the "family" is the most Dangerous System

  In recent weeks with Eric Garner killed on SI by NYPD choke hold then Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, before that, the Central Park 5 are finally getting compensated for their wrongful conviction. There have been Occupiers who’ve been rewarded with thousands for having their 1st Amendment rights violated by Police. 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge who were detained won a case recently. If the System violates one’s rights at least there’s someone to sue! Even though Sociopath Capitalism has come mad and everything now is about squeezing the crap out of the most poor and vulnerable for Profit, if the people come together and fight back they can win and get settlements, some in the Millions. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it would actually be worth it for some of these people to have these violations of their rights. If we could have asked Eric Garner if he would sacrifice his life so his family could win a major settlement what do we think his response would have been? Quite Possibly, a yes? If we asked the CP5 if they would do it all again,, spend 10+ years in jail to come out with a documentary movie about their life,, of course it took 25 years to get a settlement of 40 something million, do you think they would? What would their lives have been otherwise? Would they be in a better place now had they not been arrested?
 I used to think when my parents died, who were not loving or caring parents at all, that they’re were actually worth more to me when they passed. Sad to say but, true. Eric Garner will not have to worry about selling loose cigarettes again, his family will be well provided for now.
 My Question is,, WHO does the Child in the Abusive “Family” system turn to to sue if a parent or both are abusing them or violating their rights? Who is going to be there for these children and advise them? Children who are violated in their own homes by their own parents have no one to sue! Have No leverage and no means by which to protect themselves from an abusive parent.
 Every time I attend another rally about Police brutality, I hear people saying the SAME thing I was saying about my own situation when I was 6 and 7 years old. Just recently at the, We Will Not Go Back, rally for Eric Garner by Al Sharpton on Staten Island, one of the speakers spoke about,, “When those who are supposed to be protecting and serving are violating and killing”, Who has more potential to do harm to a child than the Parent? Who does our Life totally depend on when we’re young than Parents or another Guardian? There is NO one more vulnerable than a child is to the Parent. When a child is growing up with an abusive, neglectful, abandoning, or uncaring parent, who does the child have to go to? Who is seeing to it that Parents are doing their Job? When a child grows up being violated by a parent, unless someone is there to support the child, that child’s built in defense mechanism will kick in to Protect the parent and take on the “debt”. The Too Big to Fail” is a built in mechanism. The child can’t “afford” to blame the parent and hold the parent or guardian accountable WITHOUT help, without support! 
With supportive parents and/or family, the CP5, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Ramarley Graham and others have gotten the word out of the injustice they suffered. Communities came together to support one another. 
 The Family is only a smaller version of the larger system. Depending on the health, strength, $$ of the members involved, the pollution of the larger system will poison it like alcohol or drugs goes through the Umbilical cord to the fetus. Children need PROTECTION,, if there is No where or no one for them to turn to they have NO choice but to go into Emotional DEBT either by blaming themselves and taking on the low self worth, or if they do stand up to the parents,, Society takes the parents side and blames the child who then gets met with all kinds of labels.
 Alice Miller talks about this in her book, Thou Shalt not Be Aware”. Even therapists are caught in the Poison Pedagogy of “Bailing out the Parent” at the expense of the Child in order to protect their own Parents. Most people will protect the Parent unconsciously. When our bodies are in Debt, that’s what it does. The fact that we protect the Parent is a Symptom of Emotional Debt. The “funds” that should be going to the Vulnerable never make it.
 Is it Any wonder we’re living in a Society where the “Too Big to Fails” are not held accountable? Nature gives us clues and speaks in a different language. Because we’re SO disconnected from the Natural world and do not understand it, we continue going in circles. Emotional behavior must be “decoded” just like Physical illnesses. Cells aren’t going to jump off the slide and “tell” you what the disease is. The ability to See does NOT Exist outright,, like Peter Joseph refers to the Interests to pay back the loan does not exist in the system outright.  Doctors/Scientists have to decipher the behavior of cells to see what healing methods they respond to or not. IF those Scientists are honest, they will find the right cure, if their working for Big Pharma, not. Same with Emotions. It’s Not Intellectual. This is why Nothing ever Changes! The vicious cycle continues  because people Don’t want to look enough, Dig deep enough,, CARE enough, spend enough $$ on.
 The Family system is NO different than the environment or animals,, who are they going to complain to? Who is the Environment going to Sue? We need to Switch our Perceptions to NATURAL LAW,, not expect Natural Law to fit into Man’s SICK, DISCONNECTED Laws that are all about $$. Which is what people continue to do over and over. Think with the Intellect, Man Made, disconnected way instead of switching to a Healthier, Pro Nature mode.
 I do not have faith in Man that he is willing to what it takes and live by Natural law. I think the system will have to go til Exhaustion and the deaths of perhaps, Millions of people before people learn to live in alignment with Natural Law.
 When we don’t have good Parenting we end up with people Relating Poorly to Corps like,, Burger King for example. People don’t think about,, the fact that they’re in a “Relationship” with Victoria’s Secret, Apple, Burger King until we’ve helped them get so Big, then they turn around and move to Canada for the lower taxes, even though they deny it’s for that reason. We should NEVER be in such an Unequal Relationships with ANYONE who we make So large and think they will not turn on us! Like is Physics! Balance!
 I believe it was Jose Serrano who spoke at the We Will Not Go Back rally for Eric Garner who said, “Police are supposed to Protect and Serve”. That’s just it,, the People are in a relationship with a System that is NOT in a relationship with them!  Just like Burger King and every other Corp we feed til they Crush us to Death! This is what happens when Children have children and have NO way of giving their kids ANY Leverage at All! They teach them to turn to the System to be a parent and “raise” them and the system has other plans! This is Why People need to Lift themselves up BEFORE they have kids! Raise yourself. Get educated, gain some leverage, don’t have babies while you’re working at Mickey D’s,, then it’s not the System that’s screwing your kids, it’s you! Don’t look to Cops to Protect and Serve you,, Protect and Serve each other! Others will value us if we value each other first,, we won’t need to hold signs that say,, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. Is it the Cops we need to tell that to or ourselves? Do Cops treat us with respect then we feel respected?
 When people grow up in Abusive families, they have no other recourse but to turn to Therapy which THEY have to pay for. WHY should the Victim have to pay for Therapy when They were the one who was victimized? Another example of how the “family” has the ability to screw you the Most then you have to PAY later for what should’ve been Free.  When someone is violated by the system, the victim has the option to sue and receive compensation. How does a victim of Child Abuse get Justice? Where is there an option to Sue ones’ Parents and who will let the child know that? If I can attend rallies on Police Brutality and hear Council members talk about Police are supposed to Protect and Serve,, then Who is going to say stand up and say that about Parents? In his book on healing Trauma, Waking the Tiger, Peter Levine writes about the conditions that determines who and Why people get traumatized. Being very young, of course, and not having anyone there for you is the Most Traumatizing, Especially when it’s the VERY people who are supposed to be Caring and Protecting you. As an Adult who was not abused, a person has More ability to deal with events, even though being Innocent and being Falsely arrested and Criminalized ca instill Trauma even in an Adult also!
 It’s ALL about Natural Resources of which Everyone has ONLY So much of, when it gets used up and exceeded, it’s done. We cannot Use our Intellect to override REALITY and say whether someone or something should or should not be Exhausted, Try as we might. Reality and Natural Law win. We can resist with our Ego’s and arrogance all we want, to No avail.


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