Domestic Violence IS Environmental Pollution and passing off of DEBT

A few things to talk about here. First off, I’m glad its coming out and more people are being forced to talk about abuse and Domestic Violence. Two subjects I’ve been trying to bring attention to for decades. It will get worse and more vulnerable people will be victim to abuse in this country as indigenous and the poor have been for years in other countries as “human climate” shifts get hotter and more aggressive as the transition away from Nature increases and heads toward Fake Man-Made $$ more and more. People will become more Mentally Sick and Abusive.
 This weekend here in NYC will be one of the Largest gatherings and marches for the environment and Climate change in history. As more people are being negatively effected by Cancer Capitalism. Whether its air, water pollution, oil spills, oil drilling, animal abuse and extinction or overly aggressive humans abusing the vulnerable, one thing is certain, it ALL falls under the umbrella of Cancer Capitalism.
 I just have ONE question to pose. When we watch a game of golf we know the object of the game is to hit a ball along the coarse in as few strokes as possible. So, simply, we measure the expertise and quality of a player on his ability to Align him or herself with physics.  Tiger Woods doesn’t get a trophy and hundreds of thousands  of $$ for missing holes as often as possible, does he? Same with other sports even though some fudging goes on like steroid use or pay offs, its a bit hard with thousands of people watching live events in person and on TV for players or refs blatantly calling plays or shots the opposite of what it is in plain sight. Yet, we allow the ptb, the 1%, the so-called “rich” to be called just that, to be treated as if they “earn their $$ Fairly, in alignment with physics, when they really have taken our financial and economic system in the opposite direction of hitting a golf ball into a hole.
 Why is our financial/economic system the OPPOSITE of aligning with Physics yet, we call them rich? I’m scratching my head right now.
 Today on Democracy Now Naomi Klein said the “rich” have the $ to keep flooding the system to tilt laws in their favor, referring to Exxon/Mobil, Walmart and such.
 How can they be referred to as “rich” when the $ they “make” is fake and they cheat, lie, murder, destroy and steal to get it? That’s, again, the Opposite of hitting the Golf ball into the hole. That’s actually hitting a ball into someone’s head and killing them!
 Our human interactions are becoming Debt based just like the way Cancer Capitalism functions. Abusive, aggressive, forceful, robbing, disrespectful, demeaning, de valuing, addictive, ravenous, etc.
  We need to feel it, recognize the Signs & Symptoms and push back to heal it, not incorporate it as if its the direction we should be aiming for.
 When Ray Rice goes onto the football field he knows getting over the goal line with the ball is the objective. When he’s home, or somewhere off the field, he obviously has no awareness that not hitting his partner is a “foul”. He’s not focusing on treating his partner with caring and respect as the “goal” to which thousands of fans will be cheering him on. Although, its promising that the public has been pushing for the head of the NFL Goodell, to step down in his handling of the case.
 Because the family and the environment should be outside of Capitalism and have some protections, be Off limits to Capitalism but, isn’t, its getting more infected by the widespread overreaching of the Cancer that Capitalism IS. Unless its seen as such, and those who are so Addicted to the never ending $ cow are made to see what they’re doing, the Cancer of Capitalism will eat up everything in its path.
 The case of rape at Columbia U where the student carrying her bed around campus until the school holds him accountable or he leaves the school has received support from fellow students in “carrying the weight”, they called it. Glad to hear more of what I’ve been trying to get people to see for decades. The reason I did weight training for 30 years straight! Was to learn to carry the weight of what was wrongly passed on to you then Denied on top of that by the VERY people who we should be able to turn to. It’s NOT about Bashing the transgressors as much as it’s about WAKING UP to the fact that that is how the DEBT and POLLUTION gets passed down!
  This is what’s so fascinating and how blind people are to their deeply unconscious Debt mentality. The victim herself had to take the initiative (good thing she had the self esteem and family) then other victims came out then more students supported them. My own parents and those around me, neighbors, extended family, had the false attitude that because I was a child who was bringing awareness to abuses I suffered, I  was not credible enough to be taken seriously because you’re “just a kid”. When it’s those who should be on your side and Aren’t who are the Slackers. I was young and could easily be disregarded. But, the Whole point is, its those very people who are meant to GIVE credibility by listening and respecting those who are in the care, THEY are the ones who are supposed to be reinforcing US! It’s Slight of Hand,, how the Debt gets passed down!
It’s because those who are supposed to be on your side are NOT that you are even making your case in the first place! Their response should be, “Oh, wow, sorry, right, WE are the ones who are supposed to be giving you the support! Yet, instead blame the vulnerable for not being credible! It’s BECAUSE people aren’t LISTENING! Young people are being treated like Adults who are supposed to “afford” it on their own! When they are Not and Can’t Possibly! It’s BS MATH! How does one reach credibility without backing or support? Its because we’re being swallowed up by Cancer Capitalism that many don’t see it. It’s How Nature’s process is being Eroded withing relationships. We don’t recognize Abuse and neglect for the Cancer it is.  Just like the NFL domestic violence cases, Columbia U doesn’t want to step up to the plate and do the right thing. It doesn’t want to be made UNCOMFORTABLE,, when being made to feel Uncomfortable IS what it NEEDS!
 EXERCISE is supposed to be Uncomfortable, Challenge is Uncomfortable! Who says everything is Supposed to be Comfortable?Again,, according to Nature and Health, that is the Opposite of how it works and keeps itself Clean.
 If there was a way to Capitalize on Relationship skills,, Anger Management,, Listening Skills,, Meditation,, I’m sure Exxon, Walmart, B of A would be right there! Those things have Value in of of themselves,, something Exxon and Walmart don’t get and I doubt they ever will.


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