Abuse is Environmental POLLUTION

It’s Truly sad that we live in such a Sick world so Obviously Ill and still not enough is being done to heal it. I don’t understand how by this time in our Society Mental Health, Healing, Therapy, Meditation, Understanding how our past effects us today, are not house hold terms. The fact that it isn’t shows the level of the illness. Even those with the $$ and “power” are prisoners in a system that is destroying Nature and health on so many levels. It will continue to get worse and the world will continue to get more Ill until some monumental devastation wakes people up or we destroy ourselves. 
 I filmed Glenn Greenwald’s talk last night at Carnegie Hall in NYC and I was tremendously relieved to hear him talk about Mental Illness. Of course, he was talking about how the Powers that Be will call Healthy Whistleblowers Mentally IllThis is what people do Not understand about Nature and Health. What we don’t stand up to,, we’re standing in line FOR. Nature will NOT Stop! The Powers that Be will not stop! It will pick up more and more momentum and run us over if we do not aggressively Counter the Pressure. I simply do NOT understand what the Public is waiting for! They will keep TAKING and it will get quicker. The Momentum will increase more and more. There will be NOTHING to stop it,, like the Titanic filling 5 compartments with water,, 4 could have kept the ship afloat, but not 5. We’re at 5! 
  The Psychos that Be will not Hesitate one second to call us “terrorist” a Mental Case, “criminal” when THEY’RE clearly the ones who are! They will see everything and everyone as the Enemy and make our HEALTHY, Vibrant feelings Criminal. I knew that as a child. That’s how I grew up. My Normal, healthy, smart feelings and expressions were Criminalized. Because I grew up in a DEBT Situation,, Domestic Violence, Accidental pregnancy by people who did not love each other and only had children because it was against the Catholic church to have an Abortion. That is bringing a child into and passing on the DEBT, plain and Simple. To what ever degree children were born into Debt,, they will either make excuses for it, Repress it, Stick up for it, which many people to day do. 
 Most people have NO idea the way our Bodies work, the Psyche, the nervous system when it’s traumatized. How the Body/Mind has to find ways of dealing with the added stress that it simply cannot afford. 
Too many people think life is only Intellectual,, that just because someone Says something it makes it True! Again, this goes to show the level of ILLNESS we currently are living under and how our FAKE $$ system has diverted us away from our Inner wisdom and connection to Natural Law. 
 If people do not stand up to the complete Mental Illness of those who have robbed all the power,, we’re done. It’s simple. They are like a Natural Disaster that will rip and tar through everything and consume more and more of our rights and healthy expressions. 
 The Problem is,, Most people Do NOT Live to their fullest expression already which is what enables the Psychos that Be to keep taking. if we Engaged, and pulled up on ourselves more, took more of ourselves For ourselves,, they would not be able to. This is what the Practice of YOGA is All about! We’re not using it,, we were not taught that it’s Ours, so they take it. Our entire system is completely Sick and Unnatural and will get uglier and uglier until we have True Healing and Recovery.
Everything we need is IN us. It’s Not $$. That’s the SCAM! How many people have the courage to know and accept that and Take what’s theirs? Without support I don’t feel that I can either. We must do it together. 
 When a child is abused,, or even not raised to Be and utilize ALL of themselves and their capabilities,, they will grow to be Unskilled,, and those Expressions WILL COME OUT!, they will come out in any way they can,, like a fire hose on full blast flapping all over the place, or a live wire. 
We need to respect the Human Being,, ANY Human being is made up of Nature’s Energy. If that energy is abused, mistreated, devalued, disrespected, it will turn on the public, it’s simple Math,, there is No way that it won’t. A child gets “covered in pollution” not unlike the birds in the pics after the BP Oil Spill. Are we going to say it’s the Birds fault for getting Oil all over themselves?? I would not be surprised if the Psychos that Be tried that.
 Too many people are having their inner landscapes completely Polluted by the time they’re 5 years old. The Normal, Natural way we’re intended to function when we enter this word gets completely rewired, made over by Fake, artificial Man-Made programs. This Pollution Must go somewhere,, usually it goes to the Abusers wife & children,, or it leaks on into Society via petty crimes, maybe murder. But, In the For your Own Good book,, Alice Miller writing about Hitler, I feel it’s the Combination of the Position Adolf’s father had, combined with the abuse he endured, + the inability to admit it or express his Anger about it, those conditions created Hitler as we knew him. We cannot say that the fact that someone was abused so atrociously as a child didn’t create Hitler,, that a lot of people are abused and don’t turn out like that but, again it was the combination of the abuse along with the Status of his father, then himself that made it possible for him to kill million of innocent people with the help of others who were also abused. He was able to tap into their repressed anger and use that Energy,, like OIL, as a Natural Resource and act out his Rage on innocent people, like he once was. That is how Nature works. 

 I believe this is happening again, Now. That those who have robbed all the Control are the most ill and abused in our Society. They are walking around with Early Emotional wounds that were never allowed to be healed, forced to repress them and those wounds are seeking escape. Just like Hitler,, the Bankers, Big Corps, Wall St. are taking out their lack of being Loved and respected by their parents, not being allowed to just Be who they are and feel what they feel,, to “toughen up”, “Don’t be a sissy”, and we’re all paying the Price. 


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