Natural Law,, Not Man’s Law

 There is something us “humans” really need to get. Nature/Physics is in Control. Nature provides only a certain amount of resources that must be replenished and cultivated, and taken care of. If that doesn’t happen, and in our take, take, take, profit over people and the environment, system, it should not be such a surprise that we’re in the midst of  a head on collision with nature both Globally and personally. On the personal scale, people experience it all the time when it comes to their health, even if they don’t acknowledge it. Our resources need cultivation and expansion. We need to learn and expand internally. We need to feed our bodies and minds healthy knowledge, information and food. If we are not fed truth, are not treated with worth and value by our source “care givers” it will not develop and will be depleted. We will not learn how to “balance the check book” of our inner resources. We need to take an honest inventory of ourselves, like is taught in the 4th step of the 12 steps. We have to Get Real about what it is that we can and cannot afford. We need to Tell the Truth about how we feel about ourselves due to being mistreated and not getting our Rightful needs met.
 This is exactly what the PTB do Not want!!
 People must get, or not, and suffer the consequences, from the brainwashing of not being allowed to express what we really feel when we were growing up. Of having our legitimate feelings shamed, being told we’re weak or “sissy” for boys, if we feel sad, angry (for girls), sexual, or if we stand up to inadequate parenting. A natural response is a natural response! Parents who are poor role models should be stood up to and called on! Period. People need to realize its ALL connected to our Corrupt system of keeping us in Line, While the PTB rob us blind!! Being encouraged to be as close to and in Sync with what the Body feels and Knows is the direction we need to be encouraged towards. Not Discouraged away from! The Body “Knows”. Wisdom is within, INtelligence,, is Within. Any smart parent listens and builds a relationship with themselves and their gut and teaches their children the same. 
 What the body feels is what’s right! Instead of sacrificing more and more of ourselves to some “job”, or Fake career. We need to reconnect to what’s Authentic. People are taught the opposite,, all for Fake $$,, this way of living will add up to screw us in the end.
 I was listening to an online radio podcast of someone who I agree with many things this person says. In fact, I’ve said many of the same exact things. Except One thing. I heard him say, that all too common theme, “No one can make you feel bad without your consent” or “No one can make u feel unworthy”. And it was being said in the context of a “parent” toward their child, the radio show hosts sister. This is what I would like to address. Since the radio show host admitted to not being as effected by his parents as the sister due to the age difference. The sister, at the age of 5 bore the brunt of the damage. Now, the radio show host, who discusses topics such as Natural Law and the New World Order, feels his sister should be able to not allow the parent(s) who abused her to hold her back. That her “will” should be such that she should be able to overcome it.
 I completely disagree with this. I admit I do not have all the details but, as far as the idea that no one can make you feel like shit without your consent, and Especially apply it towards children against a parent or parents is complete craziness. Of Course parents or a parent can make or break a person when they’re a child! Like this entire system is designed to do and many parents attempt to do, Break the will, break the Spirit. Of course Not all parents but, ignorant ones, most certainly!
 Ask anyone who’s been mugged, raped, robbed, assaulted, traumatized, hit, even verbally or emotionally. ALL it takes is for someone to be in a subordinate position on some level, in strength, experience, age, rank, knowledge, etc.
 That is the entire point of this system, what the PTB are doing. Breaking up the family so they can indoctrinate the children earlier. Keep people in a indefinite stage of arrested development, never ending adolescence. That is what we have and are currently living in.   Many a will have been broken in people in this country who have grown up in environments far less “robbing” than the talk show hosts. It doesn’t have to be an all at once scenario. It is much more dangerous in a slow and gradual way.
 We must accept and align ourselves with Natural Law! We must accept the limitations and the slower way Nature does things. We have to accept that once nature gets exhausted, overspent, over extended, injured, polluted or assaulted in any way, it cannot be reversed. Once the damage is Done, it’s Done! As difficult as this might be to accept, it’s a fact. It seems some people simply do want to accept that. And I can completely understand that. Especially when it’s a relative.
 Human beings are a part of Nature, period. We need what we need when we are young And when we are older. End of story, Non negotiable! If we do not get our physical OR Emotional needs met at the stage its required, we will develop a deficit and will not get out of it until its filled. And it might not ever.


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