Where’s the Leverage?!

This blog is a bit delayed in getting posted,,
On my way to film another event with the Central Park 5 at City Hall to show support for their compensation by the city from their wrongful conviction, their being coerced into making false confessions and unjustly spending more than 10 years of their lives in jail for something they didn’t do. And the detectives who were in charge of the case clearly breaking all kinds of rules and intimidating them into falsely confessing.
 It’s right and valid to have justice and be compensated for being mistreated, wrongfully accused, convicted, smeared, be considered the most disdained people in NYC. It’s normal to get what you have coming to you when you’ve been screwed over. To have those who, knowingly or unknowingly, caused you irreparable harm to admit it, acknowledge it, own up to it and apologize. That makes perfect sense. That is in alignment with Natural Law.
 No one is going to say to the Central Park 5, “why don’t you just get over it”, although I’m sure they’ve heard it from some people. Because they have families, people supporting and backing them, support from their community, they’ve come a long way. I attended an honors dinner for them and Jeremy Scahill on Friday night and there were a lot of people in their corner and part of their legal team.
 I am truly grateful that the CP5 are receiving a great amount of the support they deserve and I’m sure they will win their lawsuit against the city of NY.
 I just can’t help but think of the many people who have been screwed over worse than the CP5 who will never get the attention they deserve.
 That’s all anyone needs and deserves is for those who made the error, again, knowingly or not, to acknowledge their oversight, admit that someone was harmed from their actions and take responsibility for their actions. That is how NATURAL LAW functions and NOTHING trumps it! Nothing. Until Nature is satisfied and gets what is required for it to move on, it won’t. It will continue to call to itself over and over what it demands until its done.
 Medea Benjamin said the same thing so simply at a talk on Drones I attended last year at the Catholic worker. All the Afghan people want is for those who are responsible for targeting the drones on and killing their family members admit their error, their transgression, take responsibility, apologize and take steps to repair, to pay back, to make an amends.
 That is not a lot to ask and that’s all I asked for as a child growing up in abuse. I remember reading somewhere that, “its not the trauma or the abuse that causes the harm, its the DENIAL of it.  And I whole heatedly agree! Nothing can drive someone more nuts, can cause more insanity than to continuously deny natures expressions and feedback. It literally comes down to the fact that its not another person your resisting and fighting with, its Nature.
 Why is it that I was being told at a young age to “get over it” when I deserved to have those who harmed me acknowledge it and make an amends?
 The Problem with our world is that people continue to try to get over and Natural Law, and it Simply CANNOT be done! There is NO skipping over steps in Nature,, Period!


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