We’ve been Neglecting the TRUE Bank Acount

 I cannot help but wonder to whom those who stand up for what’s right and expose corruption are blowing the whistle too or for? I guess its just a few people plus some committed journalist who hear the call to engage and go on high alert. It’s like some new Channel on Cable TV that Not many Tune into, not many want to watch because,, then they’d have to DO something!
  I don’t think people like Chelsea Manning or John Kiriakou from the documentary Silenced who worked for the FBI who was then arrested by the very people for whom he worked and ended up losing everything thought that that is what would happen if they simply told the truth. The Brazilian journalist who kept telling the truth about his local police dept. even after he was retaliated against and his wife took his kids and left him. He even ended up in the hosp for emotional issues. I don’t think they were thinking, “yes, I want to bankrupt my emotional health and lose my family”. I don’t think they expected the public, the VERY people they thought would be there to catch them, would be the ones who let them fall. I believe they truly thought the public was relatively healthy and responsive. That the public would engage and move into some semblance of action. Because we’ve been disconnected from nature for too long and have not been making enough “deposits” into a Real “bank account”, the “funds” are not there when needed. This is a major wake up call to the True funds and wealth that we need to be adding to. That have been neglected while blindly obeying the “leaders” and their “bait” $$.
 It should scare the living shit out of us that those who society should be emulating and promoting to the highest offices in our Gov are, instead criminalized! They lose their jobs, pensions, sometimes families. They become unemployable and end up losing their life savings on legal expenses.
 What does that tell us about the Fitness level of our country?? Not the fitness level of the Gov. who many know is unreliable but, the fitness level of the Public. The entire reason, at least a good majority of the reason, these people blow the whistle is to alert  the very people who allow the Whistleblowers and Political Prisoners to be locked up. Where’s the Love???
 There must be a good enough # of people in society who are healthy enough and fit enough to heed the call for the reverberation of the those blowing the whistle to reach.
 I can’t help but remember realizing to myself when I was fairly young, when I caught myself being depleted in trying to wake up my own parent. Trying to get this person into some sort of shape so that, then, THEY would be in a better position to be a quality parent to Me! This is Backwards and part of the reason our society and world is failing. Not enough people even recognize the CLEAR signs & symptoms of very serious ILLNESSES of society. When not caught early enough and go unresponded to, we’re inadvertently ADDING to the Sickness.
 After I reached a certain age and I realized, “I’m going broke!”. “I’m bleeding to death!”. “If I have to spend all my energy assembling someone so that they could then afford to be the parent I need, I might as well save my energy for myself!”
 It was my own personal version of Wall St and the “too Big to jails”.
 Naturally, just like the whistleblowers who exposed corruption, they’re simply behaving the way their bodies and minds are supposed to be. Healthy! I’m sure they had figured the repercussions wouldn’t be as abrasive as they were. That there would be Some cushion of people, of “funds” to be there to ease the blow. But, we end up finding out, the sad reality that, NO ONE has been funding this account!! For decades!! We have to start funding it AFTER these healthy fit people go Emotionally and Spiritually broke!!  There is no “whistleblower fund” for people who actually DO the right thing! They’re there for us but, we’re Not there for them!
 SHAME on Us!!!!
I felt the same when I was a kid and turned to my neighbors and relatives to stand up for me when I was exposing the abuse and neglect in my house. As a healthy person that gets confronted by corruption, that’s the way you behave! That’s a healthy reflex. Society should be saying, “hey, yeah, that’s a Good sign!” ” That’s a sign that a person is functioning Optimally!”. Not, “oh, well, we weren’t expecting anyone to actually be fit!” “We weren’t counting on that”. So, instead, because we live in a backwards, DEBT based system, people allow the kids to take the brunt of the “bill” rather than parents cultivating cushion for their children. No one is putting any funds away for those being born who are healthy, sharp,  responsive and vibrant. No one is prepared for that so when those people are born they have no where to go, no one to turn to who is actually going to raise them and not exploit their vibrancy as a commodity. There are NO parents.  Those young people have No choice but to project their dreams onto a system that they NEED to believe is just or they will go insane due to overwhelm. But, because most people have no idea how nature and health work, they’re completely ignorant to this dynamic. Too many allow $$ and the Sociopaths to lead them.
 Its just too clear at this point that we have not only neglected and polluted our planet, we’ve polluted people. We’ve neglected our Fitness. And now we have to suffer the consequences.
 We’ve gotten so used to being in exploitative, abusive relationships with Big Corps and the Gov that when people who are True Quality come along who actually Love themselves and us enough to put themselves on the line, we’re not ready! We missed the greatest Love opportunity of a Lifetime!!


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