Robbed of Our Health!

Here I go again repeating myself but, that is the Nature of things. It takes thousands of repetitions to get a bicep into shape. It takes thousands of steps to lose weight. How much teaching does it take to get the mind into shape? And what kind of shape, at that? Our minds and bodies are in shape but, what kind of shape and Who is doing the shaping?
 One thing I’ve heard during Yoga when you’ve done down dog for the upteenth time, “find something new”. Like living with the same person/people every day, it takes effort to keep it new, to keep it fresh.  In order to have a healthy, loving, respectful relationship we must make an effort. To have a healthy body we must make an effort. We must put into and invest in our children to reap the reward later on.
 I understand that most people  don’t have the energy because most of our energy is being wasted and robbed by a system that does not benefit us. The question to ask is,, WHY would we support a system where we do not have energy left for us? If we can’t afford energetically, or $$ to have what really matters; the kind of relationships we deserve at home And at work, WHY are we supporting it??
 The very things we should be working for, Loving, supportive family, satisfying work, time for fun & recreation, community, the current system is at the expense of! NOT in support of!
 We are digging into the Muscle!
We do not live in a system that puts Health first. That’s clear. WHY? When that is the most important thing? How can any amount of $$ be more valuable than a loving family, fulfilling work, supportive community? It is for the PTB since they put $$ over people, the environment, health (even their own), caring, community. We live in a system that works for those at the top! And yet, it doesn’t really work for them either because they are Mentally Ill Sociopaths who would benefit greatly and, I believe, are screaming for someone to resist them. There is NO reason for us to participate. NONE! except for our programming. We’ve been trained that we do not deserve better. We teach the PTB to treat us like shit! It all comes down to our level of Fitness and skill level.  We are the ones who are allowing ourselves to be abused because too many are in denial that those in Gov, Corps, banks, the IMF would do what they are, in fact, doing. And that’s exactly what they feed off of!  They have nothing else to do! Why wouldn’t they? We’re making it impossible for them to refuse.  As large as the world is, the Earth is limited and we’ve reached the END! There is no place left for these corps, banks, exxon, the gov/military to go! We’ve run out of room and they don’t care if they run people over!! They are going to continue on their Sociopathologic path! They are like the drunk driver. They are not capable of being concerned with who they kill on their drive.
  The PTB were born in the Stratosphere. They have accrued more Mental Illness/Gall/arrogance/

affluenza than we can comprehend!! Imagine cellulitis untreated. Imagine the stages of its progression. The deterioration of skin cells, nerve cells, arteries, veins, muscles, etc. Imagine what a body after death would end up looking like if it were allowed to lay out. That is what the PTB look like Emotionally!!
 They have been allowed, thanks to us, to behave, UNRESTRICTED for decades like an unacknowledged and untreated disease!  What do we think the end result of that is? If we think these people love us, that they’re actually working to serve us??  I’d hate to see how well we’d be doing if they hated us! Hate to break it to you but, you’re being cheated on!
 This is what I don’t get, people’s families don’t even treat them so great. Husbands, wives, parents, “cheat” on each other all the time, betray each other all the time. The system broke the family system up so we would be forced to turn to the PTB. Family should be who we turn to for refuge.
 Are You living your dreams? Are your relatives? Or are they just working for $$?

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