Who erased the Line?

This whole insane conflict that’s been going on in Gaza/Israel for, I recently learned, 66 years will continue because the line has been erased, perhaps bought, moved, or shifted. The problem isn’t who’s defending themselves and who’s the perpetrator, the problem is the Denial and refusal of who clearly IS the aggressor to admit and own it.
 At some point in order to solve Crimes Against Humanity and find a way to REAL, genuine Peace, all parties Must Live in Reality! If people are not going to live in reality, aka, the aggressors, the victims are forced to live in reality because they’re the ones living in the Hell!
 The Aggressor isn’t the one who really wants or needs the peace. In a conflict where one side has the upper hand, has more of the control, space, armies, sophisticated weaponry, bomb Shelters, aid and funding from the US Gov. and the other side doesn’t have those things, WHO do you think is going to want, NEED Peace more? Obviously those in the most  need are going to be more interested in seeking resolution. Those with more of the leverage and control don’t need to have “peace”, since They’re the ones holding all the cards.
 Much the same as the Occupy’s calling of the 1% and the 99%, Gaza/Israel can be seen in much the same way. Do the 1% want “peace?” Yeah! With them having it all and everyone else having nothing! Since a few have more of the control and leverage, what is also tipped are their Perceptions! They’re going to see the situation skewed because it IS skewed! And they’re the ones Skewing it! Getting under, over, around, past the skewed perception and getting the ones who hold all the cards to see that they’re view is skewed is the challenge and the chances are, we’re not going to!
 Israel/Gaza is just another version of 99%/1%. The whole point is that when you are the one with the leverage, you’re Not going to give it up! Simple. Real Peace, genuine fairness is just that. Those violating others having the ability to “see” and admit their transgressions and Giving up what rightfully belongs to those who are living without their fair share.
 When those who’ve had more for so long are so used to it, are addicted to the lifestyle, you might as well try to take Heroine from someone just about to give themselves a hit! Trying to reason with someone who can’t see outside of themselves is useless. There has to be a Real person to reason with underneath. If a person or persons is so identified with their addiction and excess, they’re going to be so attached to it and see it as part of them and giving it up as unheard of. The whole point is that those with the leverage Are Skewed. Their perceptions ARE skewed. Trying to reason with skewed views will not work. Might as well trying talking to a drunk. Can u get a drunk to know they’re drunk?
 Its about reaching the person underneath. If they can be reached. Or not trying to reach them at all and joining with others, hopefully, who see the other is drunk, again, assuming They’re not skewed either!


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