Addicted America!

A segment of Breaking the Set with Abby Martin talking about the # of Americans on prescription drugs for things like depression, mainly but also things like cholesterol. But, who cares if the public is being drugged as long as Big Pharma’s profits are increasing?! Yes! That is the world we are living in. Profit first! But it can’t even be called “profit” because True profit is a direct consequence of improving society for ALL. Of Truly Helping, as in, for REAL. We might as well call a great athlete someone who strikes out a lot! The very measure of what makes a good society is caring for the vulnerable, not the exact opposite!  “Profit = Debt. And how can it be otherwise when so many people are Addicted to the Biggest Drug of all, $$$$$$ !? Let’s face it “Dad” is an Alcoholic! Hate to have to break it to you but, its better to know and face it now than not know and have it fester.
 Our entire Society must end! It’s Severely Sick and needs Nature. Nature is all people need when ill and depressed. That’s the VERY definition of Dis Ease. The only thing that restores sickness back into balance is NATURE, not more Man-made, for Debt products. Those “gaining” are not Really gaining because the Fact is, when someone is being screwed, everyone is being screwed. So Big Pharma and those who “think” they’re “profiting” are really just OD-ing on another drug themselves. When one is healthy, they don’t try to harm others and think they’re coming out ahead. Big Pharma and others like them are just making themselves more and more Sick along with those they attempt to drug up.
 I’m in Love with the fact that no matter what, natural law will always give feedback and show the truth! That excites the hell out of me. We can ignore it all we want but, natural law will not be bought off. It will keep on giving us the True feedback no matter how much people object or resist it.
 The Tennis Player who used to get so mad and throw his racket and have fits when he blew a shot. At least he’s accepting of the fact that he blew the shot. The game isn’t rigged to satisfy his tantrum. So it should be with Big Pharma, Wall St, Bankers, the U. S. Gov, the Military and Corporations. We need to resist and give them the True feedback they deserve. Love your Depression! Your Cholesterol, your high blood pressure, your sadness! They’re there to teach you something and are screaming for your attention. We must turn things around in our minds. $$ is Debt! And our “illnesses” are truth and a Gift! ;*


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