It’s the EFFECT we Criminalize Instead of the CAUSE

  I’ve been reading Alice Millers For Your Own Good lately under the recommendation of Kit Gruelle of Private Violence. I’ve read just about every Psych book in print and I’m familiar with Alice Miller but never read this book. So far, she is saying a lot of things that I’ve known and it feels really good to read and be validated. One of the most important points that needs to be made that I’ve realized that she makes in this book, People fight and blame the EFFECT instead of the CAUSE. “Authority”, “Leaders”, “Parents” are responsible for creating the very conditions they turn around and condemn. They Cause the event, situation to occur then blame others for having the only response they can have to it. The “leaders” refuse to take responsibility for the outcome and make things worse by getting into a war with what They created. As if getting angry at and attacking Physics is going to solve problems. Those in lower ranked positions are simply having a normal reaction and get criminalized for functioning under Natural Law! Fake “leaders” think they have the power to make others over ride the Laws of Physics and behave in manners the fake leader wants. If the subordinate can’t, they are Criminalized.
  “Authority” is ALWAYS responsible, that’s why they’re in “charge”. I will say that over and over. Fake authority wants the power without the responsibility. That’s how you know them.
 I read the same thing in one of my Medical books for Massage Therapy. Before knowing how to be able to help someone heal, we first have to establish if what we’re dealing with is the Effect or the Cause. If we’re constantly responding to the Effect, which is what most people do, we never get to the root. Getting to the Cause is the only way to solve any problem. Is something the response or the initiate? Its about slowing down enough to figure out what’s what. The next problem is, do people Really Want to solve these problems?
 Are people, leaders in control of our country, (we the people truly have the power we just don’t own it) simply making legitimate errors or are they doing things deliberately to screw things up and keep things going? One has to really ask, If the U.S. REALLY wanted to “help” in these wars, they would learn from what they’re doing wrong, SEE what they’re doing wrong, admit it and do things better. But they don’t.
 Ambassador Brahimi said today,  “There were no terrorists/Al Qaeda in Iraq in those days. Terrorism was sucked in, brought in, by—as a direct consequence of the invasion. And it flourished, first of all, in Iraq, and then it went to Syria, and now it is back in Iraq. So, to say that 2003 had nothing to do with what is happening now is a little bit an—I don’t know—overstatement, understatement. Certainly not reality”.
  On the legacy of the U.S. invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, Brahimi says: “The biggest mistake was to invade. I am tempted to say that every time there was a [U.S.] choice between something right and something wrong, not very often the right option was taken.” On Syria, Brahimi says the conflict is “an infected wound … if not treated properly, it will spread — and this is what is happening.”
 So, its clear things are not being done for genuine reasons. Its clear the U.S. Does not really want to “help”. Its a spinning vicious cycle.
Says Ambassador Brahimi, “It was unjustified. Second—I mean, it was built on a lie. You know, the weapons of mass destruction were just in the imagination of some people who wanted to invade Iraq”.


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