Fair Wages,, Fair Treatment

 People have been coming out all across the country to fight for a double wage increase from $7 something an hour to $15 in areas such as Fast “Food” (fast and food don’t even belong in the same sentence. Its not even “food” but, I won’t go there now), and places like Walmart who have more than 40% of the bottom combined.
 It pretty much amounts to being better off Unemployed! When you’re employed and hovering over homelessness and starvation and your actually LOSING by having certain jobs, something is definitely WRONG!
 Get out of the relationship! Just like abusive, Domestic Violence situations, Leave! This is exactly what working for certain companies has become. Its the same as being abused at home by a spouse who uses their power to keep the other person down and submissive. This is ILLEGAL! Where is the Legal system?? This is Blatant abuse! I don’t care what anyone says or if it even is “legal” according to Man Made law, which Companies like Walmart just Buy anyway! I do not understand why people put up with it. Oh, wait a minute, yes I do, its the good ol “Family” system that starts people out in the same way and gets them used to accepting less.
 Fact: the “family” system should have BOUNDARIES, definition. There should be Clear defining lines within the Family Unit that distinguishes the Family from the rest of Society. It should be CLEAR who your relatives are by the way they treat each other. Families, parents who are the head of the family, should be treating their children well. Teaching them by demonstration not words, a “currency” exchange, what being treated with worth and respects feels and looks like. People learn what to expect from the world by the way they’re treated at “home” by parents.
 We have to stop making the System the Parent. We have to stop expecting the System to Raise our kids. We have to achieve a certain level of health, happiness, success, leverage and stability ourselves First, THEN we can show our children how to live. We have to start living more with Math in mind. We can’t put more weight on our “barbell” than we can lift. Most people are not in any kind of fit condition before start loading “weight” on their lives. Marriage, kids, mortgages, car payments get built on a weak foundation.
 I just left another talk on the TPP. One speaker was talking about how Companies will threaten workers with closure and moving over seas if workers Unionize. So, the worker, having the mortgage payments and the kids don’t fight. They cave in because they need the job. But, what are they Really teaching their kids in the process? What quality lesson are the children seeing their parent set for them? Give in! Give up! Physics doesn’t lie. Fitness doesn’t lie. Why people don’t feel and intuit the value in standing up and fighting together instead of caving in? Why don’t people see the value in their courage to stand for what’s right instead of having it be bought off by fake $$?  People are creating the future for their children with EVERY decision and act they do today. If people don’t see that standing up for what’s right has more value and will benefit their children better in the long run than taking the fake $$ pay off today, then, those people are not quality and don’t deserve the privilege of parenting. This is what is meant by Fitness. Nature and physics will not lie. They will not forgive. Period.
 The more people have children and mortgages before they themselves acquire any real leverage, they will simply be sliding into passing their lack of leverage, courage and the inevitable fight onto their children. Which defeats the whole point of reproduction which should be to pass along valuable teachings about doing what’s right, living a moral, just life, not mistakes, competition and excuses.
 As long as we value the fake garbage of $$ that is used to enslave above The REAL value that only comes from Nature, things will continue to worsen. As long as people continue to see other people as separate and to fear, we will continue perpetuating the separation. As long as people don’t “see” those behind the scenes as the Real enemy the psychological gap will expand the $$ gap.
 I feel that most people don’t pay enough attention to the way nature works rather than politics which creates a lot of in fighting. We need to focus on health and Natural law if we’re to survive because its what connects us all. Everyone demands clean air, water land and love. No one can live healthily without it. Many people don’t even think about emotional needs and that if people are deprived of their basic emotional requirements they will be ill. We can then turn around at point to that person saying, “oh my god, look at how sick that person is” but, because we’re all responsible for aiding in that persons illness by ignoring it


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