No Due Process, The ELIMINATION of Nature

One thing that stands out in my mind in all the Self Help, relationship, Co-Dependency, Dysfunctional Family books I’ve read over 3 decades is John Grey in his Mars and Venus on a Date, is him saying, “you can’t skip stages”. He talks about making it through ALL the stages of dating without skipping stages and behaving as if we’re further along than we really are. Being in the stage we’re in and not jumping or rushing. In no other place does it show up painfully when we try to divert or skip around natural law is in relationships. It simply cannot be done. There is No way to get around Nature’s process without creating some kind of fake, poor quality, Frankenstein creature. We can’t have both. We can not have healthy families and respectful personal relationships, then go to work for $$ and be at war with Nature.
 Of course, that’s exactly the way our current system operates. The very signals nature sends us that are staring us right in the face are the very signals the PTB dismiss and regard as Criminal, as dissent, as Un Patriotic.
 Even in our own personal relationships many people don’t know the difference between appropriate, valid feelings and feedback coming from another. Because its something we don’t like or want to hear we take offense to it and end up perpetuating it instead of validating what the other person is expressing.
 Many people are in such Emotional Debt these days that they cannot “afford” the opposition or they simply lack the relationship skill and flexibility to extend to the other person.
 Due to our totally Corrupt, One Way system, that has polluted  every aspect of our lives gradually without many people being aware of it, people do not know how to have a healthy exchange with another person. They do not even realize that the “exchange rate” they did have is now less.
 It’s simply inevitable that, over time, the Mentally Ill System we currently live in will make healthy relating impossible. It’s just basic Math, just like our own Physical health, that if we do not make an effort every day to keep adding to it and holding onto what hasn’t yet been robbed, it will be gone.
 Many people don’t make enough effort to add to the Real wealth of nature and Fitness thereby insuring that they will lose


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