Listen to the "Little Guy"

First I want to say, Rest in Peace Michael C. Ruppert! Authored the book, Crossing the Rubicon and the Documentary, Collapse. How, why ever you died, your words and your work will be greatly missed and needed in this world.  We need you more than ever.
  I was just watching Matt Taibbi on Democracy Now discussing his new book about Why no banker from the Wall St robbery has been arrested, prosecuted. Clips of Eric Holder, the Speaker of the House saying, “its too difficult to go after the banks, they’re just too big”! Quote not exact. Then Matt Taibbi said how others, will go back and find it, don’t want to do the work! Its too much work! And the problem is????? This is your JOB! What you’re supposed to be on top of and getting paid, Eric Holder, to do!! Its too difficult?? Then get the HELL out! And give someone the job who is more than happy to do the work on behalf of the people!
 That’s what I’ve been saying for decades when I talk about being in the Moment. That’s what its all about! Start where you have to start. What else is there to do?? What better, Eric Holder, do you have to do? What could possibly be more important? That’s like Muhammed Ali saying, “I’m not gonna fight that guy, its too difficult”. You’re not the best then, if its too difficult for you! GET OUT! Get someone in who will do it and do what ever it takes! What else is there to do?
 Matt Taibbi also spoke about someone he met in a prosecutors office, a black male, who was arrested for standing in front of his house at 1am for “Blocking Pedestrian Traffic” because the cop didn’t like the way he looked!  So they can arrest people for laughable, utter NONSENSE! But its too difficult to arrest anyone at HSBC who Admitted to drug running! Unacceptable!! As Matt Taibbi called it, is an understatement! Maybe its just me, because I’ve been saying things all my life. Studying Psych, dysfunction, Co dependency, abusive relationships my entire life! I lived it. I know what its like to have complete unworthy people/person in charge who can’t even admit when they’ve made a “mistake” or were wrong. There are complete incompetents with power all over the place with No accountability! I’m passed this stuff! Its easy for someone like Matt Taibbi to talk about this stuff. No disrespect to Matt because he is discussing and writing about it but, why are we not listening to those who its happening to? Why do we need a Middle man, I hesitate to use the word “Privileged” but, someone who doesn’t know what its like to experience these things. Why are we not listening to the people themselves? Is it too real? No one listened to me my whole life and I’m the one it happened to. Is there some need for an indirect experience? People can’t handle it full on, in the full concentration? People need that “cushion”, the “funds” that don’t exist! the distance? Does it make it more “credible” if some “normal” person says it or brings attention to it? If the people who it’s happening to say it it’s not credible because they’re the poor, black male, raped female, ugly, the stopped frisked, the rejected? The fact that they’re rejects IS the Credibility! They’re Ugliness IS they’re credibility! The Filth IS the Credibility!
 Those who the injustices are happening to should be the ones being heard yet, they end end being the ones dismissed, disregarded. WHY? Why do we join in the abuse instead of standing against it?
 Today while doing Yoga practice I listened to a talk Mike Ruppert gave a couple of years ago. He mentioned an experiment given to College students where they were divided up into “prisoners” & “guards”. He said the experiment had to be stopped before someone was killed. He never said Who was going to do the killing but, its anyone’s guess who it was. Not he prisoner killing the guard I’m sure. So, just the “act” of someone being in a position of lower- than can illicit such aggression in the “authority” to the point of killing? Is it that these situations give the person in the role of “authority” the permission to unleash all their pent up aggression? Aggression that’s been held in for years? Why is there so much aggression in Society? Where does it come from? At who does it belong? I said the same about my own “parent”. Give immature, irresponsible people the role of “authority” and any unacknowledged or unconscious aggression that person has not been permitted to release at authority gets transmitted to the most vulnerable. That’s how the system keeps going. Its not safe to express ones anger at “authority” which proves its not Real authority. True authority gives room for honest feedback. Healthy families with healthy parents acknowledge truth from their children. They don’t prescribe, might makes Right. That’s a sign of abusive “authority”.
 The fact that we don’t want to hear it from the victims themselves because they’re not “credible” is a sign of how far off course we’ve gone. It’s like not listening to a heart attack because it’s not “credible”.


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