America, Land of the Bought Off!

At times it is so crystal clear how ill our system functions and people in it, it blows me away. I can’t believe its as clear as it is and people still can’t, don’t want to see. I think the Eric Garner case is bringing to light a lot of what is severely wrong with our Country but, yet to those making $$, its completely Right!
 Since I was very young I would try to let those around me know of my distress, make them aware of how I was being harmed by the fighting, violence and lack of support going on in the house. Like Eric Garner, I was met with complete indifference as though my health, my bodies need for quality standard and a prompt response was the problem, an inconvenience to their low standard and complacency. At a young age you NEED someone around you to reinforce you in order to grow and gain strength and confidence. That’s how Nature works. That should not be hard to understand when for people when someone is 6 yrs old. They NEED and ADULT to be on their side and support them and if they do not receive it, nature becomes compromised. It simply will NOT grow as healthily and fully as it’s capable. This is Not Complicated! And yet there was No one to show support. Instead of being Raised, you’re being robbed. Valuable energy is being depleted every day rather than protected and added to so those around do not have to face the fact that they are living with totally LOW standards! How hard is it to realize that just working for $, paying off a mortgage, having a job one doesn’t even feel good about doing is NOT the ideal Aligned, healthy, fit, living to your full potential, idea of a life?
 Why!? People defend the complacency and the system that’s keeping them down baffles the Hell out of me!
 Due to feeling that my health was compromised and no one was listening, early on I was reading everything about health and fitness I could get my hands on. Books on the Abusive, Dysfunctional “family”, Co-dependency, Trauma, Meditation, Yoga, everything! I wanted nothing more than to Not turn out like those around me. My biggest fear was becoming like them and being a Loser and someone who doesn’t know who they really are, doesn’t venture out, doesn’t ask questions or test what they’re made out of. I couldn’t understand WHY no one was pushing, supporting or helping me to get anywhere! I was like, “aren’t “parents”, “relatives” and neighbors supposed to Want you to Be something, to get somewhere, to help and encourage you to be smart?? Isn’t that the Whole point of having a child??
 I was always trying to get people to respond to me in the fit, on-the-ball way they are supposed to. I was tied up in knots of frustration and RAGE from not having basic, healthy Validations met or acknowledged! This is what creates so many problems like what’s happening in Gaza & Israel. People look and respond to the Normal, healthy needs of others as if they’re extreme! When they’re perfectly justified when its those who are Not responding accordingly who are the mis- aligned ones!
 People NEVER look at THEMSELVES!
  All my life I felt that people don’t know how to do the “Healthy Dance”, that people don’t recognize or know HEALTH and instead respond as if I’m a “Cancer” cell when I’m O2! We’re all “cells” interacting with one another in a Large Body and people don’t know how to Dance. We’ve been so conditioned to fit into the Fake, unhealthy, $$ first world and away from interacting in Fit, Healthy ways. They cling like old gum to their Not-so-great upbringing like it was so magnificent, if they read a book it was sac religious their parents! If they ventured out of the way they were raised once it was as if they were cursing their parents to burn in hell for an eternity!
 I’ve been doing Fitness all my life on all levels; physical, emotional, Spiritual & relationships. I’ve tried for decades to show people that we Are, were, in fact, being Programmed and Not for our own good.
 The slow and Gradual Genocide that’s is happening,, not only in Gaza but, here as well, will pick up momentum if we do not Do something to Stop it!
 The Fact that the World “community” is sitting by and Not responding to the Criminal attack on the people of Palestine shows the level of mental imprisonment of everyone and how NOT Free their thinking and action is. America, Land of the Bought off! Except for those who come out and Protest against the Blatant Atrocities!


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