Exercise ALL of your parts!

What would your body look like if you went to the gym everyday and only worked out your,,,,,, let’s say, your Triceps? How do u think you would look? Do u think it would look a bit strange and somewhat un proportioned? That is exactly what people “look like” emotionally, un proportioned from using those parts that are already over developed. Most people use, “exercise” only a small part of themselves day in and day out. Many people walk around un proportioned emotionally with certain emotions that get over exercised becoming over developed which perpetuates the recruitment of those emotions getting used more often. Its a self fulfilling prophecy. Its our own personal version of “globalization” and “corporatocracy” where we’re the ones Oppressing our own parts!!  The parts that have the most continue acquiring the most, just like people. Those with the most $$ and power continue getting more until it’s challenged.
Like the Laws of Motion,, an Object in Motion stays in motion until acted on by an outside force. How do we use the smaller parts of ourselves to stand up to the Larger part of ourselves?? That’s what Barbara DeAngelis used to talk about, How do we use the 5% of our un programmed self to reprogram the 95%.
 Its the part of us that we learned to express more at the expense of other valid parts of ourselves that end up dominating those less dominant parts. Its like having an mini dominant empire right inside of us.  Because its too painful and too much work  we don’t want to deal with those under developed parts of ourselves and bring them into balance with the part that gets too much use. This is why people like the 1% are “over developed” $$ wise and acquire more and more. That’s all they do! They’re literally like the Gym analogy of the person with the over grown Triceps! They never exercise anything else! While the rest of us are more of the opposite, in varying degrees. Exercising some of that aspect but exercising more of our recreational parts, our “humanity”.    As time goes on, however, as the over grown Tricep gets bigger and bigger it will cause the people to be more imbalanced also until the people are confronted with a major decision; Lose yourself or say “No” to the over grown tricep bringing the system more into balance.
 Some people grew up shamed for feeling anger, some for feeling sexuality, fear, pride, even too much joy. It usually correlates to gender. Men are more accepted in expressing aggression. Women are conditioned to be more giving and not to express anger. (except in our Out-of-Control Profit over common sense world) It continues throughout ones life if gone unchallenged and remains unconscious. Most people never realize it even though the signs and symptoms are right in front of them. This is why those who have the least tend to be the most “giving” Because they know what its like and they want people to give to them. We’re conditioned to think if we continue to give we get, when what we need to do is Stop bleeding out.There’s a Difference between Giving and Bleeding out. One has to Have it to Give, has to be able to Afford it to Give.
 It’s about Change,, doing something different. That is the most difficult thing to do because we don’t have the leverage, we don’t have the momentum. It’s like trying to pull oneself up over a cliff that you just missed falling off of! That is Literally where people are, on an Emotional/Spiritual level. It’s Normal and Healthy to push back, to Say “No more!’
 It’s very difficult for people to do what they are not used to doing because it takes WORK,, it takes cultivation from scratch, from what doesn’t exist, like trying to stop a rock rolling down a hill picking up more and more speed and girth. How many people are going to do that? How many people are that in touch with the instincts and Body? The HEAD and conditioning continue with it’s mighty grip keeping the person/people on the Same path, doing the SAME thing! How does a person get the leverage inside themselves that is required?? Hopefully, if there are others going through what you’re going through you can all band together and give each other leverage. That is what Families are for, what they are supposed to do for each other. Be each others coach, Personal Trainer helping them gain that needed leverage within and vice versa. It’s the lack of having someone there for us that keeps us from acquiring what’s inside of us. We are way too Conditioned and do NOT know what it’s like to simply behave and act IN the Moment,, FRESH, No thinking,, just responding. Allowing the Body to lead us and defend ourselves. 


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