Lift with your LEGS! Not Your Back! We’re passing the slipped disk to the Future!

 Life is meant to be lived with Alignment! WITH our Authentic self in place then build on that so we’re lifting and building on a proper foundation. When we don’t grow to be who we really are, to feel what we really feel and feel encouraged to express ourselves to our rightful amount, we end up living misaligned for the rest of our lives.
 Those posters in factories showing the proper way to lift heavy boxes not only pertain to our backs. They’re a good metaphor for living in alignment with our values and our health.  If we are not allowed to be our free self early on and receive respect for who we’re meant to be, we start our lives “lifting with our backs”.  Once our connection to ourselves and Natural Law has been compromised it perpetuates and we end up passing it down to the next generation. This is fundamentally unethical.  If we could recognize, feel and admit our disconnection, our Pain and begin making our way back to balance, we could ease the debt of ourselves and the future.
 Its not about $, its about quality. $$ and quality have lost their alignment. We have to admit we don’t have a handle on our authentic selves, our lives, our beliefs first. We have to acknowledged that we’re being dragged, unable to get our footing and not stop until we are heard.  I have to keep going back to activities we usually learn early in life to illustrate like walking and riding a bike. Its easy to feel in those activities when we fall or lose our balance. Society actually gives us permission to admit we’ve fallen and try again. Not so with many activities we attempt to learn later in life. We’re actually discouraged from admitting we don’t have a “grip” on our job, don’t agree or believe in it.
 Today, we’re literally criminalized for pointing out simple truths, simple realities. Being Healthy has become Criminal! Terrorist! Many people experience this as kids in the home. Most people are not allowed to function in healthy ways, to have normal responses to dysfunctional situations.
 We need to turn this around and heed the warnings from Nature, not destroy it even more. Nature is the Ultimate Law!
 What kind of a world will be created when children’s bodies are not allowed to have their healthy expressions to the abuse they live in? If we continue to live from the neck up, “thinking” everything can be thought away rather than living in reality, we will go further and further into Sociopathology.  Nature gets blocked and the healthy response suppressed. This is Literal CHEATING on the part of those in charge and complete Abuse of Power. The Natural world is not that accommodating. Truth will force its way out. Eventually.
 My aim is to look closer at the “family” as the first system where people are stripped of what’s rightfully theirs and learn to be accomplices and participate in their own enslavement. Its about fitness and using ALL of what we have instead of only being allowed to grow so much.
 I have read and studied for decades because I knew and could feel how I had been robbed of my legit feelings as a child. I was taught that I was a criminal if I did not want to live with my head held down in shame. To this day it’s still blows my mind to see how it perpetuates and, unless someone is there to acknowledge what’s happening and give you aid, it will just continue.
 We have Normalized Abuse too  much! Normalized slavery and just working for $ instead of being  built up to our complete self. The under tow has taken us adrift so far we do not recognize how lost we truly are. Our entire country and world are becoming totally brutalizing of its people. Bullying is a world wide epidemic which is quickly becoming the Norm.
Where is balance? Where is Compassion? Where is Gentleness and caring? Who is cultivating Any of these Extinct “Agriculture?”
 Is anyone raising their child to care about justice in the world or are “parents” just teaching their kids to work for $$?
 Speaking with a relative who lives in another country, they were telling me their son lost his job. They went on to talk about “work”, we need to “work”, “this is a working country”. I agree we all need to “work” but, work for what? Work towards what? If its always just for $ and not for what we believe and what our Natural gifts are, then what is the meaning of our lives? This is what I’m meaning when I ask, is anyone cultivating Justice and truth? If not enough people are raising children to link $ with justice and respect, the gap between the 2 will forever increase and people will even more see other cultures and groups of people as “enemy”.
 If the $$ system we live in creates “enemies” as a by product of Crony, Corrupt “Capitalism”, then “enemies” are built into the system!
 Manufactured “Enemies” and “garbage” are built into the system, they are not from nature. They come from a poorly functioning system that wants us and our children to pick up the tab. They are the symptoms of an Severe Illness that not enough people are acknowledging, nor Doing anything about.
 TELL the Truth! FEEL your Pain! Don’t wear fake SMILES! Like we were taught, all that does is keep us in Health Debt!


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