Mediation and Yoga are all about spending time in quiet reflection. Spending time with oneself in order to focus, in order to listen to that faint voice of our Authentic self that’s calling out to us. The self we’re meant to live as that’s buried alive under the fake self we’re currently living as to some degree. Its like the Muscle to Fat ratio. Building Muscle to burn Fat. We never get to the point in life where we’re able to build enough of our Real self. We’re so busy being trained to follow the illegitimate system that we never get to the point where we have enough leverage to build up our own momentum.
 Its so easy for Big Corps to gain more. It takes No effort what’s so ever! People are so busy feeding these Sociopaths instead of standing up to them. We’ve been so programmed to “slit our own wrist” energetically. We’re so depleted and energetically drained that our perceptions are distorted that we continue making poor choices. That is the True Debt.
 I was texting, naturally, with a friend earlier about how a person can’t get anywhere until they have status. And you can’t get status unless someone supports you. In this world of activism and “waking up” that so many are talking about and that we have been involved for the last few years, that attitude is contradictory. That’s what’s so clear. People talk about “waking up” and “change” yet, not many mean it. Not enough Warriors willing to dig deep. The complacency is inertia-ting! There is No way that its not going to take some serious collapsing of the system to kick people into gear. When you’re the one who isn’t feeling it bad enough, you’re not going to move fast enough for those who are. Sad.
 There are people in this country and in other parts of the world who are counting on others to step the hell up. Its gotten to such a point now where its so “normal” that there is So much suffering that most others just live with it. Its not them after all. What they don’t get is that the injustice they do not step up to address, they are getting in line for. Simple.
 We talk about the 1% and the 99% but, there are degrees of each as you go up or down. Within the 99% there are 1% compared to some and vice versa. Our system is run and controlled by privilege. Even the 99% privileged. Its those who have who continue to get. Its those who inherited the most that get to decide what gets put on the airwaves, the agenda, and what doesn’t. Someone with more resources, a Jeremy Scahill for instance, will be in more of a position to do more than someone with less. Jeremy Scahill is, at least, using his resources to point out the atrocities of what’s happening to others. How many others do that? The point is, is that those who don’t have, no one listens to unless someone listens!
This ridiculous Catch 22 of people who have, of the 99%, not helping those who suffer more. Its just a smaller version of the larger.  The entire point is that we’re living with so much Debt! The Real Debt being Emotional. The lack of caring and compassion in this world is mind boggling. The lack of simple emotional giving is staggering. People not willing to give of their time to listen, the time to get to know someone. We have to potential to create such love and beauty in the world and we forfeit it all for $$. Its terrifying.
  The world feels like a slippery slope with no traction and no way of pulling oneself up.
 People are not PRESENT. They don’t know how to be HERE NOW. That’s the only way to create traction for someone. To be in the moment.
 I just left a talk on Solitary Confinement where the presenter spoke about my favorite topics. The need for validation, the basic need for human contact, being deprived of touch, the need to be understood, heard, held. What happens when human beings are deprived of their most basic human needs. Who is the criminal? Those doing the torture or the one being tortured?
 The presenter, Five Mualimm-ak of Incarcerated Nation Campaign who’s slogan reads, “A society is judged by how it treats its prisoners”, who himself has been in jail for 12 years, spoke about “prisoners” being put into solitary for giving someone a magazine or having a sugar packet in their pocket.
 Like Frank Goldsmith, Gitmo attorney who was on my radio show last night, Organic News on said, Gitmo does not hold the worst of the worst. Many to most there were not even in battle when picked up.
 The system is nothing but one gigantic BULLY that needs to be stood up to and  stopped. The System is not some “official” that should never be questioned or never does anything wrong or never makes mistakes. Who’s parent never made a mistake when they were growing up? What happened to you if you pointed out and spoke up to a parent when they needed it?


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