Nature’s Signs and Symptoms are Clear, We’re just not listening

Watching, Years of Living Dangerously. The effects of our $$ driven system at the expense of our own Health & the environment. The accumulation of our disregard, our ignorance, IGNORE ance, our dismissal of the Clear signs and symptoms nature, the earth, people, animals have been sending out that we choose to blatantly tune out.
 I couldn’t have made it any clearer as a young child that living in that house was harmful. I could not make my feelings any more known. It was quite obvious and yet my pleas went unanswered. Although it might seem  insignificant to most people when they’re not the ones who had to live in that environment, I was. I felt the harm being done by the very people who were supposed to be protecting me. I felt my body being permanently changed by the conditions. This is also a form of “climate change”. Most people don’t think of it in that way but, that’s exactly what it is. Humans being permanently altered by the unhealthy conditions they’re forced to live under as well as the destruction of the planet.
 They were discussing the drought conditions in certain parts of the world, Texas and Indonesia. The burning of the trees in Indonesia to make way for Palm Trees to make Palm Oil. The smoke from burning the trees created a constant “smog” in the town.
 A top scientist in Texas, Katharine Hayhoe, showed how increasing CO2 was making the temp increase. They said we were heading for severe instability like we’ve never seen.
 Katharine Hayhoe is a Climate Scientist AND follows Christianity. The topic of the separation of science and religion was brought up, which I’ve always thought was a ridiculous division and at the core of all our problems. The PTB want things to be divided. That’s how they stay on top. Science and Religion being separate is the same as $$ being separated from Real wealth. The same as words not being backed by action. How can science be separate from religion when science was created and comes from Nature which is synonymous with God? God made science. God Is science, just like Man made $$ needs to be backed by something Nature makes to give it real value.
 Again, I think of human beings, who are a part of nature, who respond to the unhealthy unequal conditions and how they can’t help but have “Mental Climate shift” when they “snap” and go on killing rampages. We can’t arrest or call Nature a “terrorist” when it has a perfectly “mirrored” response to the way we treat it! Is it news that we live in a Cause & Effect world? Why should we be surprised?  People, animals & the earth respond in HEALTHY ways to the sick way they’re being treated. But, of course, because we continue to perpetuate our ignorance and mental illness we wouldn’t know that so we sit by while the PTB criminalize  them. We allow our Fake, man-made system continue instead of seizing the opportunity to wake up and change coarse.  Although more people are finally standing up and speaking out, its a drop in the bucket compared to the # it will take to create lasting change.
 Just like our bodies get ill, our emotions get unbalanced when we do not live in healthy ways. Because we have taken everything that’s unhealthy and “shifted” ourselves to define it as normal. Because we refuse to listen to Nature, let Nature teach and lead us and align ourselves with it instead of the insatiable devouring, the completely Emotionally imbalanced addictions of the PTB!
 Because we are not connected to Nature physically, we’ve created a Man-made habitat that we’ve used to shield ourselves from it, which perpetuates our disconnection from it even further. We pay even less attention to its clear signs further increasing our mental illness and addictions. A never ending Vicious cycle.
 Because we do not make health and Nature the priority in our Society, which, already, is a clear sign that we’re Mentally ill, we end up feeding and adding to our already increasing Mental deficit by clinging further to our arrogance.
 By failing to recognize that those to whom are entrusted to serve us are suffering from severe mental “climate change”, we create the earth in our image. WE suffer from “climate shift”. The inequality, the suffering inflicted on the most vulnerable, the blatant disregard for the lives of others & animals due to the never ending addictions of those who are incapable of waking up. The PTB NEED us to be their brakes! Like a young child with an alcoholic parent, “authority” is not without flaws, not immune to the laws of Nature.  We perpetuate our illness because we’re already disconnected. The people are the Codependent Enablers to the Addictions of the banks, Exxon, corps, Wall St, Rockefeller, the Koch Bros, etc.
 We Must stand up to them to save ourselves! We must embrace our inner Power, the Divine that is within us All! We must connect to the way Nature intended Society to function. Balanced.
 Its not a Political Solution, its a Natural solution, a health solution.


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