Ergonomics- digging into the Common Sense of Society

 If we were lifting a heavy object and threw our back out while lifting it, it would make sense that we would learn from our pain and try not to do it again. Our body parts do not lie. The “conflict” of our muscles, ligaments and bones let’s us know we’ve violated proper alignment. The pain is real.
 If someone was trying to knock us over while we were trying to learn to ski or ride a bike, we would get annoyed and know what they were doing was wrong. We could feel inside of us, “this is not right”. Its built into our nervous system. Its automatic, it will kick in as a reflect if its compromised. It doesn’t have to be taught. We do not have to “teach” people to have a gag reflex. We do not have to teach the heart to beat or the lungs to breathe. Its built into the Autonomic nervous system that functions, by design, outside of our conscious control.  We’d be dead a long time ago if we have “think” about digesting our food or beating our heart. But, over time we do have an effect on how theses systems operate. It’s a good thing Nature is smart enough to have these vital functions outside of our conscious control.
 Even though Nature has built in these vital functions to operate automatically to keep us alive if we should end up in situations which threaten our life, that doesn’t mean the “system” isn’t going to try to erode them or get us to sell our Natural instincts to keep the Corrupt Status Quo going.
 When something obvious like “I can’t breathe” becomes reason to intensify or ignore rather than respond with aid, something is Severely wrong! When we now believe that SICK and ripping to shreds is good and right, that throwing our back out is good, that robbing the life force from and fighting with our family members and our fellow neighbors to keep funding the Ravenous system is the way to go, we’re Done! Its that simple.
 Just like our bodies have ERGONOMICS, an efficient and effective way the body parts relate so we stay healthy and free from injury, so do Families and Neighborhoods! When our neighbor is crying “I can’t breathe”, That’s what it means! when innocent children are being blown to pieces, when our children show signs of distress from growing up around Parents fighting, the environment withering from polluting lakes and rivers, animals going extinct, that is Natures Intelligence showing us the way! Crying out like Eric Garner, “I Can’t Breathe!”.
 When “family” is not Family, people not respecting and treating one another the way each deserves, this is having poor Ergonomics in the Family system. Like our body, people should be able to recognize then respond accordingly when a fellow human is saying “no”, is saying they’re hurt, showing clear signs of distress, saying “I can’t breathe”. The fact that someone clearly crying out, “I can’t breathe” and those around him not only created his condition, then do not respond with CPR, we have a Serious Mental Illness epidemic on our hands!
 When my own “family” member can’t recognize that he needs to see a doctor after walking around with worsening neck pain for over a month, to the point he has to hold his own head and can’t lift his arm to comb his hair! There is a Clear disconnect problem going on. This is INside one’s OWN body! People can’t even recognize when their own bodies are hurt and in serious need of Medical attention! We’re trained to be doing it to Ourselves! Being detached from Reality is the new NORMAL! Not listening to and Trusting Natures Intelligence in our own gut and in the wisdom of our OWN ligaments, muscles, bones, blood and nerves, that inner knowing that’s prompting us on, is an EMERGENCY!! We’re more like a Stranger in the Land of our own Body’s Landscape. We don’t understand the Language.
 We’ve crossed a serious line! And the momentum is picking up speed. If we do not recognize it and turn it around soon, we’re destroyed.
 We could all be enjoying healthy, nutritious relationships if we were just able to grab a hold of ourselves, slowed down Quiet the mind. Tune in and make a connection with the Wisdom of the body. It feels weird because we’re so off track.
 Conflict with others comes from being in Mental DEBT, not feeling enough validation and needing to bend others to our side. Relationships are like FARMS, they need cultivating and Love. If people felt satisfied knowing they are Loved or valued, they wouldn’t need the approval of EVERYONE. It’s usually those who have MORE than their share who are Never satisfied, and never want to give. FORCE will never bring True satisfaction. It’s DEBT satisfaction. TRUE satisfaction comes from NATURE only,, which takes time, energy, effort, listening, working together, cooperation, which is exactly what people Don’t have. It’s more like a Wild Fire burning out of control. The Mental Debt just keeps perpetuating itself, spreading like a disease. 
 How does it end? Where is the Mediation? the Cushion, the Time out? the Truce? Who, Where will it come from?


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