Tumbling down the Slope is NOT Skiing! Tearing Muscles is NOT exercise! Struggling is Not Living!

The fact that So many people live at a level lower than they’re supposed to be, the fact that too many people don’t have or ever get the Hang of life always brings me back to my focus on fitness and basic activities like riding a bike. I’m sure I wrote about this before, how, when learning to ride a bike or roller skate it takes us maybe, a few tries, a couple of days to get it. As a child we Master the ability to walk at the age of 2 after a couple of tries and with the proper encouragement. By our 5th or so try we’re wobbling along almost like the expert.
 Why everything in life isn’t this way tells us something is seriously WRONG. We should be able to Master our lives, our careers, our family relationships with the same expertise we gain in walking and riding a bike. The fact that Too many spend Much too long struggling to master something that at the age of 2 we Master without as much struggle tells us the system is rigged, even though the system will tell you it’s your fault if you can’t master life. Unless you were born with a severe disability physically or mentally, excelling at life should come fairly easily for all of us. Not to say that we’re all meant to be the same or have the same levels of achievements but, the amount of people who are living without ever being able to gain competency in their lives and then Not seeing that something is wrong, brings people to an even greater level of unskilledness.
 The fact that it’s become Normalized to live lowly for too many people, only aiming as high as having a job to pay for shelter, clothes, food and other necessities while empty addicts suck up our fair share shows a serious problem. It needs to be seen for what it is, that living and struggling for so many but, also, the addicted, excess that the few have is a Clear indication of a severe HEALTH Crisis!
 I used to think about my own parent, that if she were a Personal Trainer or Ski instructor that she would be teaching me that the object is to pull a muscle, tear a ligament or that tumbling down the slope was the proper way to ski instead of pleasantly swishing down. It’s clear that these are exaggerations and clearly wrong and yet, when it comes to parenting and the way people live their lives, it’s TOTALLY Accurate!!
 Feeling Dragged along in life trying desperately to keep up with those in the drivers seat who are not even supposed to be there, while we’re thrashing about gasping for air to keep our heads above drowning is a CLEAR SIGN of Corruption taking place. If we lived by Natural Law like we’re supposed to be, not Man’s Law who have clearly diverted the Entire system off course for their own twisted satisfaction, we would have noticed the symptoms long ago and would have taken action to remedy it. It’s the DENIAL that keeps things going further and further out of Alignment rather than admitting it and bringing it back into alignment. We use the SAME mind over and over! Get Oriented! How do we know which way is North South East or West if we can’t admit we’re lost? We can be living IN “civilization” and be Completely and Utterly LOST at the same time because we’re cut off from our Instincts. People who believe they will get somewhere in life by putting $$ over decency will find it’s Not ultimately satisfying if they’re honest enough.
 We lost our connection to Health and Fitness and allowed ourselves to be diverted by a Fake God who now has taken us Hostage. We’ve Lost So much of our Fitness and leverage and have to try very hard to gain it back. The fact that we are unable to reach a certain level of peace, joy, self confidence, the fact that we’re unable to feel good about ourselves, have relationships both romantically and professionally, that are truly satisfying, sustaining and “nutritious” rather than relationships filled with agenda’s, manipulation and ulterior motives that signifies the lack of health and efficiency we’re living with.
 If we lived in a world that had Real values we would be Much more in touch with Health and Nature and it wouldn’t take ANY time or effort at all for us to recognize when things are out of balance. If our focus in Society was Fitness and Health we would act immediately when things were going in the wrong direction and bring things back into balance more quickly.
 This False belief that those with so much is something to be worshiped instead of seeing them for the Complete ILL and ADDICTED people they are it is says a lot about our level of CODEPENDENCY.
SORRY to break it to ya but, HEALTH is ALL there is!
There’s NO getting away from it! We can think we’re Better or stronger than others by bullying them ALL we want but, it will NEVER change the fact that we are Codependent and Cowardly and have NOT healthily Broken away from our Source Parental Figures. A friend I know for quite a while said to me recently, “Why shouldn’t the Koch Bros be able to make $$?” If this friend and others like him took that energy and gave it to themselves and others like them the world would be in much healthier condition. The fact that people think that by sticking up for the Rich, they’re going to end up like that someday is completely WRONG! That’s the Whole point! The Koch Bros don’t need sticking up for! The scales Need to be tipped back the OTHER way! Give that energy and support to yourself and those around you! Isn’t it quite Obvious the Koch Bros and others like them don’t need us on their side? Isn’t it quite Obvious we need that support ourselves? What is it doing for my friend to say that? How is it benefiting him? People live SO unconsciously programmed to be Putting out, Submitting and Glorifying people who have OD’d on “success” a LONG Time ago!! We can’t recognize when someone is so Intoxicated?? We can’t recognize when enough is enough?? It’s Like having our Nervous system set up to make “Monthly (even Daily) Payments” to the Koch Bros & Wall St! The same way we pay our bills online except we get NOTHING for it!
 WAKE UP from the Delusion that we’re in a Love affair with the Powers that Be! Wake up from the DELUSION that our Parents “loved” us and didn’t program us against our own interest! WAKE up to the TRUTH that those in “charge” are Not only Fallible,, but are Screwing us on PURPOSE! They’re Not just making “Mistakes”, they’re Fking us Over INTENTIONALLY! Many people can and Do admit they’re parents/family is dysfunctional and even abusive, so if the people who are supposed to be Caring and Protecting us the Most aren’t doing the best job if it, and they KNOW us, Gave Birth to us! then, HOW the Heck to we not think the Powers that Be are not Fking us over? People who have so much power with TOTAL IMMUNITY! 
  People Break up or Divorce those around them Much easier and faster than they would the Koch Bros or Wall St. Some people do stay in Dysfunctional, Abusive relationships in their personal lives also, but, it’s more likely they would stay in an Abusive job for the $$. People don’t think of themselves as being IN a Relationship With the Koch Bros but they are!
 We MUST come out of a HEALTHY Functioning family, had to have been able to challenge our parents and have it be Ok,, point our their errors without them being defensive and pulling rank, have OUR needs met BY our parents, NOT their needs met at OUR expense in order to be able to go out into the world and Know Abusive leaders and bosses when we are met with them. 
 The Problem is that people are NOT AWAKE!! They are Asleep and do not even SEE what’s staring them right in the Face. They do NOT take the cues from Nature to lean the other way, to move your arms this way or lean into your back heal, like we do when we learn a new activity.
 If it isn’t CLEAR by this point in our Lives to PAY closer attention to ourselves and what we do and say, where we’re spending our energy and on Whom and is it benefiting us or not, are we in a Relationship with the Koch Bros based on True Love or Exploitation?? EXPLOITATION
  WHEN are people going to SEE what they’re doing and Break the Bad Habits they’ve been SO ingrained with for so many decades? It IS possible! PRACTICE being PRESENT, IN the Moment. Let the Moment reveal!


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