Would you be in a wheelcahir if your legs worked?

 I wrote this in pieces, so if it seems a little non flowing, please excuse.
 The way people live is like being in a wheelchair when your legs are perfectly functional. But, because someone programmed you or told you at an early age that your legs were broken and you believed them (naturally), you’ve been living as a cripple when your legs work fine.
 That’s the way I think about our world sometimes. Using the example of the broken legs is just to illustrate my point, but the real Body Parts people are not using are the Emotional ones. Or rather, most people use the “unacceptable” feelings on those around them which is the easier thing to do when what we really need to be doing is using those “unacceptable”, those “bad” parts on the Untouchables.
 When most people interact with those around them they interact “locally” meaning, they don’t act “globally”. The Untouchables are exempt from most if not All of the rules the 99% impose on one another. As long as people live being satisfied with that, it will continue to increase the gap between the haves and have nots. We need to live and treat each other more INclusivley instead of EXclusively. When those around me say to me “you can’t force people to give you what you need”, the Untouchables are Exempt. We increase the gap between us and them when when we need to be DEcreasing it, when we continue to reinforce these harmful beliefs.
 I want to make a list of things I hear people around me say that a 1% would Never say! The way many people live and interact with their “family” and “friends” they perpetuate the very poor habits that keep them poor and oppressed. People say things to me all the time when I express valid and within-my-right frustrations, things like, “you can’t force people to be what you need”, or ” you have to be happy and at peace with what you have”, when its the opposite we need to embrace. Not accepting living small, but, being big to those who can afford it, the 1%. Allowing our Vital, within our rights, feelings to be expressed to those who need to hear it, not to those who don’t .
 Too often people are so checked out, they’re putting their Valid anger onto those who can least afford it, the poor and vulnerable. Its not the feelings that are wrong its the direction they’re being aimed in.
Certain beliefs are so unconsciously programmed deep within the psyche and people “think” it’s beneficial, which is not really thinking. They don’t stop to REALLY think consciously, “Hmm, I’ve had those beliefs for decades now, maybe I should RE-think it, test it to see if it still “works”, to see if it still holds up”. “Does it benefit me or those around me?”  These are the beliefs that keep the people down. These are the unconscious, toxic, thoughts that were implanted when we were too young to stop it, question it or consent. Why do people live without questioning Why they’re in a mental “wheelchair”? Why do we keep others in a mental wheelchair?  So much time goes by without challenging any of these ideas that someone else put there decades ago! That’s ludicrous! People just continue to live, without question, unconsciously reinforcing these outdated, unchallenged, many of them, blatant LIES! To add insult to injury,, aka, DEBT, people use these lies and dysfunctional beliefs and apply them to those around them down and do not apply them to the Untouchables!
 People don’t direct any of the rules and oppressions they impose on those near them on the one’s who’s overreach has spanded numerous countries and committed more human rights violations than at any other time in history!
 People continue to unconsciously Not challenge the, take-for-granted way they’ve been taught to live. It’s SO absurd to even think about! Its like we’ve all been born with our brains being implanted with a self destructive “chip!” Even though the effects are so obvious after being alive for decades that your life has been diminished, people dare not awake to challenge those imposing all the oppression.
 It doesn’t have anything to do with materialism or $$ either. It has to do with humanity. $$ or materialism is not a measure of ones success or happiness. If it was, those with a lot of $$ would take a permanent vacation, yet they’re the most insatiable. What does that tell you? Only what comes from Nature can satisfy! Cultivating, “farming” organic relationships is the only way to sustain our health. But we have to clean up the Pollution with in us. Admit we’re polluted. See it in us and create a clean place. Like cannabis helps cancer and seizures. There’s no debating that, although Big Pharma would love to try to confuse.
 Peace and healthy relationships come from Nature. Only win-win relationships can sustain us and keep us healthy and happy.


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