Glenn Greenwald/Carnegie Hall, "Dissent is NOT Mental Illness"

Thank you! Glenn Greenwald for making the points I’m always making. GG’s talk at Carnegie Hall on Monday evening was so affirming to everything I’ve been blogging about. He was discussing the very issues that effect many people Globally that I talk about more scaled down to the family system and work situations. The problem is, people don’t see things that are right in front of them on a smaller scale. They wait until issues get to Epidemic Proportions. All the things GG was talking about, everyday people encounter when they go to work or home and don’t see or see and let slide. What I mean is, you don’t have to be an Edward Snowden and work at the NSA to make a difference and be a whistle blower! Why wait for things to be Forest Fires when we can put them out when they’re camp fires? We don’t have to wait to get stage 4 Cancer before we seek treatment. We can avoid the stage 4 level if we do something sooner, or actually invest in some healing, make some “deposits”.
 GG talked about, the NYTimes was given the Iraqi War logs by Wikileaks revealing the most egregious acts of human rights abuses committed by the U.S. Military and instead of the NYT printing the story with the weight it merited, the title was something very un-notable like, “New info about the War in Iraq”.
 The NYT also published an article portraying Jullian Assange as a Paranoid Freak, saying he sends someone to the corner when he walked down a street to see if anyone was there.
 GG was making the point that, its all about what you call someone, and that if the “establishment” wants to discredit someone all they have to do is refer to them as some Mentally Ill person and people will come to regard Wikileaks as having some “freak” running it.
  GG went on to discuss other examples of how the “establishment” keeps healthy dissenters down, like Edward Snowden, by the same methods.
 They dig into the health of the person. The same thing they do at the NSA, they “dig into the Muscle/Bone of the person. No different than is happening to us ALL when we go through “security” at the airport. They take what’s healthy, a persons rightful amount of Privacy, of human error, of human fallibility, of normal insecurity and use it like its  abnormal or sick to make themselves look “good”. That is their AMMO. A healthy person can see this for what it is.
 GG spoke about how the Media was “Clinically Diagnosing” Edward Snowden as a Fame seeking Narcissist with NO facts backing it up what so ever! In fact, the facts prove totally otherwise. Edward Snowden didn’t want any media attention at all, he told GG, because he didn’t want to take away from the story. That’s the definition of a totally sincere person. Not a Fame Seeking Narcissist.
 The “establishment’s” words are just like their $$, fake, not backed by fact. When you live your life solely for $$ which is fake, not Nature made, and you’re willing to give up all that’s good and just to get it, you become a completely FAKE person. A “Man-made” person, completely unnatural and plastic.


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