it! Nature is NEVER wrong! It’s responses and feedback are the answer! How else to we know what’s what? How else to we know how to act and what to do? This idea of listening to someone else at the expense of what we know and feel is Unnatural! We must Question EVERYTHING about what we’ve learned in this Society, EVERYTHING. We must gut it like an old house with asbestos.

 The Body is always in the here and now, the mind can go anywhere and make up what ever it wants. how to people get to be incredible Martial Artists, Sports figures, or dancers? Not by listening to someone else but by being connected to your own body and developing the mind/body connection with respect, not force. Why should we only get to have a relationship to our bodies only so far? Get to a certain level of mastery then stop and have to turn over our will to some “Authority?” No one can tell us how to ride a bike, we must feel it within us, so No one can tell us how to do our jobs either. WE are the ones that are there, only WE can know what we feel and must do.

 I NEVER, in a million years ever thought that reading John Bradshaw’s books and studying all about the Dysfunctional/abusive family system when I was growing up would end up giving me the answers to the worlds problems. Relationships are relationships no matter where you are. Healthy relating is healthy relating weather we’re at home, work or school. Healthy, respectful relationships are the only thing that can ever be truly satisfying. A healthy, respectful relationship to ourselves and our own bodies is, also, the only thing that can ever be truly satisfying. Once we’re taught to manipulate what we feel and hide the truth of who we are for acceptance of others or $$, we have started a debt that will continue to perpetuate until our souls turn black.
 I never thought that I would be going in one direction while most of society was going in another. I pretty much, thought everyone struggled with what I struggled with, how to mange Not losing oneself, how to follow one’s passions and earn a living. By reading books early on on what dysfunctional/abusive relating was in comparison to healthy and functioning relating, I  paid close attention everywhere I went to the way people behaved. It was pretty clear most people were not paying attention or cared about this issue that was of the utmost concern to me. For me, it was not complicated, I grew up in what felt like prison. An environment that had left me so traumatized and terrified that I vowed that I would Not repeat it! I never thought $$ was the answer, I truly, naively, believed that working on relationship “fitness” and how to have win-win situations, I could definitely change my life and I could create loving, respectful relations and then the $$ would come.

 It’s all about putting the pieces together in the proper order. But, in this world of $$ focus and domination, I just couldn’t accumulate enough. Most people were taken in by the surface, $$, looks, materialism rather then the quality of the person. But, in my Naive mind, I had NO idea the world was that shallow. I gave way too much credit to people and had no doubt that the world valued quality in a person and that I could really get ahead if I strived to be a righteous person who stood up for what was right. I truly believed that was what the world valued and how people got ahead. Boy! was I wrong!    
  Due to the way I grew up, I was adamant about healthy, respectful relationships and effective communication skills and listening techniques and there was NO way that I was going to be in any job where I would be feeling the same disrespect and dysfunction I felt growing up. I had the same brain washing that if I wanted a roof and clothes that I would have to be subjected to the oppressive, depressingly unhealthy environment in my house. I didn’t stand for it as a young person and I certainly wasn’t going to do it as I got older. I knew that if I started getting into this had habit now,, I’d be doing it all my life and I wasn’t about to do that! I really thought other people lived that way too. I thought most people grew up in a healthier family than me and knew all these things already.
 I thought it would be fairly easy to meet other people who were like me. I wanted more than anything to meet and be like people who were warriors, who stood for what was right, who had a standard of quality besides $$ and how things appear. People who were truly Fit and Courageous.  I starved for the Role Models I never had.

 I quit every job, or was fired, because I would not blindly follow orders. I knew right away when someone was not a real leader.  I was so used to being on my own so early and challenging the Hell out of “Authority” that I did end up knowing much more than those in charge and having a much higher standard. I lived my life by the philosophy of listening and trusting what my Body felt and knew. All people did and tried to tell me my whole life was to listen to them instead of what I knew. They tried to talk me out of what I knew to be true and take advantage of my vulnerable position. I taught myself from reading books that if anyone is your real Friend or a REAL “Authority”, they’ll be encouraging you to listen to and trust your gut. Anyone who tries to get you to listen to them over your own instincts you should run away from as far as you can. They’re the opposite of a Real Leader.

 As weird as it is, my unhealthy, abusive childhood gave me the conviction like no one else I knew. People I “thought” grew up healthier than me really weren’t. They didn’t reach any further than how they were raised. Everyone who I thought had learned all these things I was reading in John Bradshaw’s books didn’t. They might not have had the level of neglect I grew up with but, they also didn’t have the drive, the passion to overcome, to be more than the way they were raised, to ask questions. I was like a person who had a physical injury who had PT to recover and kept on going! The only problem was that there was not one to listen, no allies, no support, no one with the same desire for “Fitness”, only more of the same, people who didn’t listen. Complacent people, people who saw my learning as a challenge to be squashed and dismissed. If I could’ve only met one quality person to give me traction, who wasn’t threatened by someone who wanted to be smart but, embraced it. One person to be a mentor. 


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