It always amazes me that we live in a world which does not value health and nature. Its beyond me that we do not value what is really valuable and value what isn’t. If we lived in a society that valued and treasured nature and health it would takes us to unimaginable places. It would free us up, even the “rich” could free themselves from the fear of not having more than their rightful share.
 In reading another book by Alice Miller, Thou Shalt Not Be Aware, she literally gives patients somewhat like an Emotional Heimlich maneuver which unblocks their nervous system and allows symptoms people have had for decades to vanish. I find that so remarkable and how so many more people could be free if it wasn’t so taboo to admit ones life is not working.
 It makes no sense that only the average person goes to AA meetings, therapy, jail, for even minor infractions and the “rich” are deprived of the experiences which they need and would actually do them a lot of good. To be able to buy one’s way out of  natural and healthy consequences because one has a lot of $ and/or power has to be the sickest thing. The fact that we do not respond to life and other people’s action with a normal, healthy response and, instead, bow to someone just because they have $ shows how far we’ve strayed.
  Allowing people to get away with violations of human rights, initiating war on people for fake reasons, ravaging the environment while enslaving massive amounts of people for so long, we’ve lost a lot of leverage and momentum we could possibly not get back.
 There are too many people who are too satisfied with less and what they’ve acquired. The fact that people don’t demand their rightful share allows the PTB to have more than their rightful leverage. Its not about $$, its about fitness and attitude.
 Alice Miller talks about giving leverage to the child in the patient that never had anyone there. No different than someone having physical surgery on their ACL, seeking a competent Therapist who knows how to perform Psychological surgery on a patient by creating Space where there is blockage is an incredible life altering ability and just as life transforming, if not more so, than physical surgery.
 What makes Psychological surgery so much more important is the fact that too many people are walking around living limited and Blocked lives and don’t even know it. They have absolutely NO idea that the way they’re living is Not as full and vibrant as it could be. WHY would someone want to walk around Blocked if they didn’t have to? If someone needed back surgery, a hip replacement, by- pass surgery they would get it. There would be no shame in it. They would discuss alternatives or other methods of course but, if it the procedure was absolutely necessary the patient would have it done.
 The therapy Alice Miller advocates is much like what Meditation and Yoga are about but, with more support. Its not something one can do alone. It about zeroing in on the pain. “Where does it hurt”. Avoiding pain, physical or emotional only perpetuates it. Moving into it gradually as much as can be withstood, is how one recovers from physical injuries, same with Emotional ones. Why we treat the 2 in opposite ways is Mind boggling!
 We have “leaders” of countries and other people with incredible amounts of power who are riddled with Emotional pain and injuries unchecked and are unleashing their madness on the rest of us. Its like someone with Mental HIV spreading it all over!
 People with power are people who get sick and injured and commit crimes and atrocities like anyone and worse!
 The bonding to the abuse that occurs when people are abused by a parent or primary caregiver occurs because a debt/sickness is taking place which forces the child to take on the debt and “bail out” the parent. No different than if the body is losing blood and going into shock. The body must choose which organs and parts to send the limited blood supply to and which to sacrifice. Which parts can the body survive without? Same in families. “Parts” must be sacrificed when there is “debt”. In the child’s immature/”debt” mind, as well as the parents, the child will take on the blame to save the parent. If the parent was a real parent they would not let that happen. Only when the parent is in “mind debt” will the child go into debt.
 It’s all about giving a person some room to breath and grow that they never had which keeps them trapped in Mind Debt which then gets passed down to children when parents should be, instead, taking the fight to the Excessive mind “leaders”.


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