GAZA, RIP, Robin Williams RIP, How more detached from Nature can we get?

I will Never stop talking about FITNESS! I LOVE IT and it’s ALL there is! NATURAL LAW! It’s constantly beckoning, giving us CLEAR signals that we Blatantly ignore in our pursuit of Fake $$! I don’t see HOW it’s possible that we believe we can ignore the Laws of Physics and get away with it. We Must be completely STUPID!
 I have No idea about the life of Robin Williams and what he was going through but, what has transpired would fit right in with our Fake Economy system. If we all live in these “United States” that are living on a FAKE Economy, $$ that’s being created in a Petri dish, like Monsanto makes GMO food, then it only stands to reason that that bad economy gets transferred into our mind/body. When someone like Robin Williams gets a lot of attention for being funny and making people laugh, then that becomes who he is. His Comedy becomes is “Natural Resource” that he needs to Manufacture artificially, the same Opposite way our country has to Manufacture War if that’s their cash cow. What happens to the body, earth after years, decades of artificial manufacturing? Of not being allowed to be real, to be Natural and to feel other feelings? The body/Earth becomes like a car burning oil, or a body burning muscle instead of fat. The “body economy” is not running efficiently. Because $$ becomes the BE all and End all, our Mind/Body gets stuck in this ineffective way of relating to itself and others. It actually gets started because those who “raised” us didn’t not relate to us to allow us to be who we really are. It’s like having a Carbon Monoxide leak in the body for 60 years, in Robin Williams case, until it reaches Toxic levels and overcomes the person.
 I’m aware that at this point of the “game”, with the way our system operates and how unconscious most people are, that there’s no turning back, there’s no stopping it. I’m aware that being able to turn things around and reverse the way we interact with each other is not going to happen any time soon but, I can’t help but believe that if we can just understand and move closer to Nature and Health, it can happen eventually. It will happen because Nature will not stand for being ignored much longer so it’s better to learn Before it gets to that point. It’s No different than our own personal health. Everyone will have to face the truth sooner or later about the habits they live everyday. Everyone will realize in themselves and those around them ow their behaviors effect their health and the health of others. The problem is, those with Power who deliberately harm others do not care! Those being harmed Must come together and resist those who do not are about them. Staying in relationships with those with Fake Power who are clearly harming us deliberately is ridiculous!
 As far as Gaza and the OBVIOUS Atrocities and Human Rights Violations that have been going on their for decades and is STILL going on with so many people living the same way Robin Williams was, on a larger scale, Inefficient!
 It’s NO secret that we’re living a LIE, in a World where Truth/Nature is Criminal for the masses if the PTB don’t like it and it threatens their Fake Power, which is the EXACT definition of Health! It’s a NO brainer that as long as we’re living in a world where the Few control everything and the Masses don’t, it shouldn’t be Shocking that our Mind/Body will not be allowed to express itself  Healthily and efficiently, unless we’re aware of it and taking steps to counter it. We will be Forced to hold in the truth about what we really feel and manipulate our bodies to do what the Program wants at the expense of our health and the Earth. This has been the way the system has been functioning for Ions and No one questions it.
 I like scaling things down to a smaller level because it makes things easier to understand. It’s the SAME thing only Smaller as happens in “families” or relationships that are Abusive and unhealthy. When one in the relationship dominates and overpowers the other, this is a Sign of DYSFUNCTION and Abuse. Of Course the Aggressor isn’t going to like it! The fact that they’re being challenged and resisted is a sign that you’re doing something Healthy!
 It’s starts in our Family of Origin when we didn’t get our REQUIRED emotional needs Satisfied in healthy amounts! Not too much, not too Little,, JUST RIGHT! Too many of us were raised with habits and treatment that was “handed down for generations” without question, aka Abusive. Where do we think these behaviors came from?? Our ancestors following the System and passing down that attitude. The system worked better 100 yrs ago but, Not anymore! The PTB have taken over and DILUTED the $$ supply and have been Drugging the Masses!
 I Can’t believe people fell for, I believe it was Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle Down” economics! Who want’s a TRICKLE? Who would put up with a TRICKLE in your relationship with Family? WHY would you put up with it with ANYONE!?
 Knowing what a Healthy, FIT family functions like is the First Step in having a FIT Society, world!
 It doesn’t matter if we LIKE it or not,, ans the Fact that it makes us uncomfortable is a SIGN that it’s Working RIGHT! It’s Not a sign that it’s Wrong or Bad. We’re lost and Disoriented,, and need to find our Coordinates. 


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