Align with Natural Law,, or Else!

 Its truly a Miracle! I must say it to myself 10 times a day at least; “I said that when I was 7”. It’s taken 40+ years but, people are Finally talking about and realizing what I was forced to learn as a child but, no one wanted to take seriously or step up about. Now the condition has expended and is so much worse. Those who are supposed to be taking care of you, protecting you are doing the exact opposite. It might not have been true for everyone to the extent that it was for me but, it was true to some extent.
 The fact is; there are different levels of health and fitness. So, just because someone is not sick or has cancer, doesn’t make one healthy or fit. And, just because a person was not neglected or abused does not mean they were raised to their full fitness level either.
 Everything that is happening today, the Economy collapsing, the inequality gap increasing, wars, pollution, starvation, is occurring because people are not raised properly, fully. It’s simple Math. People who have not achieved some level of success, health, fitness, happiness will not be able to raise children to do it either.  Unless they acknowledge that fact and truly want better for their kids and put forth much effort.
 From living the way I did as a kid and experiencing it first hand, I had no choice but to rely on my own gut, my own instincts. It was everyone for yourself. No one on your side, even though no one admitted it, everyone denies it which just confuses the issue and prevents any change. That is not family, that’s enemies. Call it what it is.  If my body responded to the situation a cetain way, that response is ACCURATE.  People have NO right to judge how you handle or respond to a situation Totally on your own when you’re responding Against the very people who were supposed to be teaching you! What I did and how I handled it was correct. The way my body responded was CORRECT.   If that’s the way you feel at home, what will the rest of the world feel like?
 By holding onto what my gut knew, even though I experienced much assault and backwards attitudes such as; “oh, get over it, or, “oh, your poor parents, they couldn’t teach you because no one taught them”. That is exactly the Opposite responds of the correct one. As “nice” as it might sound, it’s Mathematically and Physically incorrect. There is no Physical way that a child can afford and should be asked to “bail out” a parent, Period! The child cannot afford it emotionally, physically or spiritually. All this is is passing on the debt, polluting, no different than Texaco did to the Amazonian people. “Parent(s)” have NO right to treat children any Less than what they require to grow to be healthy, well adjusted adults. Anything less is purely criminal and taking advantage of the child’s vulnerable position and innocence. Its Complete and Utter BETRAYAL!
 There is a reason our system is the way it is. The reality does not lie. The people are having their rights robbed from them at every turn and they are helpless to do anything about it! WHY is that? Because people are not being brought up right and taught their rights, that’s why. People have NO business having kids who cannot raise them to have a decent, fulfilled life! The system is not going to raise kids! They will enslave them! Why do we think all we have to do is tell our kids to “get a job” and think what ever company they work for will treat them right and help them get somewhere? If young people don’t have a quality family upbringing behind them, actual physical leverage, those at their workplace will likely take advantage, use them or pay them to do their dirty work. If someone does not have a decent set of morals, values and decency taught to them by someone, those with power will simply manipulate them to their full advantage. Period!
 We need to learn to understand how basic physics works. Its not how with thin things are, its the way it is.
 “Parents” end up just being hired employees who work for the system at the expense of their own children. The momentum ends up picking up speed to the point where no one has a handle on their life and the current is just dragging people along. Kids end up getting run over in the process. Their needs and what it takes to give them the traction they need ends up lost. And these people are powerless to stop it. It’s like one gigantic Stampede with the most vulnerable being literally crushed to death!
   Reading & studying about how the family system, and healthy relationships in general, is supposed to function was the beginning of understanding how a community is supposed to function, a corporation is supposed to function, the Gov is supposed to function and so on. A healthy system is a healthy system and an unhealthy, dysfunctional or abusive one is just that. Corporations or Gov are not exempt from the Laws of Nature, simple. These people are just as susceptible to mental illness as the rest of us. They’re people, made out of flesh & bone.
 We are supposed to think of ourselves and our families with the adoration and bowing we give the Gov and the Corp, bankers who are destroying our families, our Freedoms, and our planet. At least if we did, we would tip the scale a bit more in our favor.  These people do Not deserve our Adoration, they deserve prison.
 I do not understand where the idea came from that we benefit when we “Glam” over and continuously bow to some Institution?? That makes no sense right there. If we’re giving away our energy to get it back, why can’t we just keep it for ourselves? If those who claim to be serving the people, they would just let the people keep their energy in the first place! Obviously, if we’re forced to give up a lot of, and now even more, of our energies and rights, this should raise such red flags in the hearts of most smart people. A smart person knows this is wrong. A smart person suspects wrongful behavior and rightfully so. Why would people just ASSume those with this leverage give 2 shits about them?? Its really laughable to think those with the leverage are immune to criminal behavior, psychotic breakdowns.


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