Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbars shooter

  I recently watched the video of Elliot Rodger of the Santa Barbara shooting speaking about being rejected and Why he was being rejected and how he was going to make those who were rejecting his sexual advances pay. It is a Tragic and horrible event, that cannot be denied. I feel, though, that we must resist the temptation to think about it intellectually, which is what most people do. We say things like, “Oh, how horrible it is to do things like that”, “That guy was wrong to do that”. What we usually don’t look at is the Math of the situation. The fact is that any person, it doesn’t matter who it is, has needs that MUST be met, or else we do things like this. I am not in any way, shape or form, making excuses for these actions. What I’m saying is, we had better understand how health and nature work if we are to survive. What people experience mentally is NO different than the kinds of illnesses people have physically. It’s no different than if someone were to have heart attack while driving and kill a few people. It’s NO different than a branch breaking loose in a storm and killing someone. Are we going to arrest the branch? Can we arrest the body for having a heart attack? We must understand the FACT that human beings are part of the natural world and that we ALL have Non-Negotiable needs that, if not met, respond accordingly. We must accept the fact that we live under NATURAL LAW, that when something or someone is Done, they’re done. People reach their breaking point and those around help them get there. Obviously, there wasn’t anyone there for Elliot Rodger.
 If we really want to know about Wealth and Debt, we Must look at the Natural world because that’s the ONLY thing that gets into real deficit and/or abundance. We only have so much when we come into this world, just like the Earth. We only have so many resources. If we have more experiences that Take, that Stress us,, that make Withdrawls on us than we do the resources to cover it, the experiences that Add to us, the Body will respond. Emotional illnesses are NO different than Physical ones. When our bodies are overwhelmed by Cancer, we Die, period. When we’re overwhelmed by emotion, by depression, by trauma, it’s over. When the body is bankrupt. it’s bankrupt. This is not Rocket Science.
 We are a Spoiled Nation. We do Not want to accept the answer as the answer. We do not want to accept NO when it’s NO. Our, have everything we want even if we have to go into debt to get it, Society has us completely disconnected from what is truly running things. We must reconnect with nature and health or tragedies like this will continue to occur. We cannot go around treating other people like garbage and then get surprised when they react to it.

 It struck me after watching the videos of Elliot Rodger in his car, after putting so much effort and energy into talking to people about how necessary it is for us to resist and speak truth to power, and it was SO clear to me. I see it and say it all the time, we spend SO much of our energy and time keeping the Powers that Be High on their Power and Control Drug and keep the rest of the population Starving,, is it any wonder people like Elliot do what they do. I feel the same way much of the time, and So did Micheal Ruppert of Collapse.net. The Richest 1% of the people in the world will go into a Psycho storm if they don’t have the Entire world bowing to them and if they don’t make a million $$ that day and we ALL help them! We all bail them out if they don’t get they’re daily fix of Power and their drug of $$ topping in the Millions but Heaven forbid the average person needs their small crumb of attention or confidence building, everyone looks at the person like their so Greedy for needing their fair Crumb!
 It isn’t just about having ones fair share of the $$, the car, house, and all that. People have emotional needs that MUST be met. We cannot think we can walk around this earth and ignore, reject, overlook other human beings. This young guy, Elliot Rodger, most likely did not grow up with people who were on his side and helped him to build himself and his self confidence. Healthy parenting is pretty rare these days. There are NOT many parents who are truly there for their kids in a way that helps the child grow into a healthy, well adjusted adult. And with our fake $$ system that can buy just about anything, even lies, criminal behavior and politicians, is it any wonder that some people who don’t fit in or measure up end up feeling rejected or left out. This is Why it’s imperative that we create a world where we meet the needs of everyone, we care about everyone, we take the time to listen and acknowledge everyone. Taking the time to get to know someone, listen to their pain. By doing this we’re putting “$$ in the bank”. By taking care of nature we take care of ourselves. We are ALL connected, whether we like ti or not. The more we live in division the more we’re asking for the world to turn on us. Maybe, had some one taken the time to get to know, to help this guy before this happened it could have been prevented. I hope there is a lesson people learn here. It happened, period. There’s no saying it shouldn’t have happened or it can’t happen. It did and it does and it will. We need to take care of everyone. We need to change the way we live, the way we relate, the way we treat others.   
 Just last night on the radio show I do every Tues on Awake Radio, I was speaking with the 2 guests who both spoke about resisting the current system. How important it is at this time in history to challenge the status quo and Speak truth to power. Those with all the $$ will never stop, will never get enough. It’s up to us to point out their addiction problem and intervene, say “No”, not be fooled by outer appearances any longer. We see the 1% for what they are now, miserable people who continue to try to get satisfaction where it doesn’t exist. In my discussion with economist James Henry, he spoke about rich people he knew that are totally miserable. We talked about how the poor have what they rich need and vice versa. If only the Rich could see that it’s by giving and helping that we find true happiness and Joy. But, the “Rich”/thieves will not find it on their own, they need our help, they need us to Stop Bowing to their Fake $$ and give them Honest feedback. Instead of blindly obeying them, stand up to them and tell them the truth. Give them the feedback they deserve, not feedback that is bought. As long as we continue to allow ourselves to be bought and not give a true reading to those who it would certainly help, we’re are the ones creating our own misery. Only by living honestly and in accordance with what we really see and feel will we create kind of world we deserve to live in. Only Nature can heal, Only nature can make us rich and healthy. Not by bowing and lowering ourselves for fake $$.
  Talk about a High Maintenance relationship! Boy, are we in a Huge one with the 1%! These people are completely high maintenance! We starve those who need there fair share while, without even an effort, the powers that be make Millions. We will get woken up eventually. I just hope not too many have to die before we do.


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