DO NO HARM-Phyllis Bennis

These are the words used by Phyllis Bennis referring to the US involvement in Syria and ISIS. She said that the Obama Administration doesn’t know any other response, or doesn’t want to know (me), to the situation with ISIS except more Militarism. Phyllis said the US doesn’t take non Militaristic action, more Diplomatic actions, seriously.
 The choices given to the American people are, War, or we let them get away with it”, which creates a black or white scenario with no Gray area, no less extreme options in the “middle”. Reminds me of something I heard Therapist Nancy Napier say, “we need to install a Dimmer Switch so we have more options to respond to the world with than On or Off”. Are extremes ALL there is in the world? Just because the aggression, Militarism and force is the option the US Gov knows doesn’t mean there aren’t any other options. The US Gov just needs to be open to those options. But, who knows if they even want other options. They’re keeping the Military Cash Cow going by seeing No other option besides more aggression. Just like the JFK assassination and 911, if the ptb wanted to get to the bottom of things, find the truth, they’d slow down a little, admit that what they’ve been doing hasn’t worked and DO something different, at least a little less, left or right, up or down, anything besides more of the same. It doesn’t have to be extreme, Complacency or Slaughter, the later which only makes the problem worse.
 Phyllis Bennis also reiterated what Obama has already acknowledged, “Militarization doesn’t work”.  So, to continue doing what doesn’t work?? Last time I checked was the definition of INSANITY. I don’t know if its deliberate or not but, what ever it is, those in Power are in desperate need of some Spiritual practice.
 Balancing the Hard & the Soft is True Power President Obama! Taking a step or 2 back and creating some cushion, giving situations room to breathe, incorporating NATURE, the ONLY thing that heals, that works. All the US Gov does is start fires then blame the fire for burning! Thinking they’ll put it out by adding More Fire! That is not only not smart, its out right Schizophrenic! What other conclusion is there to draw other than, its NOT about helping, its about keeping the for profit war machine going ! Of course Obama is going to double speak designed to confuse and make our heads spin. That’s what the PTB do when they want to take us for a “joy” ride with no destination. Milk something for ALL its worth until the masses are so disoriented.
 What people Need to realize is that there is not a space on this earth, not a speck that hasn’t been used up and trampled upon. That hasn’t been worn out and manipulated for $$. There is Nothing, no where that is off limits to profit, nothing they won’t pollute further for what They “think” is gain but, isn’t is actually Addiction and mental illness. The PTB don’t have a CLEAN place left inside of them! This belief that those with the controls are Benefiting” must be changed.  The language Must match the reality. Calling the “elite” “rich” needs to be changed. They are Not Rich! They’re Spiritually impoverished! They’ve long crossed the line of being wealthy to a healthy point. Now, its just total illness.
 The problem is that the people think without a completely polluted mind, with some logic and rational left. The PTB don’t! They use our logical, reasonable thinking as a commodity for $$! They use our logical thinking Against us! Just because most of the public thinks a certain way doesn’t mean everyone does! I’m sure we’ve all experience people in our lives who didn’t end up thinking the way we thought. Some date we went on that we thought went well but, then we never heard from the person again and have No idea what went wrong. Misunderstandings with family or friends. Take those misunderstandings and magnify them 1000 times and we get the gap btwn the way we think and the way the ptb do. They have not a millimeter of free, “humanitarian” space left in their thinking that is Not occupied by $$. “Humanitarian” is a cover, a front for their Sociopathology.


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