Out of Sync with Nature

In a nutshell. Past/Present/Future. A person can use the excuse for doing the wrong thing, “oh, I didn’t know” but once they are made aware of what they’re doing that excuse is no longer valid. This is why the world is in shambles. Many people, even though they have been made aware, continue on. And those with most of the leverage do it tenfold. Surprisingly, those getting screwed also do it. They perpetuate what is screwing them. Newton’s laws of motion, energy in motion remains in motion.  The new info barely makes a bump in their road. I have NO idea where or how long ago this unnatural behavior originated but, it was most likely a long time ago and due to our $ at any cost world. $ over natural functioning.

 We are not born this way. It’s normal and natural functioning to admit and acknowledge new info and integrate it into one’s behavior, to consider it, at the very least.  Its conditioned behavior to dismiss or minimize legitimate, VALID new info and continuing on Despite the obvious.  This is No different than having a build up of Plaque or Atherosclerosis only its mental. The person has so much invested in the Disease, in the lies, the dysfunctional way of living and relating. A valid point to make here is that on one’s own, it isn’t possible for someone to stop, to even slow down without an equal force opposing it. The more of the “build up” there is, the more imbalanced the thinking will be and leaning more towards the “Plaque” since there’s already a larger investment in it. It takes effort, WORK, to change course. There must be a sufficient amount of consciousness, of awareness accumulated in the “savings” account of the mind for the New Conscious info to jump start.
 We do not live in a health priority world. Exactly the opposite! Why we would allow Health & Nature to be compromised for anything else makes no sense.
 It quite possibly can be too late for many people and for those who are on the receiving end of their wrath. Its usually the perpetrators who are in denial. Its difficult for the victims to be denial but it does happen.
 Health as far as relationship skills, effective communication, boundary setting, respecting the feelings of others are modes of health that not many people bother to practice.
 Fact- people might think they’re “getting over” by skipping over these healthy relationship skills, violating others rights, by trampling and making sure they “get theirs” when the reality is the outcome is toxic. It didn’t come from quality, natural processes. The “juice” won’t be nutritious. The one who “thinks” they’re getting ahead is getting nothing but poison.
 There is no way to escape Natural Law. Everything must be done Natures way in order to be quality.  I agree that at this point, sickness has too good a grasp and there’s not a lot many can do except to have a “natural” reaction to someone being ill to them.


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