"Incubating" ourselves with Meditation

According to health and Yoga Philosophy, the more we can identify and isolate individual parts of the body, the MORE that part contributes to the Whole system. The spine is the perfect example. Who wants degenerative vertebrae? The ideal is individual vertebrae that move freely but, are still part of the whole. The same principle as Definition is to weight training. Each muscle is exercised in “isolation” without any assist from other parts as much as is possible. A preacher bench for biceps is one such example. We want just the bicep to do the work. The same principle goes for Emotions. We make contact with what we feel as it arises  and BE with it so we don’t lose control. Get in the “drivers seat” of it so we can manage its energy instead of cutting ourselves off from it and then having it get triggered and explode. We’re not taught to use ALL of our parts. Their lack of integration and under utilization will only make them More atrophied, ill and irritated. That’s not intellectual it’s physics! We cannot solve problems of Reality and Fact with an Intellect that’s in Denial or full of Ego!
Its the equivalent to Extreme skiing or Rock Climbing. Since most people don’t get to participate in activities at this level, most of our abilities go to waste. Those who do feel their energy and want to live fully and utilize it will, naturally, come off unskilled and awkward.
“Authority” is supposed to be doing the training but, because “authority” has been diverted to working for $$ and away from teaching and Raising, more and more people are being born receiving more Diluted rearing. Ever hear the term diluted or GMO parenting?
 So, it’s not the fault of unskilled people who were never taught to manage their energy. When people are being pushed beyond they’re level of skill, there’s no other way for them to behave. As far as the aggressors go, they will bring upon themselves the effect that they created. Its not only those being bullied who need lessons in non violence. The little guy is allowed their fair share of being unskilled. Its the aggressors who claim dominance and superiority yet, inadvertently create and demand MASTERY of those whom they violate! But demand yet More Mastery! Its a completely no win situation! The people can only become so much of a Master! Before they’re overwhelmed and break. Mastery cannot be forced. The rest must be put back on the aggressors.
 Its up to the those being trampled to push back those who we will never reach with reason.
   Its not easy to be alone. No one likes or wants to be alone. And, yet, spending time alone helps define ourselves which actually aids in our relationships to others. It can be a catch 22. I feel all our problems in life can be summed up by looking at the family system and whether or not people were raised with their emotional needs met adequately or not. I will say it again and again, there is NO getting over on Nature! People just don’t think about the fact that the Natural world is Constantly calling for us to slow down, tune in and “pay” attention. BE, LOOK, Listen.
   The Fact is; too many people are in Emotional DEBT which is left over from growing up. People get put into Emotional/Psyche Debt from early on and never have it acknowledged or remedied. There’s no choice but to carry this Debt into “adulthood”.
 Isn’t it quite Obvious that the world is not run by real Adults?! Seems pretty clear to me the world is over run by “children” acting out their, perhaps, justified rage or being spoiled  growing up. Its not only a matter of being abused or neglected growing up, its a matter of excess. Its a matter of Fitness and whether or not we learned to interact with Fitness and optimum efficiency.
 People tend to take for granted that they were raised adequately and then begin living off of it as if they’re Psych account is Full. They take for granted they’ve been taught all there is to know when they have not. Most people don’t spend enough time or energy acknowledging the limited teaching they had. They don’t acknowledge the reduced quality they received and take steps reading or training in relationships skills to increase they’re “wealth”.
 What makes people “think” that simply going to work every day for decades is going to bring them the satisfaction they deserve? How can working for man-made paper possible bring fulfillment Before we had The proper teaching and human exchange that can Only bring Real wealth?
 Real wealth comes from Nature. That’s not a cliche! Its reality.  Granted, the system does not encourage and makes it difficult for people to deal with these issues which is the whole point. We must Challenge the System directly. Resist! It doesn’t have to be in some drastic way. Like Diet and Exercise, we can start by making small adjustments to our habits and behavior. It might turn out to be drastic if we try something seemingly small at work like speaking our mind and standing up for ourselves and ending up fired. So be it!
 The fact that no one talks about these issues and that there is no community/work gatherings to come together to discuss family, work and relationship challenges goes to show us that the “system” does not want it. The PTB are not going to care. As long as the system is set up For them at Our expense, that’s alright with them!
 WE have to set a system up that works for US! Don’t expect the Establishment to do it. WE must pull the Plug on the System rather than feed it and deplete ourselves. Its ALL about leverage and tipping the scales towards us away from Way too much weight and force on the side of the Sociopaths.
 What’s going on in Ferguson is a smaller example of what’s happening in Gaza and the Ukraine, Iraq and Syria as well as in the “family”. All people are doing is trying to Grow up, to finish developing, to get their rightful NEEDS met and have their rightful share in life while those who have more of the leverage, the United States and its Corporate take over, FED and banks who CHEAT, STEAL and LIE, uses its leverage to get larger and larger.
 Its simply Cancerous! It’s a WAR on NATURE’S Process!


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