It’s ALL the Victim’s Fault!!

Ah yes, a 15 year old female raped and impregnated by a priest and a girl sexually assaulted since age 5! I can’t capitalize the # 5!! Who is now in Solitary Confinement at the ripe age of 16 because she’s LGBT and has been sexually violated while in the facility she was placed in!
 Can we just make this world any SICKER? And more Psychologically DEBT based?? Is there ANYONE who understands that the whole point of life is to CHANGE course? To go the other way?? To change direction?? Because it really looks like there’s too many instances of people continuing on the Same path. I really don’t get it! What is the point of this Insane world? I really don’t see the point.  It seems like the whole idea is to make things as Fucked up and as Mentally Ill as possible! That’s what most people are doing. Instead of just being awake.
 When someone sees something wrong happen they don’t try to remedy it, counter it, instead, they think, “how can I make out from this situation?”
 2 horror stories on DN today and the underlying theme is always the same,,,, continue to blame the victim, continue doing the SAME thing, continue the Mental QE3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and on & on! Instead of looking at reality and truth and changing coarse. It is truly an Epidemic that where ever one looks, what ever the institution, the theme is always the same,, a perpetuation of the DEBT, more lies, then lies on top of lies on top of cover ups in the attempt to Salvage the “image” of what ever the Sick Institution is.
 It just doesn’t seem like there’s ANY institution that knows how to do anything correctly, and Deal with problems or it’s just not mentioned.
 The story about the 15 year old happened with a church and a priest. Apparently, the priest went to the girls house. She was raped and became pregnant and was then, humiliated and blamed by the same priest in front of the entire congregation. (Why no one in the congregation stood up for her is another thing I don’t get, more debt). The priest showed the girl some Bible passage to make her feel it was Her fault then had her banished from the area.
 This girl who did an interview with 20/20 told the Elizabeth Vargas that she was asked by someone with the church after the incident, if she “enjoyed” the sex with the priest?? Completely insinuating the 15 year old girl consented!! People are All nuts! Unfit, unresponsive, dull, not sharp, complacent, out of shape. Like a knife needs to be sharpened after so many uses, so do people. We truly have some pretty DULL blades attempting to cut through these issues when they, themselves need sharpening. They continue butchering the situation instead of saying, “Maybe I’d better go sharpen my blade”. They blame the outcome rather than their Dull Blade.
 Then, the next story, completely horrifying!! I can’t even imagine the level of rage and frustration the system is causing inside of these innocent people! Sexually abused since age 5!!! Inside the institution that is supposed to be taking care of her after her first “care takers”, called “family” betrayed her.
 So again, we have another example of people continuing to blame the MIRROR for its reflection. When people don’t like the ACCURATE feedback nature gives, the do more of the same!! How nuts is that??
 People always want to be in charge, have jobs and positions of “authority” until they screw things up then don’t want the responsibility that goes with it and blame the subordinate.
 The Subordinate is NEVER at fault!! Its ALWAYS the responsibility of the one in AUTHORITY! That’s why they’re the Authority!!! They don’t belong in the position if they are not qualified and want to blame those under them. That’s the opposite definition of Authority. That’s exactly how I grew up and what is destroying the world AND the future. People are not Adults, they’re not mature, they’re not FIT.  They don’t have the level of maturity it takes to have the power they have. They have the position of power minus the qualities it takes. And instead of the younger, the less powerful, the innocent, being able to rely on, trust, lean on, turn to these “adults”, these “leaders” the reality of who that person is underneath the BS is revealed. Its ALL about what people are made out of. No one finds out until a break down occurs.
 DEBT is the only word to describe it. Humans take on the same characteristics as $$, Not Real! FAKE, not valuable. Thats what our fake $$$ system creates because $$ isn’t real. When people are completely conditioned to salivate to $$ they must be fake in order to get it. $$ is fake, the system forces us to need it no matter what and do what ever we have to do obtain it, even if that means being in positions we can’t fulfill. We must be fake and lie to have a job. People do it everyday. Hold onto their fake careers and manipulate everything around them to fit it, rather than the other way around. Building a life on truth and reality, Yoga.
 What happened to these young girls is no different than Texacco/Chevron dumping Chemical pollution in the Amazon. “Adults” just want to dump their emotional toxic pollution on those they can get away with dumping it on.
 Were creating a world of No Cushion! Completely backwards. Using up cushion and not creating any for ourselves and future generations.


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