Might Makes Right! Creating a FALSE "Realtiy"

Yonatan Shapira on Democracy Now put it simply referring to Israel. He used the metaphors and language I’m always trying to point out, Physics. He said, its like (Israel) raping someone which creates the victim to retaliate by scratching back, then thinking the scratching will stop by Intensifying the Rape. I’m not quoting him exactly but that is the reference he made.
 This is exactly right. People are at   WAR with PHYSICS! We all know how frustrating it is to be doing something important for work then knocking over a glass of water onto your papers which makes you so angry! Which can then escalate and you end up tearing the papers as your trying to Wipe the water off them and on and on. People trigger themselves this way and we also get triggered by others and trigger others.
 The problem is that we forget we live under Natural Law First! We have valued the Intellect Way too much! It shows us clearly when we’re frustrated when we can’t get our printer to work that its not the object, printer, that is intentionally out to get us, even though we swear it is! We understand when its an object that its just happening because of circumstance and it isn’t personal. Its actually giving us accurate feedback, unless the printer is broken or not plugged in.
 But, when we’re dealing with other people, we “think” we live in an Intellectual world only, completely separated from Natural Law. We TALK to the person as if they have the ability to Will Natural Law to obey. Not!
 Why I try to stress Yoga practice and Meditation is about connecting the mind TO the body, physics, natural law. We are not just “Minds”. We Must live IN Reality and be connected to it whether we like it or not.
 I used the example of the Rape in discussing how the Debt begins in the “family” system. Children give feedback to parents that they don’t like and instead of taking responsibility for how they’re children act, that its the teaching and the “authority” of the “parent” that shapes the way the child is, instead they pass the blame to the child. Forcing the child to take on what is Truly the parents responsibility. “Slight of hand” or Slight of “mind”.
 Do we get mad and blame the glass for knocking itself over? Do we blame gravity?
 I recently read an article by some Police newspaper saying that Police are angry at all the anger towards them in the Eric Garner “chokehold” case. The article stated that Mr. Garner was the one responsible for his own death because he was overweight and diabetic. When I read things like this it says to me that morals and common sense have been choked and died along with innocent Eric Garner. This blatant insult isn’t worth even acknowledging because this is the sad false truth that our society has turned into. Those in Power get to create the reality THEY decide. Our wonderful democratic, healthy child rearing practices have “bloomed” and we are living in a Country just like it. “Because I Said So That’s Why!”
 If people do not get how terrifying this is then I don’t know. If the Cops who Murdered Eric Garner along with the EMS workers who did not give him CPR do not go to jail, we might as well call it a day! We’ll be living in total Lawlessness and it will be our own doing.
 The Palestine people being exterminated right in front of our eyes and many people don’t even trust their own common sense to know that they’re seeing what they’re seeing. Our plug fell out! We’re not connected! Plug back in.
 The problem is people wanting to blame the effect and not face they fact that THEY are creating it. This is the same as how I grew up. Blame the mirror for the reflection. Some people never want the feedback. They never want to look at themselves and think it’s THEM.


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