War on the Nature within

Happy Earth Day! I have a feeling an acceleration is going to take place, pretty soon. 2 accelerations, actually. The one where more and more people will be forced to rise and take on the system head on and the opposition from those who have had the leverage and will not let go of it.
 There is no question about the fact that we are at a tipping point with the system we’ve all been living in and supporting all our lives without enough people challenging it, questioning it and exposing it. More people have been exposing violations lately with Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. But, there are still too many people living in the “pollution” and have adjusted themselves to it and put fake $ first everyday. I believe its the “slow & gradual”, like James Madison said, than “sudden & violent” usurpations. The fact that its not until some “high”, “credible” person exposes things that people sit up and take notice. Yet, people themselves have the ability everyday when they go to work to be a part of or not, the accumulation of the smaller, maybe, but still as immoral, still as oppressive and enslaving.
 People don’t wake up one day and find they’re 300 lbs. They didn’t get there over night. They’ve been making “deposits” in it for years. So it is with our marriages, families, and our jobs. Its all about the health of everything. There is nothing more important. Everyday we are either “feeding” our families, our relationships at work with healthy, healing words and behaviors or we’re sitting by and doing nothing to stop it and worse, we’re actively engaging in it. There is no way around it. We are involved one way or another. Like it or not. We can blame others and pawn off responsibility to those in “charge” but, ultimately WE are responsible for what we do or do not do. Its not those at the “top”, its us! Its the people who keep the criminal, anti nature, system going. There is absolutely Nothing to gain!!
  Nothing! This system is completely Corrupt! Completely Polluted! There is No point to it! None! We are destroying the Planet and ourselves. For?? What?? Fake man made $$?? Which so many are addicted to because it does not come from Nature and has no Nutritional value. Its not even backed by anything real and is created out of Debt ! It consist of mostly digital entries in a computer. A small % of it is printed. It can’t get any more invaluable! Only our blind ignorance that buys into the BS keeps it going. Its like finding out that the person you’ve been in a relationship with for years has been cheating or a drug dealer. Its not pleasant to learn but its better than living in the dark. Although, I’m sure some would disagree. Some would rather live in the dark. But, the light will shine eventually and it will be that much more blinding.

 Over the last week or so I’ve attended and filmed events for the Central Park 5 who have just seen their 25th anniversary. Not something to celebrate because they have still not had their case settled and received compensation for their years in jail for a wrongful conviction and blatant NYPD corruption.
 How does this relate to Nature? Well, its not just the way we relate to the environment that determines “nature” and health. Its the way we’ve been conditioned to function with ourselves and one another. We have to understand how we’ve been pinned against the Nature within us. Our own inner nature that someone was directly influencing when we were young.  When we come into this world we express ourselves totally Organically, straight from our gut. The mind & body function in complete synchronicity. We don’t “think”. We just are. Or course, it doesn’t take long for that perfectly organic functioning to get interrupted, manipulated. Its a rare parent who makes a conscious effort to raise “organic” children. Parents who preserve and protect the natural environment in their child. Many manipulate what the child feels, interfere and block what children really feel for their own desires. Without realizing it, parents are no different than the system. They treat their children and “raise” them to make $. Not to do what they believe or do what they enjoy. Anyone who says, “I just want to make a lot of $” without any regard for HOW they make it, is completely Unnatural. That pins $ in opposition to the real value it is supposed to be backed by. So, instead of someone saying, “I want to make a lot of $ acting or building beautiful furniture, which would give the $ more value because its actually EARNED instead of robbed.
   Being at the Central Park 5 gathering and listening to the speakers say things that I’ve been saying and trying to bring up my entire life was such a relief! I could literally feel myself getting lighter! They were talking about Injustice and the system being the “Criminal System of Injustice”, They were calling those with the “power” out for what they were, exposing them for doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to be doing. It’s So Simple yet the PTB Love to make things Very Complicated so they can keep our heads spinning.  People were WRONGLY harmed, screwed, convicted, accused, slandered, raped, robbed DESERVE to be compensated!! SIMPLE! It’s NOT Complicated! Hearing the man from the December 12th Movement ask,, “WHY do we have to wait for Justice?” Calling the system “Racist”,,  that is “criminalizing youth”, Mr Cray said,, the system “Always creates a situation where WE are not Equal”,,, you see,, they do it to you first Psychologically,, by Not respecting, by De-humanizing, by finding or CREATING any reason on the Mental level FIRST, to NOT have to respect a group of people, then comes the $$ and they keep you in Debt. But, they have to Lower you Emotionally First. “There’s Something about US that doesn’t deserve Justice”.
 When I stand there and hear that my Body literally starts singing inside! I’ve been saying that my whole life and there’s NO one to hear and stand by you! Black people know about Oppression and Racism. I have to actually go to an event about Racism to feel some Comradery and support! Many people today ARE being oppressed, they just don’t feel it because it’s happening gradually and Covertly, which is WORSE.
Omowale Clay of the Dec 12th Movement continues, “They did something”, the public was saying about the CP5, “they must have done something”,, the FACT that,, it’s the SYSTEM that’s Corrupt Can’t POSSIBLY be it! The FACT that,, the Prosecutors in the case,, Lied and railroaded children who looked up to and respected the NYPD, only to have the NYPD take complete advantage of that,, Exactly what I felt at home. People we’re supposed to TRUST and respect,, BETRAY that trust. No where is that Betrayal Greater than “parents” with their children, which so many have experienced. Calling out the Incompetent “Authority”, no matter WHO it is. There MUST be a standard of Quality,, a Standard of FITNESS of those in positions of power and authority! Who is going to Hold them to that standard, if it isn’t those to whom they’re Supposed to serve?? Then, If they can just dismiss us as Not worthy of respect,, then we have NO choice but to expose them for what they are. According the the PTB and by the system they created,, “were Born perpetrators”. The system is set up that too many are criminal as soon as they are born to ensure the system continues to benefit those at the top. A steady flow of endless Capital at the expense of the rest of the world. Why people don’t put and end to this right NOW is Beyond my comprehension,, they Fear their own power, that’s why.
 I’m sitting here at Union Sq reading a pamphlet from HumaneMYTH.org, on the Myth of Organic and “humane” animal products. How male chicks are GROUND ALIVE because they’re not egg producers. The females have their beaks mutilated so they don’t harm each other due to over crowding.
 Cows are kept in constant pregnancy and birth to maintain milk production. To then have their calves immediately taken. Mother cows and calves cry out for each other Long after! IT goes on to say, that All forms of dairy farming involve FORCIBLY IMPREGNATING COWS aka,, Rape,, they call it a Rape Rack!
 Who wants to eat or drink anything that comes from that process??! Not me! Nothing of quality or Nutrition can possible come from that. It’s Literal Franken-food!
 Half of the calves born are males and of No use in Milk Production. So, they’re sent to auctions to be sold and slaughtered when they’re just a few days old. The rest go to Veal Producing operations where they endure a crude castration process and are then killed after 4 months spent in crates.
Cows allowed to live free of exploitation and slaughter, live to be 25 years or more. But, after 4-6 years,dairy cows are considered “spent” and sent to auction and slaughter,, which are traumatic for these Gentle animals.
 I’d like to add,  WE are creating Fake Frankenstein people,, we ARE becoming Frankenstein people by allowing Unnatural and completely manipulated processes to become the Norm rather than pointing it out for the Total Sickness that it is. We are allowing our children to grow up to be “Unnaturally Grown”, we’re raising our own children to be “raised” by skipping their healthy, natural process and become Frankenstein when they’re older


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