Emotional Bankruptcy!

Simple! If we do not place what has REAL value, what is natural, like justice, common sense, instincts and decency, above man’s fake rules, were done! It’s not Rocket Science that man is NOT aligned with Natural Law! But has, at a level of arrogance that is off the charts, declared himself god, Completely re-wiring Natural Law of the highest, and putting in his own. And people follow!  And be led right off a cliff!
 The REAL debt in this world only comes from Nature! The consequences that result from the Anti Nature system we live in compounds over time like interest. Not being able to feel legitimate feelings, express one’s truth, have to room to simply BE without being force to conform to someone else’s agenda! Is True Freedom. Its about FREE Space, FREE room! Which, in our Debt based world, does not exist.
 To have valid feedback, legitimate responses to injustices blocked is the equivalent to blocking Nature. Its the equivalent to Spitting in the face of the Highest Power and man thinking his ideas and ways are better!
 There is no more of a basic, fundamental right than having the FREE space to feel. Not in an Overconsuming way but, in a rightful way.
 What happens when our basic, legitimate responses are blocked and interrupted? We physically SHRINK! We learn to live in a cage. By “man”/sickness, diverting us away from the Natural world we’re also kept disconnected from our own Nature. Once we give up our inner nature, our gut instincts, we’re lost! Simple. We’ve lost our inner compass and are slowly slipping further and further into darkness.
 I have to keep saying it over again. I feel I learned everything there is to know by studying about the family system and the Healthy way it is supposed to work. Everything after that is the same. Our jobs/work places, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries become nothing more than larger “families”. The business that went unfinished or the growth that went incompleted will go with us into our life.
 It seems clear to me that people act out at work the way they were brought up. They see their jobs and their bosses as parents, people they dare not talk back to let alone rebel, because if you do you’ll be out on the street. The healthy, natural expression of rebelling authority, of resisting, of challenging the rules and programming that’s been handed down for decades has been repressed.
 Our healthy inner nature and basic responses have been completely rigged or else the system would not be the way it is. People would never have the attitude of $ first at the expense of our healthy self expression. Parents, un healthily, pass these beliefs onto their children completely setting them up to be enslaved instead of teaching children the most important thing in life; self worth, self expression, being Healthy, having a voice, having courage, standing up to corrupt authority.
 The problem is a physics/leverage problem. Those people/parents, who are supposed to be the people Adding to the leverage of the child, making DEPOSITS in their child’s direction, are Robbing that leverage instead which makes parents the corrupt “authority” that children later in life believe is normal. Children never get the lift off they need. If parents are poor “authority”, poor leaders, then why shouldn’t the rest of the world? If that’s what people know when they get older, to bow rather than stand, then, like the Titanic, its a mathematical certainty that our society and the vulnerable will be enslaved, tortured and killed.
 Families, like anything else, is just a label with no ingredients, no one who has truly grown up themselves acting as a true teacher for a young person. There is simply no one to give a young person traction, someone to interact and help you develop.

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