Those in CHARGE are RESPONSIBLE,, why are the people paying?

 There are so many stories and so many things to write about that I could be writing non stop! I wouldn’t have time to do anything else. I can’t believe that more and more people are Finally talking about things I’ve felt, knew and said when I was a kid. If people listened and took seriously what I said and felt, and others like me, the world would not be the Insane Mess it is today! Because people are treated like they’re not important and have No worth, they get ignored and dismissed like they’re not a part of Nature, not connected to the whole. The Reality is; its those doing the Neglecting, DOING the dismissing who are the ones without the worth! Then, Passing it onto the vulnerable person. Its the Abuser, the one who abandons who has no worth and doesn’t have any belief in themselves & who tries to hide it by transferring it onto the vulnerable, making them out to be the guilty one. The one in need triggers the one who’s “supposed” to be in charge into feeling their inadequate, insecure feelings, which they don’t like feeling, so they blame the one who needs.
 The fact is; its those in charge who’re supposed to Have it, supposed to Be it, afford it, know it, DO it! That’s why they’re called “Authority”, “Leader”, “Head”, “Chief”, “Parent”, what ever. When the shit goes down, when things go wrong, its those in charge who are to be held responsible!! That’s why they’re in charge!! That’s the role of being in charge. People want to be in charge for the advantages but, Not the responsibilities!! That’s BS!!
 The PTB want to blame the little guy and make them pay for everything when the shit goes down,, while they walk away with all the benefits when the entire purpose is the  “power” to serve the innocent!!
 This is the whole point! Those in “charge” are NOT qualified! Expose them for what they are! Like I did when I was a kid. It was instinctual at a young age, before they were able to program me, to respond in a totally “organic”, in the moment way. No script, no manipulation, pure organic, to respond to what my body “knew” was right. I “knew” those with the power weren’t looking out for my best interest. My body could feel it like feels the sun on my skin, the hunger in my stomach. There is NO way around Nature!! Ever! That needs to be realized. The more we try to screw with nature, manipulate it, cover up, bury, kill, the more it reveals. The more unnatural it looks.
 Today, that’s All people are talking about. Well, maybe not All people. There are many who are still in a lot of denial.
 So today on an Democracy Now they spoke about soldiers with Trauma being given a cocktail of hard care drugs to deal with pain both Physically & Emotionally. That its the VA hosp that get the soldiers hooked on these hard drugs. I heard before, the story of a woman who became hooked on prescription drugs after an injury and went to the ER. The docs not just give u meds to “ease” the pain, they sent people into the stratosphere!!
 That makes No sense! I think of weight training and, of course, exercising, and how the ENTIRE point of it is to hangout with discomfort! Get to know being uncomfortable! It’s Not what we were told. That legit stress is beneficial and helps us build ourselves. Yes. Injury or illness on the Physical level and the Emotional level are signs of “ill” stress but the reality is the reality. We shouldn’t want to remove a person from it that far! Meds should be like weight training, just enough so its at a Managable level, not completely obliterated! That does not give the person the opportunity to develop “funds”, to build strength.

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