Dig Deep

I don’t know what to call things anymore out of not wanting to repeat myself but it Is the same things that continue to show up over and over.
 Lack of Fitness! People under some deluded impression that We/they dictate to Natural Law rather than the other way around. Whether its Chevron who dumps toxic chemicals in the Amazon rain forest while some “official” dept head takes a bribe and let’s them get “away with it” while Nature has something completely different to say about the matter, and we go and listen to what “man” says! I am not a religious person or some God Freak. I’ve been into and focusing on health &  fitness all my life. The things that are a “No Brainer” yet people still continue to, mentally “chew” on things and never swallow! Issues stay stuck in the head, never getting digested. Too many people want to continue keeping things in the head never coming to a place of arrival because of the conditioning & over valuing the Intellect Over the Body/reality. Instead of seeing the value of one WITH the other. They are connected for a reason. They live under the same roof for a reason! Not like humans, who live separate lives under the same roof, so our minds and bodies have to separate in order to keep that going. Again, Rather than connecting the mind/body the way they’re supposed to and basing our lives from there, we base our lives from a place of disconnect and build our lives on top of that. Build our lives on top of the lead of Psycho, no-limits Capitalism bent on destroying Nature on all levels!
 Nature/Health is in DIRECT conflict with Out-of-Touch Capitalism. They can’t go together and at some point we all have to make the excruciating decision of which one we are going to choose! Or the choice will make you. You might not be making any choice and instead living by default but the unconscious is building your “bank account” regardless.
 People have said things to me like “you can’t expect people to be the way you want them to be”, since I was very young. As if needing what NATURAL LAW says we non-negotiably need is up for discussion. Does anyone say that to David Koch?? Do you think you would EVER hear ANYONE say something like that to Jamie Dimon?? Their Fake $$ keeps them from ever receiving any REAL, Honest Feedback. The people do not even pay attention to what they say or the things they tell themselves or others. WE the people need to keep giving up more and more, live smaller and smaller so the Abusive Sociopaths in our shadow Gov can keep sucking the life force out of us!!
 I have an idea! Let’s begin to CHANGE our diet! Let’s feed each other more empowering things to  live by! Let’s “feed” each other AND ourselves more “muscle building” words and beliefs thereby taking what is RIGHTFULLY ours and let the Sociopaths live with a little less! People have NO idea how connected we all are and how by saying and believing all these self dis-empowering things, we’re keeping ourselves small and enslaved.
 It only happens by BEING in the here and Now. By paying attention to what we say and how we’re conditioned to cheat ourselves.
 Natural Law is not negotiable! We cannot over ride its dictates. The more we think we can only reveals the level of our Psychosis.
 Man cannot decide that the rain forest and the people in the Amazon are not effected by the toxic waste they dump. Nature does! They can dismiss the effects all they want going further & further into Psychosis but, the reality remains. Nature dictates! Man should only be listened to or followed when he is living in alignment with Natural Law. When its become ridiculously obvious that the Greedy are in direct opposition to, then its our duty to resist and fight back.


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